Sheboygan Basketball Club: Welcome



The Sheboygan Basketball Club would like to thank all of their sponsors who made this happen.  You are the reason our kids will improve their skills and become more fundamentally sound in the game of basketball.  Please view our business sponsors on the sponsor link in the menu on the left side and again THANK YOU!

Family and friend sponsors:

Grandma Wagner, Frederick & Angela Sutkiewicz, Mr & Mrs Daniel Weissgerber, Tom Scharenbrock, Lisa Holzwart, Kevin Raeder, Mike Lindstrom, Ron Stuckol, Ed Meyer, Trapper Dan, Brent Hellmer, Lisabeth Eckola, Malissa Dunn, Jeff Loose, Judy & Leon Uhl, Joan Evans, Donna Oliver, Tim Nelesen, The Grijalva Family, Donna Hall, Eric Spencer, Rachel Rulmyr, Jerry B. Larson, Bob & Jill Callahan, Cyndi & Dennis Lesher, Mark Fessler, Tim Pittner.

Thanks again to our family and friends who contributed to SBC basketball.



Coach: Chad Kuck
Phone (920) 226-0094