Spirit Of Chicagoland Basketball Club: Welcome

The Spirit Mission

The mission of the Spirit Of Chicagoland Basketball Club is to provide a positive learning environment for all of our players. Our emphasis is on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We believe that the entire family should be included in this process. We believe that a player's personal development and enjoyment depends on the support he receives from his family, coaches and teammates.

The Spirit name is an acronym for: Selfless, Preparation,Inspires, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork. The "wings" in the Spirit logo symbolize our aspirations. The "torches" symbolize teamwork and sportsmanship.

Winning is not our primary focus. By focusing on skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship, we believe that winning will follow. Our success will be measured by the quality of the experience our players and their families have during their involvement with the program.      

Sunday, March 15
Thank You !

Thanks to all of the Spirit players and families that have helped to make our program so special. I appreciate all of your support over the years and and feel blessed by the friendships we have made. It has been an incredible journey the past 16 years !

 Go Spirit !!!!

Coach Bill