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Slammers FC Boys 92 - 2006/07

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Monday, February 19
Today's Practice Has Been Cancelled (Monday 2/19)
Practice has been cancelled for today. As scheduled, we will be practicing on Wednesday at Tarbut. We'll also be practicing this Sunday (2/25) at Cordata park at 2:00pm.

Monday, February 5
2007 Practice Schedule
Here's our practice schedule until further notice:

Monday's and Friday's from 5:30 to 7:30 at Grant Howald Park. This is where we had tryouts last year off of Pacific Coast Hwy near Corona Del Mar.

Community Youth Ctr, Grant Howald Park
5th & Iris, Corona Del Mar Map

Take the 73 South to the MacArthur off ramp
Go south on MacArthur to Harbor View Dr
Turn left and go to Goldenrod Rd
Turn right and follow the road
The park will be on your left

Take PCH South to Iris
Turn left and to 5th St
Go straight into the parking lot
The park will be on your left

Tuesday, November 28
2006 Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament Semi-Finalist
What a weekend of soccer for the boys. They played five 60-minute soccer games over a 3 day period with only 14 players. The other teams in the tournament had at least 16 players with the majority of them caring 18. To say the least the boys were very tired and sore by the time the 5th game came around.

The boys played very hard and with a tremendous amount of heart especially when they seemed like they had nothing left in the tank. The defeated a very good Stampede team in penalty kicks during the quarterfinals. They lost a heart-breaker to the 1st place Silver Elite North LAFC in penalty kicks. The game ended in a 0-0 tie and was decided in penalty kicks with LAFC prevailing.

I think if the boys had won the semi-final game against LAFC they wouldn't have had anything left for the finals. LAFC went on to defeat Marion FC 1-0 in the championship game.

Congratulations Boys!

Click here for final results

Sunday, October 22
A Roller Coaster Weekend Of Soccer
This weekend's soccer games took us all through an emotional roller coaster.

Saturday's morning game was a laugher with the boys racking up 7 goals to LAFC club's 0 goals... and that's with 5 shots going off the woodwork. Even though LAFC was a bronze team the boys did play some very impressive soccer.

Saturday's afternoon game was a different story. The boys had some early chances to stick in a few goals and put the game away, but like it's been all season they didn't and it gave ASC confidence. ASC scored on a freak own goal that went off of one of our players and hit the post. Moe made the save right at the goal line, but the Assistant Referee said it was a goal. Everyone said the ball didn't cross the line, but that's what happens when you don't put a team away. The boys didn't play as aggressive as they did in the morning game and they paid the price by loosing 2-0… and being eliminated from League Cup. Our boys were a much better team and dominated 70% of the game, but couldn't stick it in the net.

Sunday's league game against 1st place CRSC Brigade was a big game. After yesterdays lose and Brian's gut-check talk with the boys, the boys came to play. Brian had challenged them to play with more passion and be more aggressive and they answered his challenge. I believe the boys played the most inspired and passionate game of soccer I've ever seen them play. They left every once of their effort on the field and they had CRSC on their heels several times during the game. We had more shots on goals and won probably 75% of all 50-50 balls.

I stand and clap my hands for every one of our boys. They played their hearts out and came away with a point in 0-0 game. Congratulations boys!!!

We have 3 games left and if they can win out they'll do no worse than tied for 3rd... and with a little luck they could sneak into second place.

Sunday, September 17
A Great Weekend Of Soccer
It was a great weekend of soccer for the boys. They came away with 2 wins. Saturday's game was against ISC Irvine Strikers Red where the boys dominated the entire game and had 5 shots go off the woodwork. The game ended 3-0 and could have easily been 7 or 8 to zero. Sunday's game was against the Laguna Niguel SC where the boys came out a little flat for the first 15 minutes, but picked up and controlled the ball very well. The game ended 1-0 and could have easily been 4 or 5 to zero with several more shots going off the woodwork.

The boys are playing some very good soccer, but are finding a hard time getting the ball into the net. The soccer is fun to watch with many nice build ups for scoring chances. As long as the continue to play the way they have been then the shots will start to go in.

Monday, September 4
JUSA Kickoff Sunday Results
Sunday's consulation game was against the Silver Stampede Red team. The boys stuggled a little in the first half with very little communication and not very strong possession. They came out in the second half and communicated much better and had several very impressive build-ups the turned into goals with the game ending 4-0 in favor of the Slammers. Way to go boys!!!

Sunday, August 13
Capo Cup Results - The Boys Look Good!!!
The boys played some excellent soccer this weekend. It's great to see things start to click and at a good time too because league is just around the corner.

The early game on Saturday was against United FC and the boys were all over them for the start of the game. They had many chances in the first half, but couldn't get it in the net. The boys came out in the second half even more determined and dominated ball possesion. They had several shots going off the post and 1 shot by Jake that was in, but a defender kicked it out from inside the goal and the referee didn't see it. The boys ended up loosing 0-1 on an own goal.

The afternoon game was against the Stampede Red and again from the start of the game the boys dominated possesion. They had a ton of chances to put this game out of reach, but they did come away with a 3-0 win that could have easily by 6 or 7.

Sunday mornings game was a little different. The boys knew that the team they were playing lost to United FC 8-0 and I think that caused them to not play with as much intensity and passion. They finished the first half up 2-0 and then added another one in the second half with the game ending 3-1.

The boys are starting to play with more confidence, but the one thing I think they're lacking is that killer instinct. They have a tendency to play down to the level of team they're playing. The more games they continue to play like that they allow the other team to get back into a game and steal one away from them. They need to come out to every game thinking they're playing the highest level team and provide no mercy. They shouldn't get caught in whether the team is Bronze or Silver or whaterver... or whether they lost badly to a team they beat. All of that stuff is irrelevant to the game they're playing against the team.

Monday, July 17
Slammers Futbol Classic Results
It wasn't a good weekend for soccer with temperatures in the triple digits. The boys struggled with their play on Saturday loosing both games. The first game was against the LAFC (f.k.a. AUSC Bobcat Flyers). The boys have defeated them twice before 2-1 and 2-0, but this time they were on the loosing end of the 3-0 final score.

