South East Little League: Welcome


New Board Members

Board Members Needed

On September 4, 2014 we held our Board elections. The following are the names of the new Board members that take effect on October 1, 2014.  Several positions still need a person to help.  If you have any questions or wish to place your name for consideration please contact Alan Foust, Board Secretary ( Our Next Board meeting will be Oct. 2, 7:30pm @ Chippewa Bowling Alley.

  1. Alan Foust- Secretary
  2. Stephanie Sheipline- Treasurer
  3. Laird Salmon- Player Rep
  4. Ryan Kakalia- Safety Officer
  5. Danette Wells- Registrar
  6. Tony Gruber- Equipment Manager
  7. Tricia Mears- Uniform Manager
  8. Erica Radican- Sponsorships
  9. Scott Hanley- Bldg/Grounds
  10. Jeff Wells- Umpire in Chief & VP Jr./Sr,
  11. Rick Stephens- VP Major Boys
  12. Pete Keenan- VP Major Girls
  13. Dawn Strantz- VP Minor Girls
  14. Denny Radican- VP Minor Boys
  15. Shawn Markin- VP GPW
  16. Carrie Hoffman- VP T-Ball

The following positions are vacant- President, Vice-President, VP BPW, Team Parent/Concessions, VP Girls Jr/Sr, Marketing/Website Manager.


Sunday, September 7
Fall Ball Baseball and Softball

Fall Ball Baseball & Softball Sign-ups

Fall ball has begun but you can still join.  Games will be from late now until October. 


For questions on baseball contact Ryan Kakalia-

For questions on softball contact Bob Schaeper, 233-3024 or Derik Hicks, 276-6169.

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