SouthtownsVBC: Club Fees

Tuesday, December 4
Price Structure

Southtowns Volleyball Club of Western New York

Club Price Structure for 2012 - 2013

Club fees for 15's,16's,17's and 18's include the following:

  • Western Empire Volleyball Association individual registration fee
  • Western Empire Volleyball Association team registration fee
  • USA Volleyball individual registration fee
  • USA Volleyball Chaperone registration fee
  • USA Volleyball team registration fee
  • Coach WEVA and USA Volleyball registration fees
  • Most tournament entry fees for December through June (Penn State,Nittany II,Great Lakes,East Coast and Nationals entry fees are NOT included in price)
  • Two team jerseys / tee shirts
  • One pair of shorts
  • One warmup top / hoodie
  • Purchase of volleyballs & carts for club practices and tournaments
  • Use of serving / hitting machine during practices

Training / Practice Players: Some players may choose to participate as practice players only,attending training sessions,but not traveling to tournaments.Players who elect this option are registered and insured as any other member of the team,but do not travel to tournaments.Throughout the course of the season,training players may have the opportunity to participate on a travel team should a spot become available and the player expresses interest.

Club Fees:                   Payment #1        Payment #2

Tryouts    $ 25.00 (due at tryout)

18's,17's,16's & 15's                                $ 350.00                     $ 175.00

Training Player                                       $ 200.00

DUE DATES:                                  December 16,2012        February 8, 2013