Shorewood High School: 2012 CC Season

Friday, March 1

Kern Park Course Record

  Ben Tyler 15:44 2008

Claire Maduza 14:22

Shorewood Top 20 State Meet Times



Drews Peter 15:56 2009

14:14  Claire Maduza 2005

Stahl Charlie 15:59 2012

14:23   Stacy Beste 1997

Schmeckpeper  Ben16:02 2000

14:50 Emily Bachhuber 2008

Crysdale  Matt 16:10 1984

14:54 Morgan Florshiem 

Tyler Ben 16:10 2008

15:11 Haley Holan 2011

Walsh Dennis 16:10 2005

15:11 Abby Peck 2011

Epps Ricky 16:19 2000

15:19 Haley Florsheim 2012

Maduza Alec 16:20  2001

15:37 Sarah Zens 2004

McCollow Kevin 16:23 2007

15:48 Emily Schmeckpeper 2000

Erickson Andrew 16:35.7 2007

15:50 Lizzy Reinbold 2002

Goldberg Jacob 16:37 2012

15:57 Ann Schmeckpeper 2003

MacKowski Alex 16:38 2012

16:08 Meiko Krishok 2002

Morris Peter 16:40 2011

16:21 Sarah Leys 2003

Jones Staurt 16:45 2000

16:20 Laura Gauld 2012

Kuhlmann Sam 16:48 2012

16:29 Angela Sperry 2012

Haury Jake 16:52 2003

16:34 Laura Schroeder 2009

Taylor John 16:53 2009

16:36 Morgan Baker 2007

Kashian Andy 16:53 2000

16:39 Jenny Vrobel 2009

Vrobel Dan 16:53 2012

16:39 Becky Wayman 2005

Pendleton Joseph 17:01 2010

16:40 Katja Krishok 2003

Friday, March 1
Greyhounds Win State XC

Early frost and light winds gave way to mostly sunny skies, 40 degree temperatures, and light winds to create a perfect fall day.  The WIAA decided to delay the races so that the frost could melt away.  This did not seem to affect the moods of our runners; we were at the Ridges Golf Course to do business!  We went on our walk and discussed strategies.  The mood was good and appeared that we left things from the night before behind us.  About 45 minutes before the start of the race we did our customary warm-up loop of the first mile and I left the TEAM at the 10 minute mark.  I pull the alternates to allow the 7 to focus on the task at hand.  I asked "Fat Dan" to continue with the warm-up and monitor their mood. This is a time where I ask the alternates about what they think will happen?  They said that we will win it!  I was glad that they appeared to be more confident then myself! Their confidence helped to ease the stress from the night before and I was able to shake a bit of doubt that I was having. 
I met the boys at box 7 and I received a good report from "Fat Dan".  15 minutes from the start we had a large gathering with the Team so that we can say our final well wishes.  This is a good time for the group to take a deep breath and take in the moment. (23 years earlier I was doing the same thing)  During the final moments we check our rivals uniforms to make sure that they did not change things up.  Freedom and Wisco both had different uniforms on.  We made note of the change before the gun went off.
The  crack of the gun signaled the 100th running of the Wisconsin State Cross Country Meet! The Greyhounds got off the line with the mental edge of "you have me to worry about"!  We are going to focus on what we can control. The Greyhounds did a nice job of working their way through the pack, and held excellent position by the 1000 meter mark. Our top 5 were executing the plan that we had set up for the meet.  They all hit the mile within the suggested time range with the rest of the team not far behind.  We had 6 runners in the top 50 which was much better then last years opening mile. This set us up so that we did not have to move through a sea of runners the next couple of miles.  Our guys ran well in the second mile constantly moving up and gaining momentum as they knew that they were having a good race. A solid last mile gave us our best team performance of the season and brought us a State Title!   We have stressed so often over the last 13 years that you have to make a strong push at the "roller coasters". RUNSTRONG is the mantra that should be pumping through the runners heads the last 1000 meters.  At the top of the ridge looking down on the "roller coasters" I knew that we would podium,  just not sure if it was going to be 1st or 2nd? To give you an idea here's our first mile places versus our final place:

