Serra Mesa Little League: Rainy Day Information

Rainout Procedures
A field assessment will be performed by 7:00 AM on a Saturday and 3:00 PM on a scheduled weekday game day. A notice to all Managers will be sent via email.  Every effort wil be made to post a notice on the Serra Mesa Little League website. 

Managers can call Bill from 7:15 AM on if they do not have email access to confirm a rain-out.

In the event of a rain-out:

T-Ball games are typically not made up.  If Managers want to make individual arrangements outside other scheduled games they may do so.

Caps games are usually not made up. 

Minor and Major games - Makeup is done first by Major teams and second, if time/dates permit by Minor teams.  For this reason, Saturday rain-outs are the worst, as so many teams want to make up games.

Majors have priority over Minors for doing makeups, so Minor makeup games may not happen. In the same way, if two Minor teams request a reschedule 24 hours in advance and a subsequent rain-out necessitates makeup of a Major game, the Major game takes priority - see the Local Rules.  Minors and Majors also have the option of a makeup on a Sunday after 1:00 PM if mutually agreed to.  If so, Scott (President), Andy (Field), and JP (Chief Umpire) all need to be informed.