Shorewood High School: 2011 CC season

Tuesday, August 9
2011 XC

 A new season is right around the corner for our X-Country program. Practice will start at 8:00 on August 15th for the High School team and with that it usually means we need to get new physicals for anyone participating in cross country. We need to get the physicals, fees and information cards turned in to the athletic department by the first day of practice; the sooner the Better.  Do not wait until the last minute to get these done.  Physicals are good for two years.

Tentative Meet Schedule: Please pay attention to weekly race handouts for changes/modifications to schedule.  Athletes may be excused early for several race dates.  Please keep your teachers informed!

Shorewood Early Bird
Kern Park
Meet 4:00
Homestead Invitational
Tendick Park
Bus 2:00
Arrowhead Invitational
Arrowhead High School
Bus 2:15
Marquette Invitational
Washington Park
Bus 2:15
Muskego Invitational
Lake Danoon Middle School
Bus 8:00
Loyola Invitational
(Top 10 only)
Chicago Lake Front
Shorewood Invitational
Kern Park
Woodlands Championships
Hales Corner Park
Bus 12:30
10/22 or
WIAA Sectional Championships
For varsity teams only
   Tendick Park
Bus 8:00
State Championships
For varsity teams only
Wisconsin Rapids
Ridges Golf Course

First Practice: Monday August 15th @ 8:00AM (meet at north gym locker rooms)

Time Trial: Tuesday August 16th (2 Miles on Lake Drive)

First Meet: Thursday August 25th (Early Bird Invite @ Kern park)

Runners Roast
Sunday, August 14
Stone Creek Coffee Fundraiser

Dear Parents/Guardians & Friends,

Thank you for all you do to ensure the success of our programs. None of the worthwhile work we do would be possible without your continued participation and support.

We are pleased to announce that the Shorewood Cross Country Team will be kicking off a special Fundraising effort in partnership with Stone Creek Coffee Company.

Last year we earned $1,800 from this Fundraiser by selling Gourmet Coffee, something everyone wants. With the profits we earn, we will be funding for the purchase of timing for the meets, transportation cost to the Loyola Invitational in Chicago, snacks at meets, flags and paint for the cross country course will also need to be purchased and payment to maintain our TEAM website.  Our old red team tent is in need of some repairs.

We elected to work with Stone Creek Coffee Company because they are a well established supplier of specialty grade, fresh roasted coffee and they are committed to working closely with us to ensure the success of our fundraiser. Stone Creek is a socially responsible Coffee Company that donates a percentage of the profit from some of their coffee sales to specific organizations.

If you are interested in a making a purchase the coffee is $13.00 a pound. You may pay in cash or check.  Please write the Check out to Shorewood Booster Club  C/O Boys Dedicated Fund.  Indicate coffee sales in the memo.  We are selling Fair Trade, Decaf Cream City Blend, Cream City Blend.

We ordered 300lbs to be sold between the boys and girls program
20lbs decaf-ground
60lbs cream city - 20lbs whole bean
60 lbs fair trade - 30 lbs whole bean
60lbs custom blend - 20lbs whole bean

The Coffee will arrive on the 24th of August the day before our Early Bird Invitational hosted at Kern Park. Please pass the word.

Thank you for your participation!

Saturday, October 29
Boys Take 3rd at State, Girls Take 6th to End Season

The Boys took third with 114 points behind winner Wisconsin Luthern (77 points) and 2nd place Nekoosa/Port Edwards (93 points). Here are the times for the TEAM:


9 Charlie Stahl Shorewood 16:33.34 
14 Peter Morris Shorewood 16:40.33 
18 Jacob Goldberg Shorewood 16:53.49 
34 John Papke Shorewood 17:14.36 
39 Sam Kuhlmann Shorewood 17:20.80 
47 Mayan Essak Shorewood 17:30.79 
54 Michael Dellutri Shorewood 17:38.00 

The Girls took 6th with behind winner Dodgville Mineral Point. Here are the times for the girls:


11 Haley Holan Shorewood 15:11.60 
12 Abby Pech Shorewood 15:11.88 
16 Haley Florsheim Shorewood 15:26.29 
71 Angela Sperry Shorewood 16:45.47 
75 Laura Gould Shorewood 16:51.42 
78 Lindsey Morris Shorewood 16:54.34 
97 Madee Ferone Shorewood 17:35.46 

The boys ran a Great State Meet!  We just got out paced by two very good teams who where just slightly better this year (Wisconsin Lutheran and Nekoosa Port Edwards)  It took these two team to have a better day on one of our best days in TEAM history at the Ridges course.  The Greyhounds ran a top 5 average TEAM time(16:56) for the course and we got beat.  It happens!  I would like to say that we elevated the bar for these two teams to have a great day.