The afternoon's game was against probably the best team in California right now, which is the Force from the South Bay area. The boys have actually played them pretty strong in the past with a 1-0 loss the last time they played, but this time was much different with the game ending 4-0.

Sunday's game ended with the boys winning 2-0 against FCI Premier. It was much cooler than Saturday and the boys played with a little more zip in their step.

We were missing 4 players for the tournament and had to use two guest players (Kyle and Daniel) just to have 13 players for the weekend. The heat combined with being short-handed and having the new boys getting use to the system had something to do with the scores. The kids will have to be ready to pick up the pace another notch because Brian is going to start working them and expecting them to give 110% in practice and in the game.

Sunday, June 25
Things Are Looking Up
Even though the boys had a slow start yesterday they have progessively played better game after game. The played a tough Stampede team from Chino in the morning. Every single boy played their heart out and managed a 1-1 tie. Both the defense and offense played well and I think the boys can see things starting to gel.

Our next tournament is the Slammers Futol Classic on July 15-16. This will be an even tougher challege for the boys because of the caliber of teams playing in our tournament, but I'm sure they'll be ready for it.

Saturday, June 24
A Slow Start For The New Season
The boys played their first tournament since the So Cal United tournament in early April. For a few of the boys it was their first time playing with the team. The early game was against the Galaxy Elite and the boys played well, but they did get caught flat a few times and it cost them a goal. The game ended 3-0 in favor of the Galaxy Elite.

The afternoon game was against PCSC No Fear and the boys played even better with several nice build ups and plenty of shots on goal that just couldn't find the back of the net. They were playing short-handed with both Tyler and Michael out with a sore ankle, which left us with only 12 players for the game. I felt the referee got baited by PCSC No Fear to make a bad call in the box, which led to a PK and eventual winning goal. Bret connected with Rodrigo on a cross with a nice far post header. Also, late in the game Justin hit a nice strike from about 25 yards that looked like it was going in, but the goalie made a spectacular save. We had one last chance in the final minute when Jason missed a half volley over the crossbar within the 6-yard box. It just wasn't the boys day with the game ending 2-1 in favor of PCSC No Fear.

It'll take a few more games for all the boys start feeling comfortable playing together.

Monday, April 3
Nike Invitational Weekend Results
The boys played pretty good this weekend considering they haven't had a chance to train very much as well as having the new boys play for the first time on the team. Saturday mornings game was against a pretty weak bronze team and the boys showed good form in the second have and finished with an 8-0 win. The goals came from Justin (3), Kevin (2), Bret (1), AJ (1), and Tyler (1). The defense was awesome with Mo not even touching the ball in the first half.

The afternoon game was against a tougher 2nd place Silver team, but the boys dominated the game about 80% posession to the Galaxy's 20%. The Galaxy were only on their side of the field 4 times the whole game, which shows how much the boys dominated the game. The boys had plenty of chances to put it into the back of the net, but just couldn't convert. They made one mistake and the Galaxy took advantage of it and scored the only goal of the game.

Sunday's game was almost a carbon copy of the previous game with the boys dominating at least 80% of the posession. The had several shots go off the woodwork and had probably 20 shots on goal, but they were only able to put 2 into the net by Michael and Mitchell.

A special thanks to Kevin who game out for the weekend to play with us. He contributed a lot on both the defensive and offensive ends of the field. I know the boys enjoyed having Kevin on the pitch with them and they hope he can join the team for next season.

We had 3 other players (Mikey, Nick, and AJ) with us this weekend and all of them contributed to every game.

Wednesday, April 5
2005-06 Season Accomplishments
Here's a list of the boys accomplishments this year:

2006 Sereno Soccer Classic Champions
2005 Capistrano Cup Finalist
2005 Wolfpak Semi-Finalist
2005 NHB Cup Semi-Finalist
2006 Nike Invitational Semi-Finalist

Even though the boys had a dissapointing season in league play they played very well in the tournaments before and after league. The points they accrued from those tournaments gave them a very respectable state ranking. Below are the rankings based on

Ranked 11th in the state
Ranked 22nd in region 4
Ranked 75th in the nation

Monday, March 6
The Boy's Run for National Cup Is Over
Sunday's game against the Del Mar Sharks was the epitome of the boy’s long season this year. They controlled the ball well with nice 1-2 combos and had many chances to stick in to the net, but it just didn't happen like many of the games this year. To add insult to injury late in the game Tyler passed back a ball to Mo to clear it, but just as Mo was going to strike the ball the ball hit a rock and it hopped right over Mo's foot and it dribbled into the Sharks net for an own goal. Tyler headed in the boys only goal and the game ended in a 3-1 loss.

As for the spring, the boys have a fun 7 v 7 league coming up on March 18th, which will be anywhere from 8 to 10 games. The boys also have the Nike Invitational Tournament on April 1st and 2nd.

In summary, it was one of those years where we had the talent to do great things. We definitely witnessed it Sereno where the boys took home the championship against a very good Eagles gold team. We also saw the potential during the summer with the boys making it to the championships in the Capo Cup and the semi-finals in both the Wolfpack and NHB tournaments. I don't think anyone could put a finger on exactly why the year went the way it did, but I still think the boys are a diamond in the rough and are very close to being a great team. Let’s hope the boys keep the faith and continue to believe in themselves as winners.

Monday, February 6
Sereno Championship Gets Us To #10 In The State
With the championship win at the 2006 Sereno Soccer Classic, it has brought us up to #10 in the state according to We're also ranked 21st in our Region 4 and ranked 75th in the nation. Even though the boys had a tough league season, they did well in the summer tournaments before league and brought home the championship at Sereno, which has got them to the #10 spot in the state. Great job boys. Nationals here we come!!

Wednesday, January 11
2006 Sereno Soccer Classic Champions!!!
What a great weekend of soccer for the boys. They came ready to play and brought home the hardware as the 2006 Sereno Soccer Classic Champions Gold division. The boys played some very good teams from Arizona including State Finalist Sereno White and a very tough Tuzos Interamerica with scores of 2-1 and 1-1 respectively. The boys were able to put away the other team in their bracket, ASG Gold 93 from Texas, with a score of 4-1. By winning their bracket the boys advanced to the finals on Monday against a very good Cal South Gold team the Eagles from Camirillo.

