SouthtownsVBC: TEAM

Friday, January 25

They told me there is no " I " in team

I am an athlete.

I am an individual.

I am strong.

I am weak.

I have desires,hopes and dreams

I have goals.

I have fears.

As a team my opponent will never see my weaknesses.

Only my strength,never my fears,only my goals as they unfold before them.

I am not afraid that my team will see my fears,my hopes,dreams or desires.

I trust them to an unlimited level.

I am not afraid that my team will see my faults because with them I can overcome my faults,with them I am fearless,with them I have hopes and dreams. With my team I am not weak,I do not have the strength of one athlete,but of many,combined,focused and dangerous to my un-united opponent.

I become my team and my team becomes me.

I do not judge,and I am not judged.

I have a goal,and the team has a goal.

The team goal is my goal.All that matters is that the team reaches its goal.They always told me there is no " I " in "TEAM"

They were wrong.

I am the team.

I became the team.

The team became me.

The team becomes an entity unto itself.The team is strong,creative,compasionate,caring,authoritive and disciplined.

The team absorbs " I " , and then there is " I " in "TEAM"

The "I" becomes part of something much more powerful.

They were right,there is no "I" in"TEAM",but there is "TEAM" in me.