Though rated first in state by coaches coming out of last week's great performance, everyone in Shorewood knew that this State Meet was going to be the toughest ever. Prior to last week, Wisconsin Lutheran was consistently ranked top 1 or 2 in state, with Nekoosa, Aquinas and Shorewood being near depending on what rankings you were looking at. Going into the State meet we all knew that we had to fire on all 7 cylinders[runners] to sneak a podium spot. Wisco appeared to be a lock;  and that we would need to focus on the rest of the field and go after it. Given last week's performance, the kids thought they were ready to do just that. However, we all got the wrong script and ended up third. The forecast called for cool weather and frost with very little winds. The weather was near perfect with low 50s temperature after the 30 minute delay

We set out exactly as we had planned and that was to run our own race.  This may have hurt us a bit as Wisco and Nekoosa surged a head through the race (5:07 to our 5:16) and the Greyhounds felt that they would for sure catch them at our prescribed charging point.  We just ran out of real estate. Peter Morris helped to lead the boys with his experience at the State meet to only be passed by rookie runner Charlie Stahl.

The starting gun went off at 2:10 pm and 16 varsity teams bolted from the long white starting line with over 150 boys fighting for placement as they blasted toward the first turn into a gradual down hill we call the bowl. The course takes another sweeping right at the 1000 meter mark and takes a sharp pitch up a hill to the 1200 meter mark. Spectators run through the course to catch a glimpse of the boys. As the fans settled in, the Greyhounds began maneuvering to the front; Peter Morris, Charlie Stahl  and Jacob Goldberg stuck as a 1-3 pack as planned. The Wisco runners surprised me as they had 7 in front of our top guys.  Several seconds back our second pack of harriers where chasing down a pack of 5-6 Nekoosa runners.

As the runners came to the mile, taking a sweeping left and then running down the fairway to drop back down into the bowl towards the pond, our core group of runners, Sam Kuhlmann, John Papke, Mike Dellutri and Mayan Essak were starting to mix it up with a pack of Nekoosa runners but  Wisco boys still had a commanding lead on our boys. . At the base of the big beasty of a hill we call the staircase it was anybody's race. But it was soon to become clear that Wisco knew how to run this course.

Shorewood Begins to Make Its Move
Shortly after the 2 mile mark the pack started to spreading out. Those who went out too fast were paying the price. As planned the Greyhounds started to move just past the 2 mile mark where you sweep through a small forested area and then you head down a long hill back to the pond to the roller coasters.  It was here that I realized that we would not be able to beat Wisco but we may be able to catch Nekoosa. Once we reached the roller coaster I noticed our front three taking off like a slingshot over the hills and not to far off Papke was leading a charge with Kuhlmann, Essak and Dellutri. Could we improve our positions and take a few more Wisc. Lutheran's and Nekoosa boys? Here it is more about survival and seeing if Shorewood had any chance of knocking off Nekoosa. The boys fought hard through the coasters and we started to slowly pick into our rivals looking confident. Stahl established the lead on Morris and Goldberg was maintaining close behind. The Shorewood Core were starting to splinter battling for their life back into the bowl to ascend the gradual hill that takes them roughly 500-600 meters to the finish. It was here that I realized that we may have just missed the podium I was counting runners and the math was telling me that it could be possible to stand on the podium with the Wisco boys but we may have started our surge a bit to late!  Walking up the hill I knew that it would be close and I was not sure how many runners the Greyhound's may have passed the last 300 meters?  None the less I knew that the Greyhounds Ran as one  and with MAX EFFORT

I finally made it to the scoreboard and I tried to find the TEAM but they were to far in the chute to talk too.  I was pleased to them holding each other up and congratulating the other runners.  A TEAM with Class!!  So I waited for the scoreboard to show the places and scores. Reality set in on team and fans alike as it became clear that our shot at winning or making the podium likely slipped away with Wisco's commanding performance and Nekoosa's well fought efforts. The boys circled up and agreed that while they could have done better, they did what they could and they had a great to build upon and set goals for next year as we only loose two seniors and one who ran at the State Meet.  This has been a great season with many young guns ready to go for it next year.

First Mile place and Time
Second Mile Place and Time
Final Time
14th:  Charlie Stahl Shorewood  63 5:17 32 10:47 5:31 5:47 16:33.34
20th: Peter Morris Shorewood  67 5:17 31 10:47 5:30 5:55 16:40.33
27th: Jacob Goldberg Shorewood  62 5:16 35 10:49 5:34 6:06 16:53
51st: John Papke Shorewood  101 5:23 79 11:08 5:46 6:07 17:14
61st: Sam Kuhlmann Shorewood  105 5:23 77 11:08 5:45 6:14 17:20
74th:Mayan Essak Shorewood  106 5:24 92 11:15 5:52 6:17 17:30.
84th Michael Dellutri Shorewood  102 5:23 75 11:07 5:45 6:32 17:38

I'm really happy to see how much the Greyhounds moved up from the first mile.  Congrats to you guys for being so patient!

2011 CC Sectional Girls
Saturday, October 22
Both Boys & Girls Teams Moving on to State!
2011 CC Sectional Boys

Both the Boys and Girls Varsity teams are moving on to state after a tightly contested Sectional Meet at Tendick Park. The Girls won the meet by a margin of 2 points over Wisconsin Luthern, 44-46. The Boys took second place behind Wisconsin Luthern by a margin of 7 points, 37-44.