The first half ended in a 0-0 tie, but the boys probably had the better of the Eagles in that half with many quality chances on goal. They played a great first half with excellent ball movement and runs off the ball. With the new system coach Brian put into place only a couple of weeks ago, the boys have caught on quickly and it seems to fit them well. The boys started off the second half where they left off in the first half with some nice combos and switch balls. With about 20 minutes left in the game Cody got a ball to Justin and then Justin threaded 20-yard pass through two Eagle defenders to a streaking Frankie where he got the ball right at his feet and calmly put it passed the goalie for a 1-0 lead. The boys knew the Eagles were going to come at them hard, but they responded and held them off until about 5 minutes left in the game where the Eagles scored on an extremely controversial goal. It was a goal that basically defied the laws of physics. An Eagle player crossed a high ball from the left side with the wind blowing 10 to 15 mph away from the goal and Mo caught the ball. The AR on the other side of the field said it was a goal because the ball crossed the goal line. All of us on the sidelines couldn't understand how a high cross can go against a 10 to 15 mph wind let alone Mo catching it. The center ref went over to the AR to make sure she made the right call and it seemed like she was unsure, but after it was all said and done the goal stood. So now the game was tied at 1-1 with a few minutes to play and the boys were determined to break the tie. They had a couple more chances to score, but game ended 1-1 in regulation time. The game went into two scoreless 5-minute overtime periods, which took the game into FIFA penalty kicks. Both teams traded 7 successful penalty kicks with Frankie, Mitchell, Rodrigo, Justin, Paul, Tyler, and Kyle making their PK's. With Tyler in the goal he made a great save on the Eagles 8th penalty kick and it was all up to Bret to bring home the victory and he did just that... and the boys went crazy with their first championship win after finishing as a finalist in their previous 4 championship appearances.

Every one of our boys contributed to the championship win and should be very proud of their accomplishment. What a great way to go into Nationals.

On a sad note, Michael left the second half with a broken wrist after the Eagles best player hit him with a cheap shot and wasn't carded. Michael and the other defensive backs had the Eagles best player wrapped up all game and he was frustrated and took it out on Michael. Before play began again the boys huddled on the field with Brian and said 1-2-3 "MICHAEL". They boys wanted to win the game for Michael and they did. Get well Michael and hope to see you soon!!!

Here are the final results of the tournament.

Monday, February 27
A Tough Weekend At Nationals
The boys run for the National Cup started off very shaky on Saturday against a very good Samba team. The boys picked the wrong day to give a lackluster effort and they paid for it with a 6-0 loss... ouch!!! Sunday's game was much better with the boys almost playing to form. They were very unlucky in this game with an own goal and a missed PK that would have probably secured a win, but in the end they came out on the loosing side 3-1.

They have one more group game on Saturday March 4th and believe it or not they still have a chance to advance. If the boys beat the Del Mar Sharks with a goal differential of 3 or more in the game than there's a high probability that they will advance. This is because Necaxa is going up against Samba and if they loose by a goal differential of 3 or more our boys are in.

The National Cup schedule is up on CalSouth's website here.
We're in Group D with
Samba (Gold)
Necaxa (Silver Elite North)
Del Mar Sharks (Gold)

Saturday, March 4th @ 11:40am against Del Mar Sharks.

We'll be playing in Temecula at the John Blanche Memorial Soccer Complex.

PLEASE give yourself plenty of time to arrive there at least 90 minutes before the game. This will be required of all games because the boys must check-in 60 minutes before each game.

Take the CA-55 N exit 9A
Take the CA-91 E ramp to Riverside - go 17 mi
Take the I-15 N/I-15 S ramp to Barstow/San Diego - go 0.3 mi
Bear right onto the I-15 S ramp to San Diego - go 35 mi
Take the Winchester Rd exit - go 0.3 mi
Turn right at Winchester Rd - go 0.6 mi
Turn right at Diaz Rd - go 0.5 mi
Continue on Dendy Pkwy - go 0.3 mi
Arrive at The John Blanche Memorial Soccer Complex

Monday, December 5
The 2005 League Is Over
The boys played an awesome game against a tough United FC team. The first half was controlled by the boys from the start of the game. The played well and stayed connected by making some nice one-two combo's and showed patience with the ball. They had some shots on goal, but couldn't find the back of the net. As well as they played the half ended with United FC up 1-0 on a goal that should not have been allowed. One of the United FC players charged Nick with his cleats up (should have been a foul) just as Nick got to the ball and struck Nick on the leg with his cleat, which caused the ball to come loose and literally trickle into the goal. It seems like United has a nack for getting these kinds of goals against us. The boys came out focused in the second half and continued to put pressure on United's defense with many more shots on goal. Late in the game Cole had a breakaway and their goalie came way out in the box near the 18 and collided with Cole, but Cole was able to get a shot on goal that just barely missed right. This should have been a foul because Cole got to the ball first and the goalie took Cole out. In the end the boys played one of their better games of the season, but lost 1-0.

United FC went on to play CFC Italia in the Sweet 16 on Sunday and took a beating loosing 5-1.

Thursday, December 1
Saturday's Round of 32 League Cup Game
Just a reminder that our Round of 32 League Cup game is at the
Oaks Polo Fields (field #2) at 8:00am.

Sunday, November 27
Thanksgiving at Nomads
Our Thanksgiving weekend was spent down in La Jolla for the very tough Nomads soccer tournament. The boy's first game was against Nationals Forza from Washington State and they came out extremely sluggish and were down 1-0 at the half. After the talk from Brian, the boys came out in the second half focused and determined. They controlled the entire second half and had several shots clang off the crossbar. The boys were unlucky and ended up loosing 1-0. The night game was against a really tough Santa Clara Sporting team, who are a gold level team from up north. The Sporting had several boys on their team that didn't look 12, but nonetheless the boys had a handful with this team. The boys were down 2-0 at the half and in the second half 2 very soft goals were given up and from that point on it got ugly and ended 6-0. Saturday's final group game was against the Chula Vista Rangers, who the day before lost to Sporting 2-1 so we felt we had our hands full. The boys came out tough in the first half, but the Rangers controlled the first half with most of the play at their offensive end. In the second half the boys came out with a quick goal and within 5 minutes put another one into the back of the net. Our boys controlled the second half and had other chances on goal, but in the end won with a 2-1 victory.