Stahl: 10/4
Goldy: 27/18
Mackowski: 36/19
Kuhlmann: 30/33
Vrobel 50/38
Mauer: 47/53
Papke: 72/77

Stahl ran the entire race believing in himself!  He  looked comfortable as he ran the 2nd fastest time ever for a Greyhound on the state course 15:59.65. Goldberg and Mackowski had an outstanding race and took RUN-AS-ONE to the next level as they both pushed each other into the finish. Goldberg 16:37 and MacKowski 16:38.  Both cracking the top 11 fastest times at the State Meet by a Greyhound.  Kuhlmann may not have had his best time of the season but he did have a course PR  to help the team earn a trophy.  Kuhlmann took off 32 seconds from last year. Vrobel stepped up BIG as he had a last minute call to run at the state meet.  We talk all the time that an alternate has to put on their game face as we may never know when we might need them.  Dan receives my vote for MVP as he ran a season PR when we needed him too!  Dan also broke the 17 minute mark as a 5th runner 16:53!!! To the best of my knowledge no D2 team has ever done that in the history of the state meet!  (Freedom also puts 5 guys under 17:00)  Mauer (17:15) and Papke (17:33) was better then many teams 5th runners!  Their placement acts as pushers to help separate ourselves from the other teams scores. I hope that this experience will give Mauer some confidence next year. Papke has earned two State team title to end his HS career!

This win was our 8th state title and a 2nd place trophy from 2000 to 2012.  The Greyhounds have qualified for state meet the last 13 years.  I have heard that we have the 4th most titles for cross country.  Our team average represents one of the best in team history with an average of 16:35.49.  The TEAM wanted to be defined by their own legacy. They respect the runners that have come before them but they wanted to have their legacy and be talked about much like the 2000 team!  Each and every championship has a special place for me whether I was an assistant with Tim Kenney or the ones that we have earned with my fellow coaches after I became the head coach in 2004!

Eleven weeks ago, after our time trial race, I predicted that this would be a very good year for cross country in the state of Wisconsin. I was right!  Since last year’s state meet our guys have dedicated themselves to the challenge of building a TEAM that could compete with the best.  Injuries and illness have bothered us most of the season but somehow we’ve managed, as good teams do, to pull together a successful season and carry on the tradition of our program.

Here's a  few good articles:


Video Clips:


In the results, click on the name of an athlete and a video of that athlete will pull up. In the video, you'll see first and second mile splits and then the athlete at the finish. Enjoy.

Merged Results all Divisions:

  1.   129  Madison West                   ( 81:21.06 16:16.21 0:48.80)
2.   167  Madison La Follette            ( 82:03.33 16:24.67 1:02.14)
3.   195  Stevens Point                  ( 82:25.41 16:29.08 0:45.03)
4.   208  Arrowhead                      ( 82:26.62 16:29.32 0:57.72)
5.   246  Shorewood                      ( 82:57.45 16:35.49 0:53.88)
6.   279  Waukesha South                 ( 83:05.94 16:37.19 1:29.13)
7.   283  Freedom                        ( 83:29.55 16:41.91 0:24.21)
8.   318  Wisconsin Lutheran             ( 83:39.16 16:43.83 0:59.30)
9.   340  La Crosse Logan                ( 84:02.64 16:48.53 0:40.00)
10.   343  Janesville Craig               ( 83:30.96 16:42.19 1:19.53)
11.   375  Marquette University           ( 84:18.61 16:51.72 0:40.38)
12.   405  West Bend West                 ( 84:08.69 16:49.74 1:30.03)
13.   442  Darlington                     ( 84:26.73 16:53.35 1:24.42)
14.   473  Eau Claire Memorial            ( 85:03.14 17:00.63 0:58.60)
15.   485  Monroe                         ( 85:12.66 17:02.53 1:29.65)
16.   485  West Allis Nathan Hale         ( 85:16.11 17:03.22 0:34.24)
17.   507  Westosha Central               ( 85:21.53 17:04.31 0:46.06)
18.   512  Kimberly                       ( 85:22.86 17:04.57 0:53.55)
19.   552  Oshkosh West                   ( 85:37.66 17:07.53 1:02.92)
20.   565  Baraboo                        ( 85:51.54 17:10.31 0:30.24)