Here are the TEAM results for the girls and the boys:


1 Haley Holan JR 15:14
2 Abby Pech SO 15:17
4 Haley Florsheim SO 15:45
18 Angela Sperry JR 16:38
19 Laura Gould SO 16:42
41 Madee Ferone FR 17:41
44 Lindsey Morris SO 17:46


4 Peter Morris SR 16:35
6 Charlie Stahl SO 16:41
8 Jacob Goldberg SO 16:59
12 Sam Kuhlmann FR 17:12
14 Michael Dellutri JR 17:17
20 Mayan Essak FR 17:35
29 John Papke JR 18:03

Now both teams move on to what should be a very competitive State Meet!

2011 Woodland
Friday, October 14
Boys & Girls Varisty, Boy JV Win 2011 Woodland Conference Titles!

See the above link for the results of the 2011 Woodland Conference Meet.

I believe the Girls JV also performed well! (PT Timing site currently doesn't have the Girls JV team results available)

The Boys Varsity won the Woodland Conference Title with 37 points, followed by New Berlin West with 79 points and Whitnall with 100 points. Congrats to the team, which had its top three runners in the top ten and seven runners in the top fourteen! The team was led by Charles Stahl in 3rd, Senior Peter Morris in 5th, Jacob Goldberg in 6th, Michael Dellutri in 11th, John Papke in 12th, Sam Kuhlman in 13th, Mayan Essak in 14th and John Traudt in 28th. The team Ran as One as Charles, Peter and Jacob ran close to each other most of the race, as did Michael, John, Sam and Mayan.


3 Charlie Stahl SO Shorewood 16:49.58 
5 Peter Morris SR Shorewood 16:53.77 
6 Jacob Goldberg SO Shorewood 16:59.65 
11 Michael Dellutri JR Shorewood 17:24.71 
12 John Papke JR Shorewood 17:27.72 
13 Sam Kuhlmann FR Shorewood 17:28.53 
14 Mayan Essak FR Shorewood 17:37.86 
28 John Traudt JR Shorewood 17:59.00 

The Boys JV had six in the top ten (yes, six!) and were led by Jack Mauer in 2nd, Dan Vrobel in 3rd, Keith Dodd in 4th, Sam Shields in 6th, Johnnie Papineau in 7th, Alex McKowski in 8th, Max Geitzen in 11th place, Story Sandy in 12th, and Abdul Cartagena in 14th. The squad also placed an impressive 11 runners in the top twenty.The entire JV squad should be very proud of this effort and many of these runners will contribute to the varsity in the future. 


2 Jack Mauer SO Shorewood 18:30.34 
3 Dan Vrobel JR Shorewood 18:32.44
4 Keith Dodd SR Shorewood 18:33.75 
6 Sam Shields FR Shorewood 19:03.05 
7 Johnnie Papineau FR Shorewood 19:06.20 
8 Alex McKowski JR Shorewood 19:08.25 
11 Max Gietzen FR Shorewood 19:25.50 
12 Story Sandy JR Shorewood 19:31.97 
14 Abdul Cartagena FR Shorewood 19:48.44 
17 Joey Flegel-Mishl FR Shorewood 19:56.54
20 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 20:04.62 
22 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 20:11.57 
26 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 20:26.40 
37 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 21:00.21 
39 Dylan Larson-Harsc FR Shorewood 21:12.33 
70 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 23:00.02 
79 Sam Pakenkopf FR Shorewood 23:38.25
85 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 24:49.34
91 Ben Pagenkopf JR Shorewood 32:51.87 

Running their last races for the Greyhounds were seniors Keith Dodd and Ben Pagenkopf. Both of these runners have been valued TEAM members over their cross country careers. It was inspiring today to watch several team members scatter over the last loop of the course to cheer Ben on to the finish.

Now the Boys and Girls Varsity TEAMS will move on the what will be a demanding sectional that will require them to live up to their motto of MAX EFFORT!!

2011 Shorewood Invite
Thursday, October 6
Boys Varsity and JV Sweep 2011 Shorewood Invite!

The Boys Varsity took first place at the Shorewood Invite with only 31 points. Peter Morris led the team with a first place finish! Following Peter was Charles Stahl in 2nd, Jacob Goldberg in 6th, Michael Dellutri in 7th, Sam Kuhlman in 15th, John Traudt in 19th and Mayan Essak in 20th.

1 Peter Morris SR Shorewood 16:35.63 
2 Charlie Stahl SO Shorewood 16:55.86 
6 Jacob Goldberg SO Shorewood 17:20.35 
7 Michael Dellutri JR Shorewood 17:20.92 
15 Sam Kuhlmann FR Shorewood 17:32.12 
19 John Traudt JR Shorewood 17:48.38 
20 Mayan Essak FR Shorewood 17:50.25 

The Boys JV followed with an excellent effort and won with an impressive 29 points. The JV was led by Jack Mauer in 2nd, Dan Vrobel in 3rd, Johnnie Papineau in 6th, Keith Dodd in 8th, and Alex McKowski in 10th.