Next weekend we continue play in League Cup against United FC in the Round of 32. The boys need to come out extremely focused and not let up until the final whistle blows. Saturday's game is at 8:00am at the Polo Fields on field #2. It will be cold so make sure you dress your son warm.

Sunday, November 20
We're In!!!
We've advanced to the Round of 32 in League Cup. The boys didn't look as sharp today as they have over the last few weeks, but they were sharp enough to advance to the next round in League Cup. The morning game was against Rampage FC and the boys let them stay in the game for a long time holding on to a 1-0 lead until Justin headed one into the back of the net off a Mitchell corner kick. The game ended 2-0. The boys had just over an hour to rest before they had to play again against the Palm Springs LaQuinta team who were playing their first game of the day. The boys came out a little sluggish and it was apparent that they were tired. They had some good shots on goal, but the Palm Springs goalie made some great saves to keep his team in it. Our boys played great defense with only allowing a few weak shots on goal. In the end the game was a 0-0 draw, but good enough to get them into the Round of 32.

Saturday, November 12
An Extremely Well Played Game That Ends In a Tie
The boys played an awesome game today against the Long Beach Supreme. They completely controlled the first half and should have 2 or 3 goals, but they were only able to get 1 into the back of the net on Bret's header off a corner kick. Everyone played awesome and they won probably 90% of the 50-50 balls in the first half. They came out in the second half with the same amount of intensity, but they soon started to fall back and gave Long Beach control over the midfield. Long Beach took advantage of this and had many chances on goal. Our boys managed to hold them off until 5 minutes left in the game when Long Beach shot a rocket from about 25 yards out that was probably unstoppable by any goalie. So again Long Beach ties us for the second time this season 1-1 with minutes left in the game. The boys play the first place Irvine Strikers for their last game of the season and if they play like they did today they'll have a good chance of pulling out a much needed victory.

Saturday, November 12
Another Time and Field Change for Saturday's Game
Our game for Saturday against the Irvine Strikers has changed
from Estancia High School at 11:35am to the Polo Field #5 at 12:40pm.

Polo Field #5
5 Fwy south to Ortega Hwy. Go east 3.1 miles on Ortega Hwy to La Pata and turn right. The fields are on your right. Pay for parking.

Saturday, November 5
The Boys Keep Rolling
It looks like our boys are starting to gel as a team. They played another great game of soccer this weekend against a tough Apple Valley Storm team. The last time these two teams met Apple Valley beat our boys 3-0, but it was a much different story today. The boys came out with a lot of intensity and had great ball control and movement. They also were very physical with pretty much everyone getting stuck in and challenging and winning almost every 50-50 ball. The boys controlled the first half with many shots on goal and keeping the ball on their side of the half line, which put a lot of pressure on Apple Valley's defense. Eventhough the half ended 0-0 the boys knew they had enough to beat this team. They came out tough in the second half with everyone hitting hard and taking fouls when they needed to. Justin made a couple nice crosses that were just out of the reach of Kyle, Franky and Daniel. Paul played a great game out of position at left striker showing his great ball control and vision, which opened things up a bit. The only goal of the game came on a cross on the floor by Franky with Mitchell holding his run to this last minute to stab it into the goal. The played great defense for the rest of the game with Tyler playing a tremendous game again at Sweeper. Brian has mixed the line-up a little bit and the team that started the game was very impressive. Congratulations boys for beating the Storm 1-0.

Wednesday, November 2
The Boys are Starting to Peak
The boys played another great game of soccer this last weekend. They played the first place United FC team very tough and at times had them on their heels. Everyone gave a tremendous amount of effort and they had several nice build ups with switch balls and 1-2's. They had a couple chances on goal and a few others that should have been crossed. The first half ended 0-0 and the second half was 0-0 until the last 5 minutes where they gave up a soft goal and the game ended in a 1-0 defeat. The United FC coach even said they got lucky and complimented Brian and the boys play. The boys know that they'll need to get 3 wins in the last 3 league games to secure their position in Silver Elite. They're starting to play at the form they were playing at the end of the season last year during Nationals, which is a good thing because a good run through league cup and Nationals will help prove their case of staying in Silver Elite if they're not able to get the 3 league game wins.

Sunday, October 23
A Great Weekend of Soccer!!!
The boys did something this weekend they haven't done since the end of last year during Nationals... They played to their true form and dominated a good FCI Milan team. They were quicker to the ball winning most of th 50-50 balls and the stayed physical with a very physical team. Their passes were quick and on target, which really opened the midfield. Mitchell played one of his best games with excellent decision making on when and when not to hold the ball. This did wonders for controlling the midfield and putting pressure on Milan's back line. Michael got the first goal after picking up a missed clearance and drilled it near post with the goalie having no chance. The second goal was set up by Bret with a free kick that went off the far post and Mitchell picking it up with a header to make it 2-1. The third goal was from a corner kick that got pushed out beyond the 18 with Mitchell drilling a half-volley shot that was slightly deflected into the goal. Paul was aggressive and physical in the midfield and Evan played tough on the outside mid. Justin played well with speed and good ball skills up top and then showed good vision with some nice through balls from the inside midfield position. The defense by Jake, Kyle, Tyler, Jason, Cody and Tyler was stellar with winning almost every 50-50 ball and taking good fouls. Milan scored a second goal with about 10 minutes left in the game, but that didn't seem to faze our boys. They continued to pressure Milan and got a free kick deep in their defensive third on the left. Tyler took the kick and scored a goalaso far post and upper-v, which made it 4-2 and the final score. The boys have United next weekend and if they can carry this confidence and momentum into that game they'll have a good chance of getting their second consecutive victory.

