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One Journey Ends....Another Begins
Stafford Attack concluded our successful run as a team in June 2010. Our ladies are now off to tackle college and life's next set of challenges. We know if you approach them with the same passion and tenacity as the challenges you faced the last 4-6 years you will be well on your way to a life full of personal and professional success. We wish you nothing but the best and we expect great things from each of you. We love you, are proud of your accomplishments, and more importantly, we are proud of your personal caliber!
These fine young adults will be excelling at the following institutions: (A) = Academic Scholarship(s)
Captain, Heather Fedak - Lynchburg College (A)    Captain, Nicole Clyde - George Mason University
Haley Anderson - Kansas State University (A)        Sarah Ross - Virginia Tech University
Jess McClelland - Christopher Newport (A)             Megan Jackson - Randolp Macon (A)
Killian Mollner - Virginia Tech University (A)           Nikki Benson - Kent State 
Kendall Eskey - Johnson and Wales (A)                  Melissa Kniceley - James Madison University
Lexie Noble - Old Dominion University                   Lindsay Bakum - James Madison University
Megan Gould - Bridgewater Colleger (A)                Kristina Ackerson - Longwood
Arianna Miller-Keyes - University of Louisville        Breanna Bence- Washington State (A)
Former Players:
Cara Cheetham - George Mason University            Sarah Mann - Virginia Commonwealth
Sydney Williams - Virginia Tech University             Virginia Mayo - Mary Washington University
Leah Coates - University of Virginia (Full-ride)        Brittany Webster - Brevard College
Ally Skeer - James Madison University                    Becky Jones - Brigham Young University
Taylor Armstrong - Virginia Military Institute           Megan Gilmore - Old Dominion University

Stafford Attack - 2010 Tournaments
St. Patrick's Tournament, March 20-21 
PWSI Icebreaker, March 27-28
Colonial Cup, May 29-30
Stafford Attack Farewell Event
Sand Soccer, June 12-13

Attack Conclude Fall 2008 Season with Second Place Finish at Old Dominion Cup

It was a fitting conclusion to our season with ties being prevalent through our tournament schedule. As with the regular season, we moved through with no losses, but we left many points on the table. Most notable during the chilly weekend was our 1-1 tie with the eventual champion who last competed in WAGS U19 Division 1. If we match our level of play in that game, and play to our abilities, the Spring 2009 season will be a great one. Congratulations on a solid finish to your first season playing WAGS. Enjoy the holidays and turn your focus toward conditioning for next season. ATTACK PRIDE!

Monday, November 3

Stafford Attack completes third consecutive season without a loss

Ladies, congratulations on a solid first-ever season playing in WAGS. While our fourth-place finish could have been better, we achieved a number of our goals for the season and ultimately saved our best game for last. This is something to build upon. To finish your third consecutive season without a loss is a difficult task and you should feel proud of this accomplishment. Let's celebrate our success in Virginia Beach at the Old Dominion Cup, but be ready to get back to work. Our minimum goal for Spring 2009 is 18 points. We know you can do it! Attack Pride!

Monday, August 25

2008 Dulles National Tournament Finalist

Ladies, you are off to a good start for the Fall 2008 season. Three important wins set the stage for an intense championship game. You fought to the end against the U19 WAGS Division 3 opponent and gained a lot of respect from their players and coaches. A 3-1 overtime loss was not our end goal, but we can be proud of the effort and look forward to a solid start to the upcoming season. Attack pride!

Saturday, August 9

Stafford Attack Awarded the Prestigious Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award 

Congratulations, ladies. In addition to your excellent performance last season, our competition and the league referees have distinguished us for our commitment to sportsmanship. You should be proud! It demonstrates how you can compete at a high competitive level while maintaining your composure and show compassion for others. You are tough. You are fair. You are great role models for others. You are class. We are proud of you! Attack Pride!

Stafford Attack Accepts WAGS Invitation

Congratulations, ladies! Two years of hard work has been rewarded! Your positive results and attitude have been recognized by others - outside of our club and our league. In only four seasons of playing travel soccer you have accomplished this team goal. You should feel very proud! As always, ATTACK PRIDE!

Sunday, June 1

Stafford Attack: Back-to-Back Champs! 

Ladies, congratulations on securing the Spring 2008, top position for ODSL Division 1! It is not an easy task to repeat as champions in any sport. You have played up to your abilities and again been rewarded. That said, there are two games remaining and we have much work to do. Always give your best. Attack pride!

Monday, September 15