2 2 Jack Mauer SO Shorewood 18:08.80
3 3 Dan Vrobel JR Shorewood 18:13.39 
6 6 Johnnie Papineau FR Shorewood 18:45.51
8 8 Keith Dodd SR Shorewood 18:48.60 
10 10 Alex McKowski JR Shorewood 18:59.69 
11 11 Max Gietzen FR Shorewood 19:01.13 
12 12 Sam Shields FR Shorewood 19:02.95 
16 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 19:34.70 
20 Story Sandy JR Shorewood 19:41.12 
27 Joey Flegel-Mishl FR Shorewood 19:56.68 
41 Abdul Cartagena FR Shorewood 20:31.43 
52 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 20:47.12 
53 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 20:47.47
69 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 21:13.42 
74 Dylan Larson-Harsc FR Shorewood 21:18.08 
138 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 23:36.86 
143 Sam Pakenkopf FR Shorewood 24:36.86 
151 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 25:17.08 

This was the first year that we had to run the Shorewood Invitational on a weekday.  The larger race with a mix of 275 Varsity and JV runners may have made for slower then normal times as our Greyhounds had to navigate through a sea of runners.  The boys took inspiration from the Girls race as Pech, Holan and Florsheim took the top 3 spots.  We were close in replicating such a feat with Peter Morris 16:35 and Charles Stahl 16:55 taking the top 2 spots. We had 7 runners in the top 20 and 4 in the top 10.
Goldberg and Dellutri placing 6th and 7th with a time of 17:20.  Sam Kuhlmann placed 15th,  John Traudt and Myan Essak rounded out our top 7 placing 19th and 20th.

We had 3 season PR's yesterday. Michael Dellutri 17:20.92, Alex McKowski 18:59.69 and Joe Flegal-Mishlove 19:46.7.  Congrats to you three!

Our JV TEAM won the meet with 29 points.  It's exciting was to see the new mix of runners scoring for the TEAM and posting season best times.  Jack Maurer and Dan Vrobel led the way with a 2nd and 3rd place finish.  We also had 5 runners in the top 10 and 8 runners in the top 20. Spencer Heywood 16th and Story Sandy 20th.

I'm really happy with the TEAM's performances this season as we are a young TEAM. It seemed as if we would be in a rebuilding year.  However, last years seniors mentored this young TEAM well and they have been able to start at about where we left off from last year.  We only have 3 seniors on the TEAM. Of our Top 7 runners we only have 3 runners who have run varsity during the 2010 season ( Morris, Goldberg and Papke) I hope that we can carry the momentum forward through to the State Meet.  We only have one goal in mind and that is to go out on the course and to be able to run the BEST race that we can run on that day.  Its really that simple.  We will only have to worry about ourselves as we can not control what other teams or runners do.

Next week is conference at Hales Corner hosted by Whitnall HS.  Information coming soon!

Abe Goldberg has a link to some great Photo's. Don't forget that you can click on any of these pictures to see them full size

The site information is:

Site Name: Abe's Web Site
Site URL:


Saturday, October 1
Link to Loyola Lakefront Invitational Results

Here's a link to the results from the Loyola meet. Here is how the top 12 fared at the meet:


Congrats on yesterdays meet!  We set out to try to place in the top 10.  Just missing out by one place and 17 points.  Peter Morris ended up making the podium with a top 20 finish!  Unfortunately the meet info said top 15 when it was actually the top 20 runners who earns medals. I was really happy to see that we had 3 PR's yesterday!  Charles Stahl, Max Gietzen and Mayan Eassak!  Congrats to you guys!  We were not that far off from our best times while running in some pretty awful weather!  Running your OWN race was the theme and you guys handled it well!  This will be important for the rest of the season as we will only have our selves to worry about. 

To put things into perspective we were beat by 5 Teams who are ranked in the top 16 in the large school division for Illinois (AAA). We beat the 6th ranked team in the (AA) division; Glen Ellyn Glenbard South by 22 points and a 20th ranked team Chatham-Glenwood by a very large margin.  If you know anything about the Illinois CC programs we would be considered a good TEAM by their Standards!

How would we compare to other states in the meet??
We beat Shawnee Mission East, KS (#6 in biggest classification)
and were 4 places from Lee’s Summit North, MO (top 10 in biggest classification)

Below is an interesting race report for the meet.

Now it is time to focus our attention to our home invitational this Thursday!  Please take care of the "little things"!  We are on an upward swing for the season.

Congrats to Joseph Pendleton who ran a PR at the meet:
152 126 1233 JOE PENDLETON M 27:10 WI TRACK CLUB

There was an Emily Bachhuber sighting:

Gavin also came to watch the TEAM and it was great to see him!

Dont Stop Believing
Saturday, September 24
Varsity Boys Win Muskego Meet, JV Takes 2nd

Above is a link to the results from the Muskego meet today.

The Varsity Boys overcame bus issues on the way to the meet and an ailing John Papke to win the meet at Muskego today. This TEAM is very deep and needed outstanding efforts from Peter Morris, Charles Stahl, Jacob Goldberg, Sam Kuhlman and Michael Dellutri to capture the title.

