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Flaming b-ball
Saturday, November 15
Parents / Players / Fans.. Welcome

Coach Joe’s Team/Player Evaluation.

I saw the Flames grow as a team this session. In this last game I saw everyone playing very smart basketball, doing all the things they need to do as a team and as individuals to play effective basketball. Execution of those things was pretty good and is improving.. with room for further improvement. I am convinced that with one or two more seasons under Coach Val these players and this team can learn to do these things even more effectively.

I am talking about... The Big Guys moving without the ball, the ball handlers
looking for good shots or good passing lanes.. trying to get the ball in low to
the Bigs.. I see a lot of hustle on Defense. I see rebounders looking for the
outlet man. I see poise and confidence growing. I see hands up on
Defense... (but I’d like to see more.. a sticking point with me). I see communication amongst the players... again I’d like to see more... I see very good Trapping in the front court. I saw good rotation on Defense...

I believe this team is ready to learn and implement specific situational plays...  for example.. A backdoor play... increased, purposeful use of a pick-and-roll and a give-and-go play. Perhaps some inbound plays.. .and more practice in using the fast break..Overall.. I see a strong team that has grown a lot in two seasons and can grown further and go far with further training as I have outlined...


I saw Marquel and Austin spreading the ball around very well... doing an excellent job trapping and rotating.. and I would like to see them learn to be on the front-end of some of the plays I would like to see the team learn... the back-door, give-and-go. pick and roll... etc.

 I saw Jon and Nicholas gain a great deal of confidence.. and learn a great deal in handling the ball and making good passes.. I’d like to see both of these guys shoot more often.. They are quite capable I’ve seen both Jon and Nicholas make good/smart shots during the games... and I’d love to see more.

I saw Josh becoming a bit more delicate with his shooting.. and hope to see more... I saw Josh begin to develop outside shooting.. more in practice than in games.. I’d love to see Josh develop is out-side shooting game. Josh is very confident.. Loves to Go strong to the Basket.. and follows up his own shots very very well.

I saw Jacob have almost a complete turn around in confidence... Jacob has grown to be very confident, and very smart with the ball... shooting when he has a shot.. or looking for a team mate when he needs help.. I see him moving the ball the out-let after a Defensive rebound.. and doing a pretty good job with the accuracy of his inside shooting.. and having the confidence to shoot an out-side shot as well. I’d like to see Jacob become more aggressive in rebounding and I’d like to see Jacob better his technique of going back up immediately with an offenses rebound... Jacob tends to get trapped, or overwhelmed by the defense in these situations.

Our new players Fowsi and Ljoni (sp) did a great job of melding into the team.

I saw Fowsi as one who is quite confident and comfortable handling the ball. I;d like to see Fowsi shoot more. I see Fowsi as a player who can benefit from more practice dribbling with his head up.. He tends to dibble with his head down and find himself walking into a trap.. or not being able to find a teammate to pass to.. Fowsi seems a very smart player and can become a very effective player.

I saw Ljoni as one who is quickly learning the game.. and with some specific practice on Basket-Ball fundamentals like dribbling and passing she will grow to be an effective player. I saw Ljoni with a very effective shot in the 5-8 foot range... a nice solid... purposeful bank-shot that was very effective for her this season... I’d like to see her had a lay-up to her game..

My Thanks to Coach Val for a fun and fruitful season.

Great Job Coach

Coach Joe

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