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Tips from Coach Dom
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Yesterday we worked on a Creative visualization/mental imagery to help you with your race. We spend so much time training for our race physically that we often neglect the mental aspect, which may be the true test in determining how successful we can be in our sport. We will work on both the mental and physical aspect of training to help you and your TEAM in reaching our season goals. In learning how to do this, you will increase control over your performance, learn how to perform under pressure and push yourself beyond your limitation. Before we can move on to the mental imagery you must learn how to relax your body. (This would also be great for parents to try after a hard day at work). I like the site offered by University of Wisconsin. They have a quick relaxation and a few longer relaxation activities that you can try. Try down loading to you MP3 player and use it during lunch or any free chance that you get. Once you get yourself in a relaxed state you can begin the mental imagery, where you rehearse the sights, sounds, smell and touch. You should try to imagine yourself in as real of a race environment as possible. You can use this to go over your race plan, familiarize yourself with the course, focus on goals or to just see your own success help the teams success. I will make copies of the CD that Terry White made for the team if you would like one. I will also send a copy of a Creative visualization sheet soon. I'm tailoring it to the team. If you can not do the mental imagery the above relaxation technique will: Restore you mentally and physically. Remove stress and muscle tension (great for test days) Allows you to achieve a more POSITIVE mental state Helps you focus on your body Dominic
Two Mile Trial Run - Season Opener 0 0 none
Congrats to the harriers that completed their first hard effort of the season! It is not easy to jump in and run a hard 2 mile effort just 2 days into practice. The reason for the hard effort is for the coaches to asses where the athletes are at. This way we can write workouts that are appropriate for them to do for the next couple of weeks. If you did not hit your goal time or if you did not place where you thought you should, do not worry about it. There are many things that may have affected your performance. Just learn from it and try to perform better the next time. The first time is your 2 mile time, the second time is an approximation of what your 5k time could have been if you where able to maintain the same pace. Please do not put to much stock in this as it is pretty difficult to continue at this pace. As you know weather, course, mood, injuries, ect…. can play a part in how you run. We now have a starting point. Please be aware that an ideal time gap between your 1-5 runners should be under 60 seconds. We are at 95 seconds. It is even better if we can cut the cap down to under 60 seconds for our top 7. The 2003 team’s gap 1-5 was (47 seconds) The 2004 team’s gap 1-5 was (65 seconds) The 2005 team’s gap 1-5 was (66 seconds) The 2006 team’s gap 1-5 was (1:47 odd year) The 2007 team’s gap 1-5 was (68 seconds) we were second that year. Ben Tyler: 9:58/15:37 Peter Drews: 10:25/16:27 Joe Pendleton: 10:49/16:52 John Taylor: 11:31/17:50 Gavin Schroeder: 11:33/17:53 Brendan Vorpahl: 11:40/18:13 John Papke: 11:47/18:43 Oliver Heywood: 12:11/19:10 Aidan Mazur: 12:18/19:16 Tom Tracey: 13:48/21:25 David Stern: 14:05/21:50 Nat Froiland: 14:31/22:40 Dan Vrobal: 14:45/22:55 Collin Brusnahan: 17:07/27:30 Spencer Heywood: 17:34/27:21 Devon Holling: 18:18/29:05 John Trout: 18:21/29:51

Alumni News
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Andrew Erickson Bites the Dust! 0 0 none
Just letting you all know all know that Andrew Erickson is now engaged to his long time girlfriend Amy. They will look to exchange their vows late next next spring or early summer. Andrew is currently studying to be an engineer at MIT and Amy is an education major at UW-M. Good Luck to the couples!

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