Spirit America FC: Juggling Club

Wednesday, July 27
Juggling club

Juggling is a key training element which is often overlooked. Juggling allows the players to use all parts of their body to gain a feel for the ball. These touches build confidence and makes players aware of parts of their body used to control or pass the ball. With a larger range of comfort with the ball, imagination is often sparked in game play. A good juggler does not guarantee the player will be a good game player, as there is no substitute for match play. Juggling should become a daily routine that only takes a few minutes a day. 

  1. Use all parts of the body (head, chest, thighs, and feet) and alternate feet. Don’t get caught only juggling with your dominant foot!
  2. Focus on good controlled touch to realize the full potential of juggling. If a player does not have good body control this will lead to bad touches.
  3. Be able to control the ball in different situations. So if a player has a bad touch, they should try to recover it rather than starting over.
  4. Be able to maintain good body position.
  5. Find rhythm and harmony between the player and the ball.
  6. Practice while standing still, then progress to walking slowly and then with some pressure by either time or opponents.
  7. Practice juggling about 20 minutes each day.

Rules: A-K Tuesday and L-Z Thursday after practice.

3 attempts, must be done in front of a coach, Kursten or Michael

    10 Juggles 20 Juggles 30 Juggles 40 Juggles 50 Juggles 60 Juggles 70 Juggles 80 Juggles 90 Juggles 100 Juggles
Samantha Lumbard    4/15/10  8/24/10  3/31/11              
Harper Manley    4/13/10  7/12/11                
Reagan Klehr    4/13/10                  
Maddison Cook    3/16/10  8/24/10  7/12/11              
Hannah Moser    7/12/11                  
Paige Leftwich-Hampton    8/17/10                  
Victoria Jamaleddin    7/10/10                  
Jillian Jamaleddin    7/12/11                  
Shay Morgan    7/12/11                  
Abigail Roumas    4/15/10                  
Trinity Ray                      
Meghan Fletcher    3/11/10                  
Clhoe G    3/31/11                  
Daisy M                      

Kristen Cox   X X