Part of winning a championship is now being able to share the experience and good feeling with all of the people that we are connected to. A part of that championship belongs to our students, our faculty and our extended running Greyhound family. I hope that we all can find the time to enjoy

our accomplishments!  I'll end this as we end all of our team meeting with AS-ONE

Saturday, October 20
Boy's & Girl's Varsity Teams Win Shorewood Sectional, Advance to State!!
2012 CC Sectionals A

Congratulations to both the Boy's & Girl's Varsity TEAMS for qualifying for the State Meet next week! The boys were lead by a strong 2nd place finish by Charlie Stahl. Also helping qualify this TEAM for state were Sam Kuhlmann in 6th, Jacob Goldberg in 8th, Alex MacKowski in 9th, John Papke in 11th, Tom Treacy in 12th, and Jack Mauer in 14th. It was great to see all seven runners factor into the scoring for this meet.

Now on to State!!!

2012 grant conf 1
Friday, October 12
Both Boys JV and Varsity Take Woodland Conference Meet!

The boys JV squad provided a new definition of RUN AS ONE by taking places 1-10 at the Woodland Conference Meet! This truly was an incredible accomplishment and these results show the depth of this year's TEAM. Many of these runners will be running varsity in the coming years and this paints a very bright picture for the future of this program. Special recognition should go to seniors John Traudt, Michael Dellutri, Spencer Heywood, Ben Kuhlmann, Jacob Schermer, and Story Sandy for their dedication to the TEAM and demonstrating the focus and effort required by this program. Thank you Seniors!

The boys Varsity was inspired by the JV's performance and all eight runners showed MAX EFFORT in today's race. Having six runners under 17 minutes and all eight runners under 17:05 agains shows the incredible depth of this TEAM. Great work guys!

Now this entire TEAM changes its focus to the upcoming Sectional Race at Kern!

Here are the AWESOME JV Results:

1 Johnnie Papineau SO 17:24
2 John Traudt SR 17:27
3 Max Gietzen SO 17:30
4 Henry Fowler FR 17:36
5 Michael Dellutri SR 17:36
6 Mayan Essak SO 17:40
7 Dylan Larson-Harsch SO 17:45
8 Sam Shields SO 17:51.22 
9 Spencer Heywood SR 18:17.50 
10 Ben Kuhlmann SR 18:20.21
12 Connor Erickson JR 18:36.04 
13 Joey Flegel-Mishl SO 18:38.80 
15 Will Sandy FR 18:53.91
18 Gus Pendleton SO 19:04.35
37 Mario Fregoso FR 19:42.91 
38 Ethan Woyak FR 19:43.76 
39 Graham Hartlaub FR 19:44.80
41 Jacob Schermer SR 19:49.40
50 Story Sandy SR 20:00.29
51 Alex Luger FR 20:01.67
57 Frankie Cortez FR 20:25.03
68 Sam Balistrieri SO 21:11.37
104 Peter Olson SO 22:48.57
116 David Wolfe JR 24:18.82

Varsity Results:

3 Charlie Stahl JR 16:12
4 Sam Kuhlmann SO 16:31
8 Alex MacKowski SR 16:48
10 Jacob Goldberg JR 16:50
13 John Papke SR 16:57
17 Thomas Treacy SR 16:58
19 Jack Mauer JR 17:01
21 Dan Vrobel SR 17:05.63

100612 1
Saturday, October 6
Both Boys JV & Varsity TEAMs Win 2012 Shorewood Invite!

The boy's JV TEAM had another impressive outing as they completed a 'Slam' by taking places 1 through 6 on a cold and windy day at Kern Park. Great job by Max Geitzen in wining the race, followed by Ben Kuhlmann in 2nd place. These two ran together the entire race! Completing the slam were Connor Erickson, Spencer Heywood, Joey Flegel-Mishlov, and Will Sandy. Also running well were Gus Pendleton in 12th, Mario Fregoso in 15th, and Jacob Schermer in 26th. Another great job TEAM!

The Varsity TEAM also won the meet with strong efforts from Charlie Stahl in 2nd, Jacob Goldberg in 3rd, Sam Kuhlmann in 4th, Alex MacKowski in 8th, Dan Vrobel in 13th, Jack Mauer in 17th, and John Traudt in 27th.

