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Monday, March 22
Stars & Spirit Players Prevent Future ACL Injuries
This winter team players participated in weekly conditioning training utilizing profesisonal and US Club Soccer ACL Prevention Program guidelines.  The goal is to keep our players healthy and enjoying soccer without serious injuries.

Saturday, September 25
NCAA Concussion Protocal Supported by Coach Kathleen

The NCAA has been investigating the increasing number and degree of severity of concusive injuries experienced by young athletes in soccer.  Following several players incidences as well as a personal experience Coach Kathleen has adopted the "suggested" protocal of NCAA for their coaches which includes:

Upon head unjury a player is to be removed from the game and  on site verbal and physical inspection for symptons.  Symptons vary with each person. Players experiencing any symptons or having a serious head contact with an object other than the ball sit the rest of the game.  If blacked out, delirious or showing head injury an ambulance should be called or parent should take player to hospital.

Referral to doctor. Players cannot return to any activity until they are sympton free and have answered some concussive investigative questions for 24 hours.

Players begin the transition back to play by light jogging and then waiting 24 hrs. to see if any symptons return. Should symptons return they must go back to waiting until symptons stop completely and beginning transition steps again. If no symptoms appear players may begin light ball work and wait 24 hours to see if symptons return.  On the third transition day players may be considered to play.  Doctors trump coaches on clearing players.