Skaneateles Figure Skating Club: SFSC Policies

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Do you need more information about our policies? Wonder if something can be changed or updated? Need to address the SFSC Board about a problem or concern? Want to give a compliment? All questions should be put in writing and addressed to the SFSC Board of Directors. Questions will be discussed at the next scheduled SFSC Board meeting, usually held the first Wednesday of each month.

SFSC Policy Highlights

The following policies are briefly described here. Please see SFSC Policies for full policy information.

Membership Policies

• Basic Skills skaters may not skate on Junior ice and Junior skaters may not skate on Basic Skills ice. 
 Adult skaters must be approved by the board prior to taking the ice. This is for the safety of our minor skaters and to protect our 501(c) 3 status which was secured on the basis that our club’s purpose is to advance and educate children in figure skating.
 Non-home club skaters may purchase the same packages offered to home club members. 
• US Figure Skating member fees are non-refundable.
Accident & Injury Policy
A registered skater who has sustained an injury or illness resulting in a disability from skating for a period of time greater than six (6) weeks for Fall OR Winter session, three (3) weeks for Spring session and three (3) weeks for Summer Session, may apply to the SFSC Board for prorating of membership dues. The application must be filed prior to the last day of the current session. If approved, the amount will apply as a credit toward the skater’s future session dues. See SFSC Policies for further information.
Volunteer Policy
 Volunteerism includes monitoring ice sessions (working parent), working during the annual competition and working during the annual ice show.
 Registered Basic Skills, Junior, and College skaters are required to volunteer for the annual competition and ice show. Only one time slot per family is needed for each event; however, additional volunteering is greatly appreciated. Adult skaters are encouraged to volunteer for these events but are not required to do so.
 A working parent must be a parent or other responsible person over the age of 18.
 Volunteers for the competition and show may be a parent, friend, skater or student who wishes to gain volunteer hours for any club or organization. There are no age restrictions.
 Registered SFSC home club skaters are required to volunteer for working parent sessions.

Working Parent Policy

• Skaters may not take the ice until there is a working parent (WP) on duty.
• Registered SFSC skaters are required to volunteer for WP.
• For each season, a determination is made as to how many ice sessions per skater each parent is required to volunteer as a working parent. This number is determined by the number of skaters and the number of ice sessions during that season. A WP calendar will be available during registration.
• Parents are responsible for finding a replacement if they cannot make their scheduled session.

Working Parent Duties
· The working parent is essential to our club for monitoring ice sessions, communication among members, guests and parents, and to assure the safety of the skaters. It is necessary for the working parent to understand the importance of this position.
· Arrive early to set out cart and be sure all skaters sign in. Be familiar with Emergency Contact list and Medical Authorization forms located in the binder, as well as Current Membership list, Approved Adult List, Walk-on Medical forms and Accident Reports.
· Stay at rink side and near cart.
· In case of skater emergency, find parent and administer first aid if necessary. Supplies are in club room cabinet and ice in freezer. If needed, call 911 and complete an Accident Form.
· Walk-on Junior skaters will pay a fee per session, payable at the Y front desk. Collect the payment ticket prior to the skating taking the ice. All walk-on skaters must have medical information on file. Have skater complete one if theirs is not in binder. Adult skaters must be on the Approved Adults list or they cannot take the ice.
· At the end of the day’s ice sessions, return cart to club room.

WHY DO WE NEED A WORKING PARENT? Most importantly, it is a matter of safety for our skaters…plain and simple. It is best for our club to have an adult monitoring our sessions. It also keeps parents involved and informed. 
WHAT DOES THE WORKING PARENT DO? Makes sure skaters sign in, collects any walk-on fees as necessary, handles any injuries, supplies any forms needed, answers questions, etc.
WHY CAN’T A PRO BE IN CHARGE INSTEAD? Pros are there to teach, not monitor the ice. They can not do both effectively at the same time. They can not/should not be expected to take time from students to check on skaters who may be hurt or to answer questions, sign skaters in, collect fees, etc.
WHY DO I HAVE TO VOLUNTEER IF MY CHILD IS NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE SHOW/COMPETITION? The competition is a major fundraiser that benefits all members by keeping membership fees as low as possible. The show is the highlight of the year for our basic skills skaters and a great deal of fun for all skaters!
WHAT IF I CAN NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THE WEEKEND OF THE SHOW OR COMPETITION? You may sign up for one of the tasks that need to be completed in advance of these events (advance ticket sales, rink prep, goody bags, etc,). Please leave these tasks to those who truly need to avoid scheduling on the weekends of the events, out of necessity, not preference.
WHY CAN’T THE CLUB JUST PAY SOMEONE TO DO THESE TASKS? The club attempts to be affordable for as many people as possible. Paying someone to do all the work involved would cost a great deal. This might be preferable to some members but many would simply not be able to afford to be members. Fees would go up in order to cover the costs of paid help and would also increase based on having fewer members to cover costs.
WHY DOESN’T SYNCHRO VOLUNTEERISM SATISFY THE CLUB MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS? Synchro events benefit only synchro, not the club. The club does not receive any funds from synchro events.