The Varsity Grey TEAM took 4th in the meet, demonstrating the incredible depth of this year's squad. This TEAM was led by Tom Treacy in 18th, John Papke in 22nd, Johnnie Papineau in 28th, Dylan Larson Harsch in 30th, Michael Dellutri in 33rd, and Sam Shields in 50th.

JV Results

1  Max Gietzen             SO    18:15
2  Ben Kuhlmann            SR    18:18
3  Connor Erickson         JR    18:45
4  Spencer Heywood     SR    18:45
5  Joey Flegel-Mishlov SO    19:00
6  Will Sandy              FR    19:14
12 Gus Pendleton     SO    19:25
15 Mario Fregoso   FR    19:52
26 Jacob Schermer  SR    20:16
27 Ethan Woyack  FR    20:57
39 Alex Luger  FR    21:07
40 Sam Balestrieri  SO    21:07
46 Frankie Cortez  FR   21:26
73 Zach Lipo-Zovic  FR   22:17
79 Balen Essak FR   22:28
97 Peter Olsen SO   23:52
107 David Wolfe JR   24:45

Varsity Results

2  Charlie Stahl           JR    16:16
3  Jacob Goldberg          JR    16:56
4  Sam Kuhlmann            SO    16:57
8  Alex MacKowski          SR    17:14
13  Dan Vrobel              SR    17:22
17 Jack Mauer              JR    17:36
18  Tom Treacy              SR    17:39
22  John Papke              SR    17:49
27 John Traudt             SR    17:58
28  Jonnie Papineau         SO    18:00
30  Dylan Larson-Harsc      SO    18:03
33  Mike Dellutri           SR    18:10
50 Sam Shields             SO    18:39

Eagle Invite 2012 1
Saturday, September 29
Boys TEAMs Run in a Competitive Eagle Invite at UW-Parkside

The Boys Varsity TEAM finished fourth with 112 points in a competitive Eagle Invite, finishing behind winner Arrowhead (62 points), 2nd place Janesville Craig (76 points), and 3rd place Muskego (109 points). Leading the way was Charlie Stahl in 3rd place with an outstanding time of 15:59, followed by Sam Kuhlmann in 18th, Jacob Goldberg in 26th, Dan Vrobel in 31st, Alex MacKowski in 34th, Jack Mauer in 38th, John Traudt in 58th and Mayan Essak in 59th.

The JV TEAM did a nice job finishing in 3rd behind Arrowhead and Madison West. Johnnie Papineau finished in 3rd, John Papke in 9th, Micheal Dellutri in 16th, Dylan Larson Harsch in 21st, Henry Fowler in 23rd, Joey Mislove in 44th, Will Sandy in 59th, and Max Geitzen in 67th.

3  Charles Stahl  15:59.5
18 Sam Kuhlmann  16:52.4
26 Jake Goldberg   17:07.2
31 Dan Vrobel   17:11.5
34  Alex MacKowski   17:16.9
38  Jack Mauer   17:19.8
58  John Traudt  17:39.1  
59  Mayan Essak    17:43.0 
79  Thomas Treacy   18:05.9

101  Sam Shields  18:27.4


3 Johnnie Papineau 17:54.2
9 John Papke 18:03.6 
16 Mike Dellutri 18:10.2
21 Dylan Larson-Harsch 18:20.1 
23 Henry Fowler 18:28.4
44 Joey Mishlove 18:55.3
59 Will Sandy  19:09.4
67 Max Gietzen 19:16.9 
84 Spencer Heywood 19:30.6  
85 Gus Pendleton 19:31.2
108 Graham Hartlaub 19:45.1
114 Connor Erickson 19:48.7
147  Ben Kuhlmann 20:08.6
193 Jacob Schermer 20:36.1
218  Story Sandy  20:52.2
225  Alex Luger  20:59.3
251 Jake Woyuak 21:13.4 
386  Zach Lipo-Zovic 23:00.1
473  1321  David Wolfe 25:48.5 

2012 Muskego 1
Saturday, September 22
Boys JV Takes 2nd, Varsity 4th at Muskego Invite

The JV Boys finished second behind Muskego in a cold and windy race by a margin of 52-69. The TEAM was led by Max Gietzen in 4th, Dylan Larson-Harsch in 10th, Henry Fowler in 14th, Johnnie Papineau in 15th, John Papke in 26th, Spencer Heywood in 29th and Joey Flegel-Mishlov in 32nd. Nice job guys!

