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South Suburban Wildcats of Lincoln-Way Travel Basketball Organization: Lincoln-Way Feeder Program

The South Suburban Wildcats organization was started to give girls the opportunity to play travel basketball while keeping in mind that many of these girls also play other sports. We understand their need to concentrate on school, enjoy family time and realize that it is impossible to give up every weekend to basketball. The organization was started in March of 2007, an idea that ultimately transformed into the South Suburban Wildcats. The organization was built on the premise that all costs would be split evenly, including tournaments and games. The organization is a member of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and participates in the top area tournaments. Our Fall/Winter session that runs from October or December to March includes girls' teams at the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. We practice and play home games in the surrounding Lincoln-Way area. We try to seek out as many local tournaments as possible. However, there are several located in the North Suburbs and just east of the border into Indiana.    

In 2011, for the first time in the Wildcats history, Lincoln-Way area boys were given an opportunity to play for one of Illinois’ top travel programs. The Wildcats continue to field boys’ teams at the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels in addition to carrying on a long tradition of elite girls teams at the 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th grade levels.

The South Suburban Wildcats organization is a positive and respected program choice for girls and boys competitive travel basketball. We strive for the best, but realize the importance of family and school. Our programs are restricted to girls and boys living within the Lincoln-Way District 210 residential boundaries, making the Wildcats a feeder program for the Lincoln-Way district. We have the full support of the administration and coaches of all area 210 schools. We are and will continue to be an independent organization, knowing that staying focused on individual attention is very important to development and understanding the game.  

We offer the highest quality programs, with a cost structure that sets a new standard for travel sports.   

Questions or requests for information should be directed to John Kroen at  Go Wildcats!!

2013-2014 FINAL FALL/WINTER SEASON RECORD FOR ALL TWELVE WILDCATS TEAMS: 190-127 with 19 Championships and 8 Second Place Finishes 

2012-2013 FALL/WINTER SEASON RECORD FOR ALL ELEVEN WILDCATS TEAMS: XXX-XXX with 18 Tournament Championships!!! 

2012 SPRING SEASON RECORD FOR THE WILDCATS 2018 TEAM: 17-13 with 3 Championships and 2 runner-up!!!  

2011-2012 FALL/WINTER SEASON RECORD FOR ALL NINE WILDCATS TEAMS: 154-118 with 16 Tournament Championships!!! 

2010-2011 FINAL FALL/WINTER SEASON RECORD FOR ALL SIX WILDCATS TEAMS: 160-64 with 20 Tournament Championships!!!



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Thursday, September 18
Additional Tryout on September 20



On Saturday, September 20 at 10am, the Wildcats will host an additional tryout seeking to fill the following open roster spots:

4th Grade Boys - 3 spots remain (3rd and 4th graders are welcomed to tryout)

5th Grade Girls4 spots remain (4th graders are also welcome to tryout) 

5th Grade Boys1 spot remains

6th Grade Girls1 spot remains

7th Grade Girls - 1 spot remains

8th Grade Boys - 1 spot remains

If your son or daughter has an interest in joining the Wildcats at any of these grade levels, please request a tryout at through the link below. We will accommodate additional individual tryouts and group sessions.


Some of the best Lincoln-Way area high school basketball players started by wearing a Wildcats uniform - we are so proud of all of our alumni.

What can you expect from the Wildcats?

  • A well organized program, with a monthly practice, game and tournament schedule published every month.
  • A fair price, charging what is needed to cover the cost of a world class program.
  • Dedicated coaches with years of travel and advanced coaching experience.
  • A friendly, yet competitive environment. Everyone is welcomed and is encouraged to call the Wildcats their program.
  • No ridiculous fees to lock in your roster spot. The Wildcats tryout process is low pressure. We want you to make the right choice for you and your child. No regrets.
  • Improvement. Your child may not be a star at the beginning of the season, but our coaches take an interest in every player's improvement. We take great pride in every player's progress.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive around this time every year.

FEES - The fee for the 4th grade is $350. The fee for all other grades for the fall/winter season is $400. At the mid-point of the season (January) we will reassess whether additional fees are required, but this will only occur if the number of tournaments is increased or the gym time costs exceed budget. In previous years there has been an additional fee ($25-$75), but by raising the initial fee this season, our hope is to eliminate any mid-season fees.

FUNDRAISING - The Wildcats have never required any type of fundraising and have no plans of doing so in the future.

UNIFORM COST - The uniforms cost $175 for two game jerseys, a practice jersey and one pair of game shorts (that you keep and is personalized with the player's last name on the back). The quality is good and some players are able to use the uniforms for 2-3 years - although our hope is that our younger players grow out of them before the third year.

LEAGUE PLAY - Boys teams (4th – 8th) will play in the Lemont league (nearby and good competition). Girls teams (4th – 5th) will play in the Neuqua Valley Sunday league.

NUMBER OF GAMES - The 4th grade will likely play 4 tournaments in addition to league play with a goal of 20-25 games. The older teams involved in league play will play 5-6 tournaments, while teams not participating in league play will play in 7-9 tournaments both with a goal of 30 games. Our tournaments will likely be held in some (not all) of the following towns Lemont, Rolling Meadows, St. Charles, Schaumburg, Palatine, Lake Barrington, Libertyville and Rockford.

PRACTICES - The Wildcats practice 2 to 3 times per week at local high schools, junior high and elementary schools, and private facilities.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS ON TEAM - We target a roster size of 10 players. In the past we have carried as few as 7 and as many as 12, but those were specific circumstances agreed to by parents and coaches. The Wildcats play to win every game, so those players earning minutes and making the biggest impact play more minutes, there is no guarantee of playing time. That said, no player should ever sit an entire game or even a half, unless for disciplinary or injury issues. Coaches must find spots where a player can help the team.

WILDCATS SUPER BOWL SHOOTOUT - This year we will host the 8th Annual Wildcats Super Bowl Shootout. This is one of the most competitive and well attended tournaments of the year. While it is called a shootout, we have both pool and tournament play, meaning a champion is crowned at each grade level. This season we will host games at Lincoln-Way Central on Saturday, January 31 and at Lincoln-Way East on February 1, with all games completed by 4pm on Sunday.

Any additional questions can be directed to John Kroen at



Friday, June 27


Organizations wishing to request individual games with the Wildcats 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade girls’ or boys' teams should also contact John Kroen at or by phone at 312-758-7127. We will host games and travel to locations within a reasonable distance from Mokena.

The Wildcats also will be hosting the Sixth Annual Wildcats Super Bowl Shoot-Out for 4th - 8th grade girls and boys teams on February 2 & 3.  

Also, tournament organizers should send registration materials to for consideration.


Friday, September 3
Go Purple!!!

Going Green is Good for the Environment!!


Tuesday, December 31
8th Grade Girls 12/21/13

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