1 2 Peter Morris SR 16:09  
2 7 Charlie Stahl SO 16:35  
3 18 Jacob Goldberg SO 17:00  
4 26 Sam Kuhlmann FR 17:16  
5 36 Michael Dellutri JR 17:26  
6 ( 44) Jack Mauer SO 17:39  
7 ( 46) John Traudt JR 17:42  

Dan Vrobel posted this second JV win of the season and led the JV to a second place finish. Congrats to Myan Essak and Johnnie Papineau for also finishing in the top ten. Similar to the last two years, the JV squad is showing great potential.

1 1 Dan Vrobel JR 17:40
2 3 Mayan Essak FR 17:47
3 9 Johnnie Papineau FR 18:16
4 13 Keith Dodd SR 18:25
5 33 Story Sandy JR 18:54
6 ( 34) Sam Shields FR 18:55
7 ( 38) Max Gietzen FR 18:58

50 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 19:12.01 
55 Alex McKowski JR Shorewood 19:16.71
69 Abdul Abdullah FR Shorewood 19:38.23
80 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 19:54.85
86 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 20:00.52
105 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 20:22.78
107 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 20:24.03
137 Dylan Larson-Harsc FR Shorewood 21:00.33
235 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 24:28.50  
236 Sam Pakenkopf FR Shorewood 24:29.18
250 Joey Flegel-Mishl FR Shorewood 27:02.39

Here's a link to just a few pictures from the award ceremony (memory card crashed today).

The Team decided to look past the Marquette Invitational and started to focus on the road ahead and quickly put this meet behind them. In some respects, this seems to be classic for the team...takes the limelight off and now the team can focus on their long-term goal. Which is to be the BEST TEAM to toe the line on any given day.  We as a TEAM decided that we should have only one goal to focus on during the season.  Having 3-5 goals was far too many for the boys to focus on.  We have a solid foundation to build off of for the second half of the season. 

This was already put to the challenge early Saturday morning when our bus was rear-ended about 10 miles from the race course.  The time was ticking by and the boys maintained  their focus as it seemed very likely that the JV runners were going to miss their race.  I called Coach Raney to let him know that we may not be there in time. They offered to send a bus.  About 40 minutes from the start of the JV race we were cleared to travel. 

Once we arrived the JV runners went on their warm-up as I picked up the race chips and the varsity runners set up the TEAM tent.  We gathered as a TEAM about 10 minutes from the start and went over our one goal. MAX EFFORT that is all you can put forth today.  The JV runners showed that they were willing to focus on that one goal placing second behind a very competitive D1 team, Germantown.  Shorewood boys acted like this was the final meet of the season by pounding out one PR after another, after another, after another. Based on their times, one would conclude that the boys tapered . Not the case as evidenced by another week of punishing workouts. However, the harriers did not let that get in the way. Bottomline: these runners have focus, big hearts and are determined to make a statement!!

Dan Vrobel led the TEAM to a first place finish in a time of 17:39. Dan was followed by Myan Essak for 3rd place 17:46 and rounding out a top 10 finish Johnie Papineau for 9th place 18:17.  Keith Dodd finished his first race of the season in 18:24 and rounding out our top 5 Story Sandy as he battled through his leg pains and finished his race with confidence!  Great way to set the tone for the varsity runners!

As Mentioned above the JV runners showed the Varsity athletes that nothing was going to stray them from being the BEST TEAM possible!  The varsity took their cue and ran their race with authority to earn our first win since the Early Bird Invite!  The TEAM showed how deep and how willing we are to step up when "one" is down.  Papke dropped out due to a stomach ailment and the 7 varsity runners had to step up to make up for a down teammate!  Step up they did, we as we had 22 Season PR's.  

Saturday, September 17
Link to Results from Marquette Meet

Above is a link to the full results from the Marquette Meet.

Both the Boys Varsity and JV placed 6th at a meet loaded with D1 teams. Here are the results for the Varsity:

9 Morris, Peter SR Shorewood 5:19 16:31 9
12 Stahl, Charles SO Shorewood 5:23 16:44 12
24 Goldberg, Jacob JR Shorewood 5:35 17:19 24
29 Papke, John JR Shorewood 5:37 17:26 29
48 Dellutri, Michael JR Shorewood 5:45 17:51 48
50 Traudt, John JR Shorewood 5:46 17:54 50
51 Kuhlmann, Sam FR Shorewood 5:47 17:57 51
61 Vrobel, Dan JR Shorewood 5:55 18:23 61

And here are the results for the JV:

4 Mauer, Jack SO Shorewood 5:48 17:59  
6 Essak, Mayan FR Shorewood 5:48 18:01 6
16 Papineau, Johnnie FR Shorewood 5:57 18:29 
75 Cartagena, Abdul FR Shorewood 6:20 19:40 
89 Heywood, Spencer JR Shorewood 6:28 20:03 
94 Gietzen, Max FR Shorewood 6:29 20:08 
96 Shields, Sam FR Shorewood 6:30 20:11 
105 Pendleton, Gus FR Shorewood 6:34 20:23 
115 Triliegi, Dominic JR Shorewood 6:37 20:34
122 Erickson, Connor SO Shorewood 6:40 20:40
134 Schermer, Jacob JR Shorewood 6:43 20:50
189 Larson-Harsch, Dylan FR Shorewood 7:10 22:16
245 Pagenkopf, Ben SR Shorewood 9:31 29:33

Friday, September 9
Boys Varsity Takes 3rd, JV Takes 4th At Arrowhead!