The weather improved for the Varsity Boys race but the TEAM did not have their best day, in spite of an excellent effort by Charlie Stahl, who finished in 3rd place with what I believe was a PR. The TEAM came in 4th place with 108 points, behind winner Waukesha North (71 points), Muskego (96 points), and Germantown (102 points). Jacob Goldberg continued his way back and finished in 21st, followed by Alex MacKowski in 24th, Dan Vrobel in 29th, Jack Mauer in 31st, Sam Shields in 35th, Tom Treacy in 47th, and Mayan Essak in 54th.

Varsity Results

3 Charlie Stahl JR 16:09
21 Jacob Goldberg JR 17:18
24 Alex MacKowski SR 17:22
29 Dan Vrobel SR 17:30
31 Jack Mauer JR 17:33
35  Sam Shields SO 17:38
47 Thomas Treacy SR 17:45
54 Mayan Essak SO  17:50.38

JV Results 

4 Max Gietzen SO 18:12
10 Dylan Larson-Harsc SO 18:24
14 Henry Fowler FR 18:31
15 Johnnie Papineau SO 18:34
26 John Papke SR 18:51
29 Spencer Heywood SR 18:53
32 Joey Flegel-Mishl SO 18:58
54 Connor Erickson JR 19:16.64
79 Will Sandy FR 19:36.70
93 Ben Kuhlmann SR 19:53.87
95 Gus Pendleton SO 19:56.76
132 Graham Hartlaub FR  20:26.19
136 Jacob Schermer SR 20:31.51 
137 Mario Fregoso FR 20:33.00
144 Alex Luger FR  20:42.87
150 Story Sandy SR 20:47.64
212 Sam Balistrieri SO 22:17.50
222 Frankie Cortez FR 22:40.91
251 Zach Lipo-Zovic FR 23:34.14
255 Balen Essak FR 23:42.79
259 Peter Olson SO 24:00.68
266 David Wolfe JR 25:51.17

2012 Muskego 2

Smiley 2012 2
Sunday, September 16
JV, Varsity Sweep Division 2 Meet at Smiley!

Both the JV and Varsity TEAMs took first place in the Division 2 meet at the Smiley Invite in Wausau. Congratulations to Charlie Stahl for winning the race! Charlie battled another runner from Tomahawk the entire race before pulling away at the end. Sam Kuhlmann also had a very good race as he finished 3rd. Rounding out TEAM were Alex MacKowski in 7th, Dan Vrobel in 11th, Tom Treacy in 13th, Jack Mauer in 16th, John Traudt in 18th, and Mayan Essak in 19th.

The JV TEAM was nothing short of amazing as they took places one through six and won the race with the minimum number of possible points (15)! They also accounted for eight of the top ten places! Jacob Goldberg won the race (Welcome back Jacob!), followed by Sam Shields in 2nd, Henry Fowler in 3rd, Dylan Larson-Harsch in 4th, Ben Kuhlmann in 5th, Johnnie Papineau in 6th, John Papke in 8th, and Max Geitzen in 9th. Also medaling were Joey Flegel-Mishlov, Spencer Heywood, and Connor Erickson. Nice job JV!

1 Charlie Stahl 16:27
3 Sam Kuhlmann 16:53
7 Alex MacKowski 17:31
10 Dan Vrobel 17:43
12 Thomas Treacy 17:53
15 Jack Mauer 17:58
17 John Traudt 17:58

18 Mayan Essak 17:59

JV Results

1 Jacob Goldberg 17:56
2 Sam Shields 18:17
3 Henry Fowler 18:36
4 Dylan Larson-Harsc 18:40
5 Ben Kuhlmann 18:41
6 Johnnie Papineau 18:46
8 John Papke 18:55
9 Max Gietzen 18:55.01
16 Joey Flegel-Mishl 19:21.51
17 Spencer Heywood 19:22.37
19 Connor Erickson 19:39.74
25 Gus Pendleton 19:53.22 
26 Will Sandy 19:56.29
57 Mario Fregoso 21:06.71
61 Ethan Woyak 21:09.29
63 Graham Hartlaub 21:13.44
78 Alex Luger 21:41.75
86 Sam Balistrieri 21:55.23
93 Gus Wettstein 22:04.97
146 Peter Olson 24:26.61
168 David Wolfe 27:31.61

Friday, August 10
Alterra Fundraiser

Dear Parents/Guardians & Friends,

Thank you for all you do to ensure the success of our programs. None of the worthwhile work we do would be possible without your continued participation and support.

