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09-01-18 11:11 AM
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Spokane Junior Soccer
Debra Billings
Fax: 800-918-0683
9116 E. Sprague Ave., #138
Spokane, Washington
Soccer program info (FAQ's)

Soccer program information for FALL 2017

Spokane Junior Soccer (SJS) program information

Games are played on Saturdays at local Spokane county schools. Teams generally play games at the same location each week, but may have some "away" games at other sites, including the valley area. The majority of games are completed in the mornings but may be scheduled later.

The soccer "year" is from August to July. There are two separate outdoor sessions (Fall and Spring). Fall session starts around 2nd week of September and continues through the end of October or early November. Spring session is April / May. Most teams play both. Separate fees apply for each session. Players need to register for each session. In addition to these, we may have Summer league, Summer Camps, and/or Winter indoor leagues.

This organization is based on PARENT VOLUNTEERS, especially for the COACH positions. As is true with most youth sports, coach volunteers are the primary responsibility needed. Without coaches, teams cannot be formed. Teams may be coached by a single head coach or by having two or more parents share (co-coach) the position. It can also be handled by having another relative, friend, or teenager (with adult supervision) act as the coach.

Teams and their practices are normally centered geographically close to their local schools. This is the first priority in forming new teams. Much of this depends on the numbers of players available and where coaches are located. This may involve combining school areas to form a team. Late forming teams may involve larger areas. Having more coach volunteers allows more flexibility in this process.

Existing teams and players are normally returned to the same team each season, unless they request to be assigned differently. The organization also attempts to honor requests for being with other players and coaches, where possible.

Practices for the younger ages (4 to 7) are normally one evening per week for about an hour. Older ages (8 and up) may practice twice a week. Practice times and locations are determined by the coach, with input from the team to find times that are convenient for most (usually start around 5:30 to 6pm on weekday evenings).

Teams are normally divided into one year age groups. Boys and girls are normally separate, except when coed is requested or we need to combine to form teams in some geographic areas (typically this only occurs at the youngest ages). As players get older, they may be divided into two year age groups.

Birth dates: this league currently uses the “soccer year” age groups to form teams by birth dates that are similar to school years (Aug to July). US Soccer has mandated that teams convert to “calendar year” age groups. We are changing gradually starting with the youngest age level (U5).

U5 means “under 5” or 4 year olds at start of the age group. Below is the current age groups for the Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 soccer year:

U5 Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 (play 4v4) calendar year irth dates
U6 Jan 2012 to Dec 2012 (play 4v4) calendar year birth dates
U7 Aug 2010 to Dec 2011 (play 4v4)
U8 Aug 2009 to July 2010 (play 5v5 with keeper)
U9/10 Aug 2007 to July 2009 (play 6v6 or 7v7)
U11/12 Aug 2005 to July 2007 (play 7v7 or 8v8)
U13/14 Aug 2003 to July 2005 (play 7v7 or 8v8)
U15/17 Aug 2000 to July 2003 (play 5v5 or 6v6) high school coed

Teams play “small-sided” games because this is what is recommended by all soccer organizations to improve skill level (smaller numbers increase the amount of contact with ball and experience playing). Teams start playing with 4-a-side (4v4) at youngest ages and increase as they get older.

TWO team jerseys are required and paid for separately. League normally uses the same colors each season to allow for future usage. Jerseys are available just prior to the season (location info will be emailed to you) and/or at the fields during the season (cost is $8 for each jersey). Other items needed may be purchased at various sporting goods and/or most department stores.

Other items needed by each child include:
2) SHIN GUARDS (required)
3) SOCKS (to cover any plastic shin guards - black recommended)
4) SOCCER SHORTS (black or neutral color recommended)
5) SOCCER BALL: size # 3 ages 4 - 7 (U5-U8), size # 4 ages 8 - 11 (U9-U12), size # 5 for 12 and older (U13 +)

Soccer shoes are not required, but they are highly recommended for better traction.   "Tennis" or other "athletic" shoes may be worn.   Note: no metal spikes, spikes protruding from the front or side, or other unsafe conditions.  Above items should be brought to each game and practice.

Coaches are needed and are parent volunteers. Almost anyone with a little motivation can coach at the younger ages. "Coaching" is basic organizing into games that teach skills naturally.   We assist coaches with clinics, information, and help where needed.   Some knowledge or experience is helpful as they get older, but can be easily obtained by doing some online research and attending available training.

Schedules are completed a week or two before the season start and are EMAILED out to coaches and team managers.  They will be posted on website after that.




Wednesday, January 1


In soccer, the games are NOT canceled for rain or weather.

The only time we cancel games is if it is "unsafe".  Normally, the
game is played as long as the field is "playable".

The only exceptions are when there are extreme or unsafe conditions.
This would include lightning in the area and when conditions (heavy
snow or rain) makes it impossible to play the game.

In case of thunder and lightning, coaches and/or referees should make
the decision. A good guideline is the "30/30 rule":  if lightning is
followed by thunder within 30 seconds, clear the field.  Play may resume
if no further thunder and lightning acitvity for 30 minutes.

Age divisions by Birth Dates

Current Age Divisions (FALL 11 / SPRING 2012):
Under 5 (U5)   Born Aug. 1, 2006 thru July 31, 2007

  (also will include U4 to Dec. 31, 2007 with this U5 group)
Under 6 (U6)    Born Aug. 1, 2005 thru July 31, 2006
Under 7 (U7)    Born Aug. 1, 2004 thru July 31, 2005
Under 8 (U8)    Born Aug. 1, 2003 thru July 31, 2004
Under 9 (U9)    Born Aug. 1, 2002 thru July 31, 2003
Under 10 (U10) Born Aug. 1, 2001 thru July 31, 200
Under 11 (U11) Born Aug. 1, 2000 thru July 31, 2001

some age groups may be combined for league play and
(depending on numbers):

Boys U5  (may play coed)    Girls U5
Boys U6 
(may play coed)    Girls U6
BU7             GU7
BU8             GU8
BU9             GU9
BU10           GU10
BU11/12     GU11/12
BU13/15     GU13/15



Thursday, January 28
LOCAL and independent

Spokane Junior Soccer is LOCAL and independent.  


Your fees stay here in the community and benefit the kids of Spokane.



Sponsor a team !

Sponsor a team and receive name on team shirts, listing (link) on website,

and added to the sponsor list on most of our emails and letters.

Cost is $195 for "micro" teams ages 4 to 8  (U5 to U9)

(less if you sponsor more than one team)


Handout: Sponsor Agreement form

Daylight Savings Time

Dalight Savings Time in begins in early March and ends in early November

"Civil Twilight" is the term for the latest time (after sunset) you will have
enough light for normal outdoor activities...  like soccer practice !

Find out how much daylight you will have for evening practices.  Go to the
website at:

Wednesday, July 4
Spokane Junior Soccer Offers Affordable Soccer Program for Kids"> Spokane Junior Soccer offers affordable soccer program for kids
Press Release
Spokane Junior Soccer Offers Affordable Soccer Program for Kids

Spokane Junior Soccer
Spokane Junior Soccer

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