Not sure if the entire varsity squad had PR's, but the squad had fast times on a blazing fast course and took third behind strong D1 teams of Arrowhead and Janesville Craig. Leading the way was Peter Morris in 5th, Jacob Goldberg in 20th, Charles Stahl in 22nd, John Papke in 27th, and Michael Dellutri in 42nd.

Keith Dodd's Critque:


       JV set the tone at the Arrowhead meet. In the perfect weather, on the fastest course, all of the JV guys ran the race smart, and fast. Jack, Mayan and Johnnie ran as a trio, right in the lead pack from the start. The rest of the guys trailed just behind them, all of them fighting through the enormous pack of the opposing runners. By the mile mark it had become clear that Jack, Mayan and Johnnie planned on staying right at the front; they ran together, strong, and pulling each other forward. Next came Spencer, Sam, and Abdul, nearly together, followed by the rest of the team who had mixed in with the other very competitive JV teams like the white and red of Arrowhead and Homestead, plus the blue of Jainsville Craig.
       And then with around 1000 to go, we made our move as a team. Jack and Mayan surged ahead of the lead pack, with Johhnie fighting to keep up, all three of them headed to the finish with spectacular PRs: Jack and Mayan finished with a 1,2 punch just below 18:00! Johhnie flew in for 6th with his own 42 second PR of 18:22. Next came Spencer who moved up too, running very strong by himself, reeling in the competition. Sam Shields not too far behind him, and he too pushed for a sprint at the end, with Abdul coming in quickly with a hurt ankle.
       Then the floodgates opened and the rest of the team came through to the finish, one after another. Max, Joey, Jacob, Gus, and Story Sandy, whose knee had not allowed him to run the whole race, still went for the final sprint at the end, passing uncountable numbers of tired faces; it was awesome to see. Soon everyone else had finished the race and I was happy to note that practically everyone had run a great race. What made me even happier though was that most of them seemed to understand that as happy as they were with their efforts then, they were not satisfied. The atmosphere and the attitude reflected that of a high tier Varsity team; they may be a very young squad, but today, they did not show it.
       With the success of the JV team lifting them up, Varsity got ready for their race, poised confidently at the start. The JV had done their part, running fast, and acting as a very important catalyst to the success of the Varsity squad. Now it was their turn to take the momentum and let it carry them on. The gun went off and the eight checkerboard hounds shot out like a bullet.
       By the 1 mile, our team had broken into groups. Peter Morris was with the lead pack, coming around the mile mark around 5:20. Then came John Papke, Jacob, Charles, and DELLUTRI fighting the second main pack of fast runners. A few moments later and Traudt, Sam and Dan came into view, rounding the mile turn fast, trying to maneuver around the competition.
       A little past the second mile and the Varsity team followed JV’s lead, they attempted to make their move. Peter was still with the lead pack, running around 5-6th place or so. Next came the ultimate sophomore duo of Jacob, and Charles, with Papke just a few meters behind. Although Dellutri was no longer right up with their pack, I was extremely happy to see him not far behind, and by no means did he look defeated. Instead he seemed to relish his position. He had taken a huge risk, and he had been ready to face the pain that would follow; he was not going to give up the fast pace. Next came Traudt and Kuhlmann, working as a unified force, passing some competition from either side. The couple times I saw them pass opposing runners, I watched as the opposition tended to crumble and fall back; two checkerboards passing simultaneously was just too much. Meanwhile Dan followed silently behind, he held a steady pace and while his competition around him slowed, he did not, and he slowly worked to catch up and set an extremely fast time.
       The end was amazing, almost everyone found some sort of a sprint. Peter flew in to 5th place with an almost unbelievable time of 16:17. Next came Charles running down the chute about 100 meters towards the end, looking like he had given it his all. Goldberg was about 5 seconds behind him, and he too looked spent. And then an opposing runner made the biggest mistake of his life: he tried to pass Goldberg on the final straightaway. Angry that someone was passing him, Goldberg dug deep and found one last all out sprint, and passed that runner and somehow managed to just pass Charles at the very end too: the duo had ended practically together in spectacular times of 16:51 and 16:52. John Papke finished only 10 seconds behind, fighting through some foot pain. After a bit came Dellutri, rushing towards the finish with Traudt, Kuhlmann and Vrobel following behind. With Dan Vrobel’s great time of 17:59, all of our Varsity squad was under 18:00, and together with Mayan and Jack also going 17:59 that meant we had 10 guys run under 18:00 at this meet alone! I am not sure if that has ever happened before with any prior Shorewood cross country team!
       All in all, we had run a great race. The TEAM had come together and raced the competition. And we left, happy, but not satisfied.