We are pleased to announce that the Shorewood Cross Country Team will be kicking off a special Fundraising effort in partnership with Alterra Coffee Company.

Last year we earned $1,800 from this Fundraiser by selling Gourmet Coffee, something everyone wants. With the profits we earn, we will be funding for the purchase of timing for the meets, transportation cost to the  Smiley Invitational in Wausau, snacks at meets, flags and paint for the cross country course will also need to be purchased and payment to maintain our TEAM website. Our old red team tent is in need of some repairs and stakes.

We elected to work with Alterra Coffee Company because they are a well established supplier of specialty grade, fresh roasted coffee and they are committed to working closely with us to ensure the success of our fundraiser. Alterra is a socially responsible Coffee Company that donates a percentage of the profit from some of their coffee sales to specific organizations.

If you are interested in a making a purchase the coffee is $12.00 a pound or $8.00 for a tin of Cocoa. You may pay in cash or check. Please write the Check out to Shorewood Booster Club C/O Boys Dedicated Fund. Indicate coffee sales in the memo. We are selling Blue Heeler, French Roast and Breakfast Blend.

We ordered 400lbs to be sold between the boys and girls program and 50 Tins of Cocoa. We have a mix of ground and whole beans.

The Coffee will arrive on the 16th of August. Please pass the word.

Thank you for your participation!



______Lbs. Blue Heeler @ $12 ________

______Lbs. French Roast @ $12________

______Lbs. Breakfast Blend @ $12_____

______Tins Cocoa              @ $8  _________

Payable to Shorewood Booster Club with “Cross Country Boys Dedicated Account” in memo.

I will deliver to your house.

                Total enclosed $__________

2012 Early Bird 2
Thursday, August 23
Boys Win 2012 Early BIrd!

The boys TEAM won the 2012 Early Bird on a hot and punishing day at Kern Park. The TEAM was led by Charles Stahl in 4th, Tom Treacy in 9th, Sam Kuhlmann in 10th, Jack Mauer in 12th, Dan Vrobel on 13th, Alex MacKowski in 14th, Johnnie Papineau in 18th, and John Traudt in 22nd.

Thanks to the parents, families, and the many alumni (and several alumni parents!) that came to support and cheer on the TEAM! All of you helped to make this a great atmosphere for the runners to participate in. The TEAM had 31 runners compete today!

Each year the TEAM's journey begins with this meet and today's win was a good start. However, there is long, long way to go in the season and the hard work is just beginning. Congrats guys!

