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Saturday, November 22

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Greetings Club Membership,

I would like to take the time to make sure our membership knows our different board members and coaches. As many of you know, I was recently voted in as Board President, so please feel free to approach me with ideas, concerns, and of course, general questions. My cell number is 315-729-0532. Our Vice President is Catie Blackler, Treasurer is Sue Osborn, Secretary is Patty Herlihy, Test Chair is Kathy Murray, Competition Chair is Betsy Ernyey, Show Chair is Amanda White, Membership Chair is Kristy Bales, Fundraising Chair is Jill Marshall, Synchro Chair is Tammy Murray, and Pro Liaison is Lisa Mirabito.

Our coaches are Lisa Mirabito, Lisa Esterguard, Marybeth Mazur, Robyn Bentley, Meghan Cattadoris and Sian Boycheck. Our dance partner coaches are Jeff Petri and Russell Green. As your skater progresses, you may wish to request private lessons with one of our coaches. Please speak with coaches directly about their availability to provide private lessons on SFSC Ice time.

Due to the cost of our ice time that is not currently being sustained by our overall membership as it has in years past, the SFSC Board has begun meetings with the YMCA. We will keep membership updated as we progress through this process with the YMCA. Also of note is that the Community Center Board (founding body of the Community Center prior to YMCA management) plans to fund raise toward the goal of raising $3,000,000 to create another ice rink that will be smaller than our current rink. At this point, their plan is to shut down the current rink in the summer and run the smaller rink year-round. During the winter, they project the need for a two-rink facility based on hockey team and figure skating club usage. There will be promotional items available at the YMCA.

Lastly, we are in full swing to gear up for the competition so please take the time to speak with me or another board member to fill out the volunteer chart located on the club information board. This is our largest fundraiser each year and a wonderful weekend to be able to experience all of the great things that our club and skating has to offer. 

From the SFSC President,
Katherine Teasdale-Edwards

For Club members paying dues in installments, second installments were due October 31, 2015. Our payment schedule is half down at registration with the balance paid in three equal installments. The third installment will be due January 6, 2015. If you need to know your account balance, you can contact Membership Chair Kristy Bales,, or have any Board member check the membership binder in the Club Room. Payment can be left in the lock box on the working parent cart. Please make every attempt to keep your account current so that you can continue to receive all the benefits of a membership in good standing.

The Bluewater Blades Synchronized Skating program has one team this season in a new division: Adult! Two of our own SFSC Staff members, Lisa Esterguard and Marybeth Mazur, are members of this new team, along with 11 other skaters, some who were part of the Bluewater Blades program in their youth. They will begin their competitive season at the Colonial Classic in Lowell, MA in early January, and will attend the Eastern Synchronized Skating Championships in Lake Placid, NY in the hope of qualifying for the US Synchronized Skating Championships in Providence, RI in March 2015.

SFSC will host their next US Figure Skating Test Session on Sunday, January 18, 2015. Applications are available online at and at the Information Center. Best of luck to all skaters who will be testing!

Measurements for the Ice Show will be taken on the following days:
November 30th @ 4:45 pm
December 1st @ 5:00 pm
December 4th @ 5:00 pm

IMPORTANT! PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR COSTUME(S) AT THE TIME OF MEASUREMENT! Costumes will only be ordered for skaters who have paid. Cost for costumes this year is $50 and checks are to be made out to SFSC. If you have any questions, please contact me.  

Amanda White, Show Chairman

And look for more Ice Show news to come in future newsletters.

With the competition season upon us, many parents ask about what to expect at an event and how to prepare their skater(s) for competition. First, preparation begins with the skater and coach. Anytime a skater performs in front of a panel of judges and an audience, nerves are bound to interfere, but with proper preparation and confidence, a good result is bound to happen. Discuss the game plan with your child’s coach.

Plan to arrive at least one hour before the scheduled event. The skater should check-in at the registration table and turn in their music, if applicable, with the proper label: name, skating club/program, and event name. Always have a back-up copy of any music available too! Next, find your coach and let them know you have arrived. Many rinks will have assigned locker rooms for skaters to get ready and leave their belongings, but never leave your skates unattended. Every skater should be fully dressed at least 30 minutes before the scheduled event. The skater should put skates on and start mentally preparing for their performance. It is important that the skater stays warm at this point in time, so a sweater and gloves are good items to bring with you;
a blanket helps at rink side too!

When it’s close to the event start time, the skater should walk over to the rink monitor and check in. The monitor will tell each skater where to wait and how long before it is before the on-ice warm-up time. When it is time to compete, the skater should step out onto the ice, have confidence, try their best and, most importantly, have fun and smile!

After the conclusion of the event, the accountant will tally the scores from the judges and the final standings will be posted over the starting order sheet in the lobby. No matter what the final outcome is, be a good sport. Congratulate the winner and congratulate the others for good efforts.

Competition Checklist:
• Skates (both of them), guards, soakers and extra laces
• Competition outfit and back-up outfit
• Girls: Extra pair of tights, hair accessories and make-up
• Two copies of competition music, if needed
• Competition information—maps, hotel reservations, event times
• Gloves, warm-up sweater, club attire, blanket
• Membership card—just in case it is needed at the registration desk
• Video recorder and camera

Congratulations to the following SFSC members who recently passed US Figure Skating tests:
Robyn B. - Adult Blues
Celina C - Quickstep, Juvenile Free Skate, Novice Moves in the Field
Anna C - Preliminary Moves in the Field, Fiesta Tango
Alexis D - Argentine Tango
Hailey D - Preliminary Free Skate
Lisa E - Adult Austrian Waltz
Kate F - Novice Free Skate, Junior Moves in the Field
Kelsey I - Preliminary Moves in the Field
Ashley M - Starlight Waltz, Blues
Hannah O - European Waltz, Foxtrot, Pre Juvenile Moves
Juliana P - Intermediate Free Skate
Jasmine P - Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
Caroline R - Preliminary Moves in the Field, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango
Holly TE - Swing Dance
Sara T - Ten Fox, Willow Waltz

11/27/2014: No Club Ice at SFSC, Thanksgiving Day
12/5–7/2014: Skaneateles Invitational, Skaneateles FSC
12/14/2014: Test Session, Cortland FSC
01/3/2015: Port City Invitational, Oswego, NY
01/17/2015: Mohawk Valley Classic and Basic Skills Competition, New Hartford, NY
01/18/2015: Test Session, Skaneateles FSC
01/23–25/2015: Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships, Lake Placid, NY
01/30-31/2015: Snowtown Invitational, Watertown, NY