1 5 Peter Morris 16:17
2 20 Jacob Goldberg 16:52
3 22 Charlie Stahl 16:53
4 27 John Papke 17:02
5 42 Michael Dellutri 17:30
6 ( 45) John Traudt 17:33
7 ( 50) Sam Kuhlmann 17:38
8 ( 70) Dan Vrobel 18:00

Congrats to Jack Mauer and Myan Essak taking 1st and 2nd in the JV Race! Jack and Myan were followed by Johnne Papineau in 6th, Spencer Heywood in 33rd, and Sam Shields in 45th.


1 1 Jack Mauer SO Shorewood 17:59.27 5:48  
2 2 Mayan Essak FR Shorewood 17:59.70 5:48  
6 6 Johnnie Papineau FR Shorewood 18:22.07 5:55  
38 33 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 19:26.24 6:16
51 45 Sam Shields FR Shorewood 19:40.68 6:21  
77 59 Abdul Abdullah FR Shorewood 20:08.69 6:30  
80 60 Max Gietzen FR Shorewood 20:12.11 6:31  
86 Joey Flegel-Mishlov FR Shorewood 20:19.88 6:33  
98 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 20:33.44 6:38  
100 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 20:35.39 6:38  
109 Story Sandy JR Shorewood 20:52.84 6:44  
112 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 20:55.87 6:45  
126 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 21:15.81 6:51  
189 Dylan Larson-Harsch FR Shorewood 22:55.17 7:23
230 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 26:16.87 8:28  
235 Sam Pakenkopf FR Shorewood 26:46.02 8:37  
242 Ben Pagenkopf JR Shorewood 29:24.21 9:28  

HIghlander 2011A
Friday, September 2
Varsity Takes 3rd, JV Close 2nd at Competitive Highlander Meet

The boys Varsity took third in a very competitive race, finishing 8 points behind winner Tosa East and 5 points behind second place Brookfield Central. As the first two races have shown, every point counts so a few places can make the difference in any given meet.

Peter Morris continued his strong start of the season by finishing 4th, followed by strong efforts by Jacob Goldberg and Charles Stahl in 11th and 12th respectively, John Papke fighting through some struggles to finish in 20th, Freshman Sam Kuhlman in 25th, John Traudt in 28th, Micheal Dillutri in 32nd and Jack Mauer in 35th.

5 Peter Morris SR Shorewood 16:47.75 5:25
12 Jacob Goldberg SO Shorewood 17:25.04 5:37
14 Charlie Stahl SO Shorewood 17:27.78 5:38
22 John Papke JR Shorewood 17:43.74 5:43
27 Sam Kuhlmann FR Shorewood 17:58.46 5:48
30 John Traudt JR Shorewood 18:09.59 5:51
34 Michael Dellutri JR Shorewood 18:24.14 5:56
35 Jack Mauer SO Shorewood 18:36.77 6:00

On the JV side, it was great to see Dan Vrobel break through with a win! Dan was followed by a trio of freshman with Mayan Essak in 2nd, Johnnie Papineau in 5th, and Sam Shields in 15th. Rounding out the scoring were Spencer Heywood in 22nd, Max Geitzen in 27th and Jacob Schermer in 35th. Nice effort by the entire squad on a hot and humid day!

1 Dan Vrobel JR Shorewood 18:26.80 5:57    
2 Mayan Essak FR Shorewood 18:34.80 5:59  
5 Johnnie Papineau FR Shorewood 19:03.70 6:09  
15 Sam Shields FR Shorewood 19:55.40 6:25  
22 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 20:05.00 6:28  
30 Max Gietzen FR Shorewood 20:41.30 6:40  
43 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 21:05.40 6:48  
45 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 21:06.60 6:48  
47 Joey Flegel-Mishl FR Shorewood 21:07.10 6:48  
51 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 21:16.00 6:51  
66 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 22:03.70 7:07  
117 Dylan Larson-Harsc FR Shorewood 24:30.00 7:54  
138 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 28:36.70 9:13  
139 Jerome Piekarski SO Brookfield Central 29:22.20 9:28
140 Amaudo Crosley FR Shorewood 29:38.80 9:33  
144 Ben Pagenkopf JR Shorewood 35:27.10 11:25  


Early Bird 2011
Thursday, August 25
Boys Win 2011 Early Bird!

The Shorewood boys cross country team started the season off in impressive fashion with a three point victory over Marquette. The boys had a strong team showing with Peter Morris taking 3rd in 16:55, John Papke taking 4th in 17:26, Charlie Stahl taking 7th in 17:37, Tom Treacy taking 9th in 17:41, Jacob Goldberg taking 12th in 17:51, John Traudt taking 19th in 18:33 and freshman Sam Kuhlman taking 21st in 18:53. A link to the full results is above. It was a good effort by the entire team on their home course:


27 177 Jack Mauer SO Shorewood 19:07.60  
30 168 Michael Dellutri JR Shorewood 19:13.60 
31 169 Mayan Essak FR Shorewood 19:15.30   
34 193 Dan Vrobel JR Shorewood 19:47.90  
39 166 Abdul Abdullah FR Shorewood 20:17.00   
40 174 Spencer Heywood JR Shorewood 20:21.60  
42 178 Alex McKowski FR Shorewood 20:37.40   
43 188 Sam Shields FR Shorewood 20:38.80   
53 172 Max Gietzen FR Shorewood 21:16.80   
62 187 Jacob Schermer JR Shorewood 22:00.10   
63 185 Gus Pendleton FR Shorewood 22:00.70  
65 192 Dominic Triliegi JR Shorewood 22:08.40
69 171 Joey Flegel-Mishlov FR Shorewood 22:31.60
71 170 Connor Erickson SO Shorewood 22:42.00  
85 176 Dylan Larson FR Shorewood 27:24.90  
87 167 Amaudo Crosley FR Shorewood 28:19.50  
90 180 Peter Olson FR Shorewood 29:34.70   
91 181 Ben Pagenkopf JR Shorewood 31:00.10   
92 186 Story Sandy JR Shorewood 31:05.90 (injured)  
93 182 Sam Pakenkopf FR Shorewood 31:23.70   

It was also great to see many alumni at the meet to cheer on the TEAM.

Congrats Guys!

Report from Keith Dodd:

Early Bird Invite

“Its A GREAT DAY to be a GREYHOUND!” noted Dom in a last email to the team the day of our race, and what a great day it turned out to be.
Early in the morning the team met at Einsteins for some bagels and many headed on over to the course to help ready it for the meet to come afterwards. It was obvious that everyone was thinking about the same thing, the race to come. The feeling of team unity in meeting up for food and then fixing up the course carried over to the meet as we all met together on the grassy hill in the warm summer sun, just two hours from race time.
The time seemed to speed by, before I knew it, the team was huddled together in front of the starting line, gathering what thoughts they had to prepare them for the first meet. Lines like, “leave it on the course,” “go for it,” and “max effort” were said, and then the team ran back to the starting line, waiting for the official’s fateful gun. 
and they were off.
At the 800 mark the runners came by fast, momentum held from going down big bertha. Marquette’s number one was pushing the pace, but Wauwatosa west’s top guy and Peter Morris were right on his heels. Next came a pack of 4-5 Marquette guys, working together, followed by an even bigger pack of Shorewood runners, including at least Papke, Charles, Goldberg, Tom and Trout, with more Shorewood runners trailing behind. The pack sped along confidently together, not losing any ground to Marquette.
By the mile, not too much had changed. Peter was a machine, charging forward still in third, and the Marquette pack and Shorewood pack passed by one after another, now a bit strung out, a couple of people like Charles, Papke, and Tom starting to move forward a bit. I stayed to watch the rest of the team and I was pleased to see the dedication showing with every member; some notable ones being Peter Olson, Jacob Schermer, Story Sandy and Gus Pendleton. Every single team mate was going for it and being competitive. 
By the second time up Big bertha, it was obviously getting painful. The top two runners had created a gap on Peter, but it did not seem to faze him as he created his own big gap between him and the fourth runner. After Peter there were some tired faces and I watched amazed as John Papke faced the hill head on. Gritting his teeth he surged and passed a ton of people. That’s when it became clear that many of the Shorewood Greyhounds had raced smart and had more to give. As I looked at the faces I noticed, almost without exception, the Shorewood faces were more focused, less tired; they were not giving in to the pain. Our pack had moved forward and mixed in with Marquette. Although Marquette still had the upper hand, it was clear that we still had a lot of fight left. Whether through hill charges like Papke and Goldberg, or through the slow increase of pace like Charles and Tom, we were inching our way up.
The team unity and encouragement was still there as well. I watched as team mates who lapped other team mates, made sure to cheer each other on. Story Sandy had started to walk due to his knee and I was infinitely impressed to see him with a smile, cheering on his team mates with more gusto than even the excited parents.
Up Big bertha one last time and something seemed to click. The team all seemed to accelerate as one. Papke gave another surge, and Charles increased pace, now catching back up to Papke. As Marquette fell, we rose. And as we our top 5 zoomed towards the finish, it was unclear who would win. Marquette’s top runner finished in first decisively, and Peter finished strong in third. But instead of Marquette’s pack coming in next, we came. Papke sprinted in for fourth, and Charles and Tom accelerated through not too far behind. Next came Goldberg, our fifth runner, with a fast finish and then Marquette’s fifth behind him. 
After that, Trout, Sam and Mauer came through and Dellutri fought through some bad asthma, Mayan right behind him. The rest of the team finished well and with the exception of Dellutri’s asthma, Schermer’s chest breathing problem and Story’s knee, we finished well. Even at the end of the race we managed to finish in groups or pairs. Including: Charles and Tom not far apart, Dellutri and Mayan, Abdul and Spencer, Alex and Sam, Schermer and Gus, and at one point near the end, Peter and Story, with Story also selflessly helping Ben Pagenkopf at the finish, with his constant smile and completing his goal.
Next came awards and congratulations Shorewood Greyhounds! We had managed to beat Marquette by a few points in a spectacular start to the season. It was a GREAT day to be a Greyhound indeed!

Here's a link to a few pictures from the Early Bird Meet. Let Coach know if you have some pictures you would like to share.  (right click on link and select open in new window to go directly to photos)

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