4 Charlie Stahl JR Shorewood 17:31.49

9 Thomas Treacy SR Shorewood 18:00.81

10 Sam Kuhlmann SO Shorewood 18:02.30

12 Jack Mauer JR Shorewood 18:12.42

13 Dan Vrobel SR Shorewood 18:14.37

14 Alex MacKowski SR Shorewood 18:17.08

18 Johnnie Papineau SO Shorewood 18:32.91

22 John Traudt SR Shorewood 18:36.13

24 Jacob Goldberg JR Shorewood 18:51.31

29 Mayan Essak SO Shorewood 19:10.89

31 Max Gietzen SO Shorewood 19:19.84

37 Joey Flegel-Mishlov SO Shorewood 19:40.08

38 Gus Pendleton SO Shorewood 19:42.99

39 Dylan Larson-Harsch SO Shorewood 19:43.73

40 Henry Fowler FR Shorewood 19:44.37

51 Ben Kuhlmann SR Shorewood 20:12.85

52 Sam Shields SO Shorewood 20:15.26

57 Michael Dellutri SR Shorewood 20:38.95

59 Spencer Heywood SR Shorewood 20:43.37

75 Jacob Schermer SR Shorewood 21:22.42

78 Mario Fregoso FR Shorewood 21:33.62

80 Connor Erickson JR Shorewood 21:37.94

92 Graham Hartlaub FR Shorewood 22:03.06

96 Will Sandy FR Shorewood 22:10.39

102 Story Sandy SR Shorewood 22:17.64

123 Ethan Woyak FR Shorewood 23:35.40

141 Sam Balistrieri SO Shorewood 24:48.81

144 Alex Luger FR Shorewood 24:51.61

145 Frankie Cortez FR Shorewood 24:54.68

146 Zach Lipo-Zovic FR Shorewood 24:55.75

147 Balen Essak FR Shorewood 24:57.70

158 Peter Olson SO Shorewood 26:34.59

173 David Wolfe JR Shorewood 29:22.40

2012 Early Bird 3

Thursday, August 23
Season Preview

Season Preview 

2012 Shorewood TEAM looks to take a strong step forward from last fall's 3rd place finish at the WIAA State Championships. The pieces are in place to do exactly that as the squad returns the bulk of their TEAM from last year.  We have 2 notable losses to graduation in Peter Morris (20th place) and Keith Dodd (2010 State Qualifier). However, the team does return 6 of the top 7 and a number of runners who could crack the top 10. Needless to say, it will still take a strong summer and a resilient focus to make waves in such a competitive Sectional and State Meet.

This year the TEAM will be led by 9 Seniors. Our top two returners are the Junior pairs of Charles Stahl and Jacob Goldberg. Stahl, finished 14th at the State Championships last fall and Goldberg was not to far behind in 27th pace. Both are coming off of a pretty solid track and field season

Other returners from last fall's top seven include sophomores Sam Kuhlmann and Mayan Essak. Both had incredibly successful rookie season for the Greyhounds. Not to be overlooked in the least will by senior John Papke and senior Michael Dellutri. Papke and Dellutri both fought through asthma attack's last season to help the TEAM to advance to the the State meet. Papke was 51st overall and Dellutri was 84th to help the team to a 3rd place finish. Additionally, no one will be surprised to see the likes of John Traudt, Jack Mauer, Dan Vrobel and Tom Treacy working their way into the fray as well.

With such strength returning to uniform, it could be difficult for a rookie or veteran racer to battle his way onto a championship squad. But not out of the question. Notable additions can bring in some noteworthy high school performances; however, there are always "diamonds in the rough" that shine at the 5k distance. This could be one of the deepest years in recent memory for the Shorewood sqaud.  I’m sure others will all make a strong bid for some spots this fall. It’s going to be an exciting fall however it shakes out. In the end, we’re the 3rd best team in D2... until we get the chance to prove otherwise."

2012 Boys Cross Country Schedule

Meet Date Location
Early Bird Meet 8/23/2012 Kern Park
Highlander Invite 8/31/2012 Tendick Park
Arrowhead Invite 9/6/2012 Arrowhead HIgh School
Smiley Invite (Wausau) 9/14/2012 American Legion Golf Course
Muskego Invite 9/22/2012 Lake Danoon Middle School
UW Parkside Eagle Invite 9/29/2012 Dr. Wayne Dannehl National Cross Country Course
Shorewood Invite 10/6/2012 Kern Park
Woodland Conference Meet 10/12/2012 Grant Park South Milwaukee
WIAA Division DII Sectional  10/20/2012 Kern Park
WIAA State Cross Country Meet 10/27/2012 Wisconsin Rapids Ridges Golf Course

Saturday, September 1
Boys JV Team Takes 1st, Varsity 2nd at Highlander Meet
2012 Highlander 1

The JV squad had a solid effort across the board and won their meet at Tendick Park! Congrats to Mayan Essak for winning the race, followed by Sam Shields in 4th, Max Geitzen in 7th, Dylan Larson-Harsch in 8th, Micheal Dellutri in 9th, Henry Fowler in 11th, and Joey Flegel-Mischlov in 14th.

