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Get Directions to Stafford Township Boys LacrosseManahawkin Local Weather
Stafford Township Boys Lacrosse
Christine Farina
Stafford Boys Lacrosse
27 Robert Drive
Manahawkin, New Jersey
Stafford Boys Lacrosse Home Page



Wecome to Stafford Boys Lacrosse.  We look forward to a great upcoming season!  Sign ups are Sunday, November 19, 2017 from 10am to 12noon and Wednesday, December 6, 2017 from 730pm to 930pm at Ocean Acres Community Center.  Please contact Christine Farina at for forms and information or get on our mailing list.

*Please be sure to check our SPONSORS page, and patronize these businesses who offer support to our teams!*

Our sponsors help us purchase equipment and supplies and also support our end of year banquet where we give away many great lacrosse items to our players! 



Take the Parkway (from North or South) to Parkway Exit 63 (Route 72 east LBI Exit.) Take Route 72 East for a short distance and make a right hand turn into the Regal Cinema entrance. Upon entering make an immediate left, following the road around thru the traffic light past BJ's. Come to the stop sign and make a left. and make your first right into the parking lot entrance to our fields.

Using a GPS, enter Stafford Intermediate School, 1000 McKinley Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ 08050. This is the school adjacent to our fields.



Our philosophy revolves around the “TEAM” and the “LOVE OF THE GAME.” Every player is an integral part of the team. Players with high skill level are encouraged to help those new to the game. We create an environment where new players feel comfortable enough to seek help from coaches and players alike. We want a strong bond to form between the players … a true “one for all, all for one” spirit. Though winning isn’t everything, lacrosse is a very competitive game. While our emphasis will be on having fun, players need a certain amount of intensity to play this sport, so we do place emphasis on the desire to win. We believe this adds to the fun of the game.

There are (6) core values in which lacrosse is grounded.  Each value cultivates the others.  Play for the love of the game.  Honor the tradition of the game.  Show Respect on and off the field.  Honor the opportunity to play through grace and humility.  Intergrity.  Serve the game well means act with honesty and sincerity on and off the field.  Display good sportsmanship.  Remember no one is bigger than the game it involves Teamwork.  And remember long after the game, something else remains: connection, camaraderie and community.  Lacrosse forges friendships, unity and family.  


Player Expectations:
We expect all players of every age and skill to come to practice and games with a sense of purpose. Every player should arrive on time, ready to learn and do everything necessary to improve his individual skills, and show an understanding of the game with an end goal of the team getting better each week. It is expected that your child will attend all practices and games. It is understood that there will be illnesses, communions, etc., but Stafford Lacrosse's official expectation is that your child will be at all practices and games. If your child can not attend, it is expected that you will contact your coach in advance for planned absences. Rest assured a missed game/practice or two will not be held against anyone, but excessive or regular absences from practices and games will effect playing time. If you have any questions about this expectation, please discuss with your child's coach or Tristan Farina, Stafford Boys Coordinator.

These Player Expectations were directed to parents because the majority of our players are on the younger side; however, we should note that we expect your child to have a understanding of the above expectations. In fact, the older children should be responsible for meeting player expectations ... not their parents.

Player Code of Conduct:
As a youth lacrosse player in Stafford Township, you are to understand that a high level of sportsmanship is expected from you. You are expected to treat your coaches, fellow teammates, officials, opposing team players and coaches with respect and dignity. You are expected to come to your practices and games on time ready to play and improve your individual stick skills and team play skills. Understand that unsportsmanlike misconduct such as taunting, the use of foul & abusive language, fighting, or flagrant unnecessary roughness is grounds for ejection from a game. Repeated offenses will result in suspension from play in your next scheduled game, and three offenses will result in your expulsion from Stafford Lacrosse for the rest of the year. Consider it an honor to play the great game of lacrosse.

Please Support Our Sponsors!!  They support us!
If you would like to be a sponsor or know someone or a company that would like to be a sponsor, please contact  Christine Farina. Please click the Sponsors button on the left hand side of this site to see who is helping our program continue to grow!

For a $150 donation you will receive: a listing on our website, a team plaque to display at your place of business, llisting on our t-shirt (if received by 2/15/16) and a professionally printed sign at the field. Families can contribute for a family donation! We thank you for your support!

Please donate your old equipment! If you have some used Lacrosse equipment that is gathering dust, please consider donating it to our program. Please bring your old equipment to the field and give it to Tristan. We'll make sure it gets in the hands of the person who would benefit from it the most. Thanks again for all your support and for those who have donated already!

Stafford Lacrosse
Stafford Lacrosse

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"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." - Babe Ruth