SouthtownsVBC: College / Recruiting

Monday, February 4

So you are aware,NCAA rules and regulations prohibit coaches and administrative personnel from sending letters or electronic mail to high school students until after September 1st of their junior year in high school. While we are not permitted to write or e-mail high school students if they are not eligible per the above restriction,high school students are permitted to telephone coaches and administrators prior to the completion of their junior year in high school,but only at the high school student's expense.

Prospective student-athletes are also permitted to contact the admissions office for information.

All prospective student-athletes should visit these sites and become familiar with the requirements to participate as a Division I or II student-athlete.

We have added the following Student-Athlete Links on the Links page:

  • SAT Website
  • ACT Website
  • NCAA Clearing House
  • NCAA  Eligibility
  • NCAA Recruiting
  • National Letter of Intent

Please remember that your grades are much more important than your athletic ability.

Following is a very good article on College Recruiting and a few drills :