The varsity squad took second place to Wisconsin Lutheran by the count of 69-91 and was closely followed by Sheboygan North (98), Tosa East (102) and Brookfield Central/Homestead (104). Sam Kuhlman led the way in 9th (with a PR I believe) followed by Charles Stahl in 10th. Alex Mackowski broke through with a huge PR in 17th while battling Wisco runners the entire race. Rounding out the squad was John Traudt in 26th, Tom Treacy in 29th, Jack Mauer in  36th, Dan Vrobel in 38th and Johnnie Papineau in 41st. 


9 Sam Kuhlmann 16:58

10 Charlie Stahl 17:01
17 Alex MacKowski 17:24
26 John Traudt 17:42
29 Thomas Treacy 17:44
36 Jack Mauer 18:01
38 Dan Vrobel 18:09

41 Johnnie Papineau  18:14.33

Junior Varsity

1 Mayan Essak 18:09
4 Sam Shields 18:33
7 Max Gietzen 18:53
8 Dylan Larson-Harsch 18:56
9 Michael Dellutri 19:00
11 Henry Fowler 19:01
14 Joey Flegel-Mishlov 19:15
17 Gus Pendleton 19:27.66
46 Connor Erickson 20:56.08
53  Graham Hartlaub  21:01.65 
54 Will Sandy 21:05.56
56 Spencer Heywood 21:09.46
94 Ethan Woyak 22:21.57
96 Story Sandy 22:23.37 
97 Alex Luger  22:23.87
140 Frankie Cortez 24:32.90
150 Zach Lipo-Zovic 25:21.95
151 Sam Balistrieri 25:22.13
162 Peter Olson 26:12.60
175 David Wolfe  29:54.89

Here's a link to a few pictures. Let Coach know if you would like to share any of your pictures!


2012 Highlander 2

2012 Arrowhead Invite
Thursday, September 6
Boys Varsity Takes 2nd. JV 3rd at Arrowhead Invitational

Congrats to the Varsity TEAM as they began to show their potential today at a very competitive Arrowhead Invite. The TEAM was second with 113 points to winner Arrowhead, followed closely by West Bend West with 119 points, Homestead with 122 points, and Janesville Craig & Oconomowoc with 129 points. The TEAM had four mdal winners including Charlie Stahl, Sam Kuhlmann, Alex MacKowski and Tom Treacy. Rounding out the sound effort for Varsity was John Traudt, Dan Vrobel, Jack Mauer and Mayan Essak. I believe there were some huge PRs at the meet, including at least Sam Kuhlmann, Alex MacKowski, Tom Treacy and Dan Vrobel.

The JV TEAM had  a solid effort and were led by a top ten finish by Johnnie Papineau. Also scoring for the TEAM were Michael Delutri, Henry Fowler, Dylan Larson-Harsch, Max Gietzen, Spencer Heywood and Joey Flegel-Mishlov.

It was also great to see state veteran runner John Papke working his way back from injury.

Varsity Results

9 Charlie Stahl 16:19
11 Sam Kuhlmann 16:25
22 Alex MacKowski 16:53
24 Thomas Treacy 16:57
47 John Traudt 17:20
50 Dan Vrobel 17:25
57 Jack Mauer 17:32

61 Mayan Essak 17:35

JV Results

6 Johnnie Papineau 18:03
13 Michael Dellutri 18:24
17 Henry Fowler 18:38
19 Dylan Larson-Harsch 18:40
23 Max Gietzen 18:44
24 Spencer Heywood 18:45
25 Joey Flegel-Mishlov 18:46
36 Ben Kuhlmann SR Shorewood 18:57.00
43 Sam Shields SO Shorewood 19:11.60
80 John Papke SR Shorewood 19:48.00
83 Will Sandy FR Shorewood 19:50.10
86 Connor Erickson JR Shorewood 19:51.90
163 Alex Luger FR Shorewood 21:30.10
184 Story Sandy SR Shorewood 22:13.80
196 Sam Balistrieri SO Shorewood 22:29.70
237 David Wolfe JR Shorewood 26:02.80

Freshman Race (Great Job Guys!!!)

19 Mario Fregoso 16:01
27 Graham Hartlaub 16:10
44 Ethan Woyak 17:03
52 Frankie Cortez 18:22
53 Zach Lipo-Zovic 18:29
61 Balen Essak 20:07

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