Saturday, October 15
The Boys Loose in the First 2 minutes of the Second Half
The boys played very shorthanded today with Jason, Mo, Daniel, and Frankie out for different reasons, which left us with only one sub. The boys played some excellent soccer in the first half with some impressive build-ups and several nice shots on goal. Justin hit a nice knuckle ball low and left that was just barely saved by the keeper. Bret had a nice header on a cross from Justin that slipped just outside the post. Every one of the boys gave a tremendous amount of effort and it showed with the first half ending 0-0. The start of the second half proved again to be their Achilles heel by giving up 2 goals within the first few minutes. The boys shook it off and played great for the rest of the game with nice build-ups and shots on goal, but none that found the back of the net. I know the loosing is difficult on the boys, but I hope they understand that they're playing good soccer and giving a lot of effort. They may not see this, but for the boys who stick it out and work hard through this adversity they'll become a closer and better team.

Saturday, October 8
Yet Another Tough Weekend of Soccer
Sunday - Boys Play Another good game but Loose 2-1 to Pateadores
This is starting to sound like a broken record. They've been playing some great soccer, but they're still having a hard time getting the ball into the net. The game started off great with Michael serving up a free kick into the box and Bret heading it in within the first couple minutes of the game. Things were looking up early. The boys moved the ball well with good switch balls and holding possession, but weren't able to get many more shots on goal in the first half. The defense held off the Pateadores well into the first half when a Pateadores player launched a high "Hail Mary" kick from about 35 yards that had just the right arc to come down over Nick's head and into the back of the net. The half ended 1-1 and the boys were looking good. They came out in the second half with some more good ball movement and a couple scoring chances. About 15 minutes into the second half the Pateadores served up a free kick that went through everyone and a unmarked Pateadores player on the far post put it in to make it 2-1. The boys didn't give up with several nice build ups and chances to score on crosses, but just couldn't get it in. I know the loosing has to be really tough on our boys, but we just need to give them all of our support and to have them concentrate on that next game.

Saturday - Boys Outplay Strikers but Loose 3-0
I believe the boys played one of their best games of the season with superb ball movement and possession. They probably held possession for more than 60% of the game with nice split balls and one-two's resulting in some nice build ups. They had some shots on goal, but not enough. The boys need to release the ball quicker for those shots on goal to catch the goalie of guard and to not allow a second defender into the play. The whole Strikers team was #2 who was basically a man-child. He was faster and stronger than our backline and had 3 break-aways for 3 goals. One thing I hope the boys learned from this is the necessity to take a foul in a break-away situation like with #2. It's the strategy part of the game they need to learn and execute. If they would have taken a foul early in each of those 3 break-aways the Strikers wouldn't have scored because no one else on their team was a threat. All you can ask is for the boys to learn and take away something from each game they play so they can become a better player.

Saturday, October 1
Boys Get a Tie Against LB Supreme
The boys looked good today with good ball movement and many nice build ups for scoring chances, but they're still having difficulty finding the back of the net. Bret had many shots from the left that were just off target over the net. They were short Michael today because he was sick and he was missed on the left side. The half ended 0-0 and the deadlock was broken with 10 minutes left in the second half off a free kick from Frankie where he chipped it nicely over the keepers head. The Supreme went with 3 of their big wheels up top and Brian pulled Tyler down as a second stopper to counter their attack. The idea was to pack it in and not let the Supreme get any runs or chances on goal, but with 3 minutes left in the game the Supreme got a long ball over our boys head that lead to a goal and a 1-1 tie. Hopefully the boys will learn from this mistake and understand when they're ahead and preserving the lead late in the game that the main emphasis is defense. They need to play deep and make sure nothing goes over their head and just clear things out deep and into the corners. Next weekend is double header against the Irvine Strikers away on Saturday and the Pateadores home on Sunday at Peninsula Park.

Sunday, September 18
A Difficult Second Weekend of the Season
Saturday's game was against FCI Milan from the Diamand Bar/Pomona area. Within the first few minutes of the game it was apparent that our boys were quicker than Milan and it looked like they would come away with a win, but that wasn't the case. Midway through the first half the boys looked sluggish and weren't winning the 50-50 balls. The half ended 0-0 and the dreaded first 5 minutes of the second half is proving to be our Achilles heel. Off of a corner cross a Milan player pretty much walked it in with no one marking him. It seemed like that woke the boys up because they played with more intensity for the rest of the game, but had very few scoring chances. It was a disappointing loss of 0-1 when they should have come away with a win. I don't know what it is, but the boys haven't been playing very good soccer... at least not up to what they're capable of.

Sunday's game against United FC is one I think pretty much everyone would like to forget. A lot of us thought they couldn't play any worse than they did on Saturday against FCI, but the boys managed to do just that. The first half was probably the most embarrassing half of soccer the boys have played and I'm sure they would agree. They pretty much let United do whatever they wanted with the boys not marking players in the box and giving up 5 goals in the first half. After Brian had a few words to say to the boys, they came out in the second half with much more intensity and quick touches that resulted in quite a few nice build ups. They had United on their heels for the first 10 to 15 minutes and had many scoring chances with a shot from Justin going off the far post. Bret finally got the boys on the board with a nice shot on the floor into the back of the net. Brian mixed things up a little bit and put Kyle in the midfield where Kyle brought his aggressiveness to the United midfielders. The boys played some of their best soccer during the second half and you got to wonder how or even why the boys have to be put in these types of situations to perform and execute. They need to bring this effort to every game for the full 70 minutes if they're going to survive at the Silver Elite level otherwise they'll be relegated to Silver next year.

The boys are just a head of Canyon PSA at the bottom of the table, but Canyon has a game in hand. They have 10 games left in the season to turn things around. We all hope to see the team we saw play and do so well in Sereno and Nationals last year. If they can get it back to that level then they should finish towards the top of the table this season.

