Skaneateles Figure Skating Club: News!

Please join the Skaneateles Figure Skating Club in celebrating 30 years of coaching success
to one of our home club coaches, Lisa Esterguard!!!!!

Lisa, you go above and beyond in all that you do for the club and your skaters.

Your dedication, passion, and perseverance is recognized by us all
and we are proud to call you a coach and our friend.

Thank you for inspiring so many! 

Sunday, October 23

The SFSC currently has three fundraisers in progress:


October 10th-November 21st in the Community Room (formerly known as the Club Room).

This is how it works:

1.  You bring your dress(es) to the club room.

2.  The dress(es) should be priced with the amount you would like for them.

3.   You must attach a self-addressed envelope and who you would like the check made out to.

4.  If you find a dress you would like to purchase you take the dress, write a check, and mail the check in the self-addressed envelope.

5.  If your dress(es) do not sell, you must pick them up no later than November 21st.  Any dresses left on the rack past that date will be considered a donation to the club and they will be sold during the December Competition.The proceeds will then go to the Club's fundraising efforts.

*SFSC is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged dresses*

SFSC Apparel Sale 

Please go to  At the top of the page, find the tab that is labeled e-store. Click on that and follow the link to Skaneateles Figure Skating.  There is a variety of apparel as well as fun extras. 


Fun Pasta Fundraising

We are excited to be partnering with Fun Pasta Fundraising!  Shop now and order some creative, delicious patsa goodies.  It's simple, and you'll love the selection-great for any special occasion or just for yourself! With each sale, our club earns 40% which helps us towards our fundraising goal of $3,000.

Fun pasta will make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers and gifts for the hard-to-buy for.  Share this link with family and friends.  Don't forget to put it on your Facebook page, too!