SouthtownsVBC: Travel

Tuesday, January 15

Southtowns Volleyball Club of Western New York

Travel is an important part of the club season. In order to make it as hassle free as possible, we will need to follow the following steps.

There will be a release date entered for all the tournaments where lodging is required. Please make note of this date,it is very important. This is the date that the club is required to begin submitting the forms and paperwork required for each tournament that we enter. The following information must be received by the club on or before the release date:


  • What mode of transportation is being used?  (car,fly,etc)
  • Will you be traveling with your son?
  • Does he need to get a ride with someone else ?  (check message board)


  • Will you be joining us on this trip?
  • Will you need a room?  (see below)
  • Will your son be staying with you or in a team room?

When the club enters a tournament we are given a list of available hotels to chose from. We always try to find one where the boys can get breakfast (included in the price) before leaving for the tournament in the morning. After that we are looking for the best value at a reasonable cost.

We will set aside a block of rooms under SOUTHTOWNS VOLLEYBALL CLUB. All information on hotel will be entered on our web site. Anyone planning to travel with the team must call the hotel (before release)to pull a room from the block,supplying the hotel  with their name and credit card information for their room. After the release date the hotel cannot guarantee that a room will be available.

If your son is staying in a team room arrangements will be made by the club. They will share a room with other players on the club.

Once all information has been collected,calculations will be made on the trip costs per player. This  will then be e-mailed to everyone and entered on web site.

Prompt payment would be appreciated as costs just roll over from tournament to tournament and we cannot afford to fall behind.