Monday, September 26
Another Tough Weekend of Soccer
The boys had only one game this weekend on Sunday against Apple Valley Storm in Apple Valley. The boys started off the game with a lot of intensity and put AV Storm on their heels for the first few minutes with quite a few shots on goal, but on AV Storm's first counter they scored within the first 5 minutes and the boys looked dejected. The boys gave up another goal within a few minutes and they weren't the same from that point on. The half ended at 2-0 and they gave up another goal on a PK in the second half with the game ending 3-0. The referee at the end of the game told Brian that he thought he had the better team because they played better soccer. He felt if they boys would have stuck it in within the first 5 minutes when they had their chances that it would have been a different game.

The boys need to understand that getting scored on is part of the game and they can't get down on themselves. They need to keep their head up and fight back to get the equilizer. More important they need to believe in themselves because they're capable of playing with the best. They just need to look back at what they accomplished during Nationals last year with I believe a less talented team and realize they have what it takes to win.

Saturday, September 10
Season Opening Weekend
The 2005-06 season started this weekend with 2 games.

Saturday's game was against a tough Pateadores team who were out to avenge their embarrassing 4-1 lost against our boys in Nationals last year. The boys came out a half step quicker to the ball than the Pats winning almost every 50-50 ball. Within the first 5 minutes of the game we had a scoring chance in the box and on of the Pats players blatantly reached out and grabbed Daniel who was going to have a wide open shot, but the referee swallowed his whistle and didn't make the obvious call. Even the coach from the Pats said we were unlucky and that should have been a PK. They outplayed the Pats and had many chances to score in the first half, but weren't able to put it into the back of the net. This has been the case many times this year and hopefully they'll get out of this scoring slump. In the first 5 minutes of the second half the boys came out extremely flat and seemed to be on their heels the whole time. The Pats got several corners and were able to score on one of them. Corners seem to be something the boys have a hard time defending and marking players. After the Pats scored the boys kicked it into another gear and they were all over the Pats with many shots on goal. The boys hand many chances to cross the ball into "The mixer", but the majority of them ended up shooting on goal from extremely difficult angles. If they start to cross them in the air and on the floor they'll be able to get a lot more high percentage shots on goal. The boys outplayed the Pats almost the entire game, but weren't able to score loosing 1-0.

Sunday's game was against Canyon PSA who we've never seen and on Saturday tied Apple Valley Storm. The boys started out with a lot of intensity and pressure on PSA. They were winning almost every 50-50 ball and were moving the ball well with poise and control using back passes and switching the ball. This provided many nice build ups with a lot of scoring chances, but again they boys had a difficult time finishing. Justin broke the 0-0 tie in the first half by running past two defenders to get to the ball and flicking it over an on coming keeper with the outside of his right foot, which was set up by Frankie and Cole passing it up field to Justin. PSA came right back within a few minutes and tied it at 1-1. Late in the first half Justin scored off of a corner with a semi-bicycle/over-head kick to make it 2-1. The boys came out in the second half with the same intensity as the first and had many more scoring chances with Bret nearly scoring when his shot went of the crossbar. Late in the game PSA decided to put 3 up top and our boys showed a little bit of a panic. Instead of controlling the ball and working it up field they were just trying to clear everything, which fed right into PSA because they were collecting it and just pushing back into their offensive third. Both Nick and Mo made some great saves during the game to preserve the 2-1 victory.

Kudos to the defense of Kyle, Jake, Cody, and Michael for doing a steller job all weekend. Paul, Frankie, Mitchell, Tyler, Evan, and Daniel did an awesome job of controlling the midfield with great switch balls and back passes to set up some nice build ups.

The boys should feel good about their play over the weekend and should do well this coming weekend against FCI Milan and United FC.

Sunday, September 4
Semi-finalsts at NHB Cup
Congratulation boys for being Semi-finalists in the NHB Cup!!!

The morning's game was played against Apple Valley Storm with both teams already knowing that they would be advancing to the semi-finals. The game was to determine who would finish first and second in the group. The boys again started the game out flat, but were able to regain their form and controlled a good portion of the first half. They had a few good scoring chances, but they're still having a hard time finishing them. The game remained 0-0 until late in the game when the Storm scored just inside the 18 in front of the goal. The game ended 1-0 with the AV Storm finishing 1st and our boys finishing 2nd in the pool, which got both of them into the Semi-finals.

The afternoon's game was the Semi-finals against the Aztecs Premier. The boys looked tired and a half-step slower then the Aztecs. They gave up a very questionable PK within the first 5 minutes and it got them down a little bit. They had difficulty controlling the mid-field, which hurt them because they seemed to be on their heels a lot. The Aztecs scored a second goal and Mo went into the net to get the ball and so did one of the Aztecs players. They both wrestled with the ball and the Aztecs player spit in Mo's face. Our boys pleaded with the referee, but the referee said all he could do is warn the Aztec player because he didn't see the incident occur. In the second half the boys came out a little more aggressive and put a little more pressure on the Aztecs defense, but still struggled to keep the midfield in check. It was still a game when Evan picked up a deflected shot off a corner and put into the back of the net, but the Aztecs came right back and scored with the Aztecs player controlling a bouncing ball with his hand and putting it into the net. This was a very ugly game with many yellow cards and cheap shots by the Aztecs. It's really unfortunate to see this type of cheap shot play being coached to boys at this age.

The morning's game was played against the Odyssey Reds from Cal North. They boys started out extremely flat in the first 10 minutes, but turned it around the remaining 15 minutes with several nice build-ups. Daniel and Justin played a great one-two with each other down in our offensive third with Justin back heeling a pass to Daniel who passed it on the floor to Tyler at the 6-yard box. Tyler attempted to one-time it and missed hit it with the defender attempting to clear it, but instead scored an own goal that ended up being the only goal of the game.

The afternoon's game was a much better played game by the boys. They showed a lot of poise with good ball control and movement that ended up in numerous build-ups for scoring chances. They could have easily scored 4 goals, but just had a hard time finishing. The first score in the game was in the second half with Mitchell delivering an excellent cross to Paul coming in from the far post with a goalaso header. The boys held the 1-0 lead until 5 minutes in the game when a SBSC player attempted to cross it, but miss hit it and scored from almost an impossible angle. The game ended in a 1-1 tie with the boys tied for first in their pool.

Overall all the boys collectively played well together on both the defensive and offensive end. The defense as usual showed great resilience and did an awesome job of only giving up a single fluke goal. Both Nick and Mo made some excellent saves in the first game to get the clean sheet.

The boys need a win or a tie tomorrow against Apple Valley Storm to advance into the semi-finals in the afternoon. It would be nice to see the boys beat the Storm because they'll see them 2 more times during league play.

The current standing can be found here.

Thursday, August 25
2005-06 League Schedule Is Up
The new season schedule is up and can be found here.    Now you can plan your weekends :)

Saturday, August 13
Finalists at Capo Cup

Congratulations boys for being Finalists in this tournament for the 2nd year in a row.

Capo Cup Finalists
Top Left to Right: Michael, Nick, Emery, Frankie, Mitchell, Bret, Tyler, Cody
Bottom Left to Right: Evan, Jake, Jason, Ryan, Justin, Daniel, Paul (not present)

The morning's game was one the boys needed to win to have any chance of advancing to the finals and they did just that. The pulled off a 2-1 win with Bret scoring the winning goal within the last minute of play. The boys showed their best ball movement of the tournament during this game and had a lot of shots on goal. The boys suprised themselves by making it to the Finals because they were very short-handed during the whole tournament.

The finals was played against a very tough United FC team. United had a deeper bench, which played a major part in the outcome of the game. They had fresher legs than our boys who for the most part played every minute of every game because of several of our starters out on vacation and with a few boys injured. The boys showed a lot of heart and left everything on the pitch, but in the end they weren't able to pull out a victory.

The morning's game ended in a 1-1 draw with the boys looking a little rusty. We had some unfortunate injuries when we were already short so there were players playing out of position and the flow of the game showed.

The afternoon's game was played better with good ball movement, but the boys didn't get many shots on goal. The boys kept the pressure on the whole game and controlled the ball the majority of the time, but just couldn't get it into the net. The game ended in another draw at 0-0.

Click here to see the final standings.

Monday, July 18
Sunday Results of Slammers Futbol Classic
The boys only had one game on Sunday and it was against the 2005 State Cup Finalist Boca Jrs. It was apparent early on that the Boca Jrs were no match for our boys in physical strength, speed, and skills. Frankie scored an early goal that clanged off the inside post into the back of the net. The boys showed excellent ball movement and several very nice build-ups for scoring changes with at least 3 of the shots going off the woodwork, but failing to make it into the goal. Justin had some very nice one touch passes that he checked into to set up some excellent scoring changes for both Bret and Tyler. The second goal came late in the game on a PK by Mitchell and the game ended in a 2-0 shutout that could have easily been 4 or 5-0. Mo made some great saves in the first half and the defense was stellar as usual throughout the whole game. It was a great team victory and it showed great promise for our next tournament, which is the Capo Cup on August 13-14. Click here to see the current teams in the tournament.

The Force SC were the eventual champions beating Valley United Blast in the semi-finals on PK's and defeating the Camarillo Eagles in the finals on PK's as well.

Saturday, July 16
Saturday Results of Slammers Futbol Classic
The first game of the day was against CDM who were coming into the come boasting a for sure win against our boys, but the boys had something to say about that. They came out playing hard and moving the ball well within the first 10 minutes, but their play fell off for the rest of the game by holding the ball a little too long at times. While this was by no means the boys best effort they still came out on top with a shutout of 1-0 on Tyler's rocket at the keeper that was nearly deflected by the keeper, but still found the back of the net.

The second game was against a very strong Force SC gold team. The boys played much better against the Force than they did against CDM and it was a 0-0 game at half. Through the second half both teams had chances to score, but couldn't convert. Late in the second half the Force scored and came away with a 1-0 win to advance to the semi-finals against Valley United Blast.

Our boys play the 2005 State Cup Finalist Boca Jrs tomorrow @ 12PM at Buffalo Hills Park. Directions to the game are below in the Upcoming Games section. Click here to see the full bracket and schedule or click here to see our own schedule.

As a side note, I think the boys of CDM are starting to realize that winning a bronze division isn't all that because in their last 6 games in two tournaments they've yet to get a win. Instead of playing the weaker bronze teams they're now playing much more physical and talented teams.

Sunday, July 10
A Great Effort Against the Blast
The boys played a great game against a very good Valley United Blast team. They had great ball movement and gave themselves some good scoring chances. Frankie had the only goal of the game and it was an upper-V goalaso from about 20 yards that caught the Blast goalie off guard, but it wasn't enough to upset the Blast who came out on top 3-1 and beat the Renegades in the Final 2-0 for the championship. The tournament results can be found here.

Our boys showed tremendous improvement in playing as a team in every game they played. They've shown great promise already in this early stage in the season and should prove to be a force to reckon with when league play starts in September.

2004/05 Season Accomplishments

Saturday, July 9
Saturday Results of Wolfpack Invitational
The morning’s game against the Del Mar Sharks started off very well with some good soccer played by the boys in the first half with Tyler scoring the only goal before the half. The second half started off the same way with Tyler volleying a Mitchell corner kick to take a 2-0 lead, but then the boy’s eased up. They let the Sharks back in the game with a goal at the halfway mark of the second half and then gave up another one within 5 minutes. The game ended in a 2-2 tie.

The afternoon's game started off just like the mornings game with good ball movement and several good build-ups for many scoring chances. One of those chances late in the first half resulted in a goal with Tyler assisting Justin who finished it with a left foot volley. The boys continued with good play in the second half and several more build ups, which resulted in many scoring chances. Bret scored a nice upper-V header outside the 6 late in the game off of a Mitchell corner kick. The boys came away with a 2-0 win and finished the day with a win and a tie.

All 15 players contributed a lot with Paul and Mitchell controlling the midfield and Michael, Daniel, Jake and Cody doing an excellent job on the defensive end. Kyle and Jason did an superb job as usual at the Sweeper and Stopper positions. Evan and Frankie provided great support for the forwards with Frankie having several scoring chances that barely missed wide and high.

Emery and Nicholas shared goalie duties in the morning game and Nicholas came away with the 2-0 shutout in the afternoon game.

Saturday's results can be found here and the current standings can be found here. Sunday morning's game will be a real challenge for the boys against the number one Gold team in CSL the Valley United Blast.

Wednesday, June 22
We've been Promoted to Silver Elite
Through the boys hard work and strong finish in the 2004-05 season at Sereno and National Cup, they've been promoted to the Silver Elite South bracket for the 2005-06 season. The 2005-06 Bracketing can be found here. The Laguna Niguel SC Blue is the SC Storm of last year. We have a very good list of teams and this years season should provide a good challenge for the boys.
  • Slammers FC
  • United FC
  • ISC Strikers
  • Pateadores
  • LB Supreme SC Supreme
  • Laguna Niguel SC Blue

  • Canyon PSA
  • Apple Valley Storm

Wednesday, May 25
New Slammers Hat
Through the sale of our new Slammers Hat we've raised about $120 for our boys. I encourage you to promote the new hat when you can because it directly benefits our team. Of course the best way to promote it would be to wear one ;)   If you're interested in getting one or know of someone who wants one then call me (Don) at 714-393-1415.

Saturday, May 7
National 3v3 live Soccer Tournament
Wolfpack is hosting the National 3v3 Soccer Tournament for the Orange Country area on Saturday May 14th. Each team will receive 4 scheduled games and an official 3v3 Live Soccer Tour T-shrt. Division winners receive custom medals and top 4 place finishers will receive an invitation to 3v3 Live National Finals 2006.

Sunday, May 8
>>> GU16 & GU17 Win National State Cup <<<
The GU16 team defeated the San Diego Surf 2-0 and the GU17 defeated the ISC Strikers in overtime. Both take home the 2005 National State Cup Championship and advance to the National Regionals to continue their run to a National title.

Sunday, April 3
Girls U12 are the National Cup Champions!!!
The girls U12 team defeated Infinity Blue 2-1 today to take the National Cup. Congratulations to the girls.

Tuesday, March 22
Nike Invitational - Finals results
For those interested, the results are in for the Finals of the Nike Invitational. Juventus Monarcas defeated the Flyers AUSC Bobcats in a lopsided victory of 5-1. The Flyers are who we lost to in the Semi-finals 1-0. Click here for the entire results of the tournament.

Sunday, March 20
Nike Invitational - A tough one to loose
The semi-final of the Nike Invitational was clearly dominated by our boys the entire game. They played excellent soccer with superb ball movement and several nice build-ups, but just couldn't put it between the posts and put the game out of reach. They had so many chances to put this game away with a few even going off the woodwork. In the end the Flyers had one shot on goal and that's all it took for them to come away with a 1-0 victory into the finals.

Even though we didn't have some of our starters on the pitch during the tournament, the boys pulled it together and played some excellent soccer. This was a Platinum ranked tournament so the semi-finals gives us an additional 50 points towards our ranking, which puts us at 27th in the state. This tournament pretty much culminates the end of an excellent season. Great job boys from all of your parents, relatives, coaches, and fans. See you next year!!!

Saturday, March 19
Nike Invitational - The boys advance to the Semi-finals
The boys played very well in the morning game against the high scoring So Cal Gunners coming away with a convincing 3-0 win. The afternoon game was a little more contested. The boys looked sluggish through the whole game and was able to squeek out a 2-1 victory. The semi-final game will be against either the Eclipse or Flyers AUSC Bobcats on Sunday at 11AM. The Flyers only need a win, a tie, or a loss with 2 goals over the SCV Magic to advance into the semi-finals against our boys. The Flyers and Magic kickoff at 9AM Sunday morning.

Monday, March 14
2005 Nike Invitational March 19th & 20th (Schedule Below)
The 2005 Nike Invitational is this weekend. We have 2 games on Saturday at 10:00AM and 1:00PM against the Gunners and California Stars respectively. The So Cal Gunners are a Bronze Delta 1st place & high scoring team, and the California Stars are a Silver North 7th place finishing team. The standings can be found here and the schedule details can be found below in the Upcoming Games.

Wednesday, March 9
A successful weekend at Nationals
The boys did well this last weekend defeating the Silver Elite Pateadores team 4-1.  They boys looked very sharp for not playing for over a month.  On Sunday they played a very good Gold Surf team.  Even though the boys lost 2-0, they showed that they can play and compete at this level.  It was a good experience for them to see where they're at competitively against these high caliber teams.

This Saturday March 12th @ 9:45 in San Bernadino (Blast Complex) will be a critical game for the boys.  They'll need to beat a determined Tustin Premier team in their final pool play game to advance into the Round of 16 on Sunday March 13th @ 9:00 in San Bernadino (Blast Complex).  Tustin Premier will be looking for some payback because the boys beat them twice during league play (2-0 & 1-0), and Tustin will need to win to advance.  The winner of Saturday's game will mostly likely go up against the West Coast Warriors gold team.

Sunday, March 13
An end to a great season
The boys season came to an end Sunday March 13th as they were defeated by an impressive West Coast Warriors gold team 4-1. The boys left everything on the field and it was a great run in the Nationals to make it to the Round of 16. Our boys and MTM Armenia were the only silver teams to make it to the Round of 16 with the remaining teams being a few silver elite and the majority gold. The boys have just enough time to catch their breath because tryouts are Tuesday the 15th and Thursday the 17th with the Nike Invitational SoCal United tournament following on Saturday and Sunday in Thousand Oaks.

Saturday, March 12
A dominating win over Tustin Premier
The boys came out with fire in their eyes on Saturday March 12th against Tustin Premier to advance into the round of 16. They out hustled and physically dominated play and at the final whistle walked off with a 4-0 win. Stats of the game. They play the West Coast Warriors gold team on Sunday March 13th at 9:00AM. The West Coast Warriors tied SBSC to advance into the round of 16.

Monday, May 23
Islands Fund Raiser Brings in Almost $200
Our Islands Fund Raiser night was a success by bringing $190 into the club. Thank you Jan for taking the time to do this for our boys.

Slammers FC Boys 92 - 2006/07
Slammers FC Boys 92 - 2006/07
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