Skaneateles Figure Skating Club: Welcome


Our Mission: The Skaneateles Figure Skating Club (SFSC) provides instruction, practice and skill development of boys and girls of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in the sport of figure skating and all that it encompasses. This includes, but is not limited to, Moves in the Field, Free Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dancing and Synchronized Team Skating. We celebrate those that wish to compete on the ice and those that enjoy skating as recreation. We encourage and promote teamwork among our skaters as well as self-discipline and personal responsibility on and off the ice. We strive to promote habits that encourage health and lifelong fitness. We are governed by the US Figure Skating and adhere to all rules and regulations therein. 

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Skaneateles Figure Skating Club
PO Box 155
Skaneateles, NY 13152


SFSC Winter Session

The Skaneateles FSC Winter Skating session  
runs Sunday, January 3, 2016–Thursday, March 3, 2016.
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Thursday, February 11
Ice Dreams Show Group Practices

Practices for the 2016 Ice Dreams production, "We are Family", has begun! Please find your skaters name/group below, along with the name of the coach/choreographer, day and time of their practices. PLEASE NOTE: All skaters are required to be at these practices. Should you have conflicts, please let the coach of the group know as soon as possible. 

Look for the Ice Dreams 2016 calendar, with additional practices scheduled Monday through Thursday in the 2 weeks prior to the show, coming soon! 
BONUS: ALL SKATERS are included in the Opening Number! Look for the dates/times of that group practice in the upcoming calendar.

Basic Group 1 (B1)
K Frash, A Goldberger, S Rinaldo, E Wise, K Falkenberg
Family Song, Lisa M., Sundays, 3:00–3:30 pm
Lovely, Love My Family, Marybeth, Sundays, 3:30–4:00 pm

Basic Group 2 (B2)
A Caruso, A Morse, C McGraw, K Sova, O Vance, A Zieler
Home, Sweet Home, Marybeth, Sundays, 
3:00–3:30 pm
Keep It Together, Robyn, Thursdays 5:20–5:45 (no practice on 3/3)

Basic Group 3 (B3)
R Frash, S Fire-Hoke, S Kelly, C Pitman, K Sova, M Vance, P Wise
Proud Family, Robyn, Thursdays, 5:00–5:20 pm 
 (no practice on 3/3)
Lovely, Love My Family, Marybeth, Sundays, 3:30–4:00 pm

Basic Group 4 (B4)
M Bales, L Kelly, S Simmons, S White, T Wise
Family Time, Lisa E., Sundays, 
3:30–4:00 pm
Keep It Together, 
Robyn, Thursdays 5:20–5:45 (no practice on 3/3)

Junior Group 1 (J1)
S Bregande, H Teasdale-Edwards, M Kilz, K Middlemiss, M Morocco
Proud Family, 
Robyn, Thursdays, 5:00–5:20 pm (no practice on 3/3)
Family Time, Lisa E., Sundays, 
3:30–4:00 pm

Junior Group 2 (J2)
C Bales, A Caruso, H Teasdale-Edwards, J Purdy
Home, Sweet Home, Marybeth, Sundays, 
3:00–3:30 pm
Keep It Together, Robyn, 
Thursdays 5:20–5:45 (no practice on 3/3)

H Duke, H Osborn, M Wengert
Family Song, Lisa M., Sundays, 
3:00–3:30 pm
Family Reunion, Lisa M., Sundays, 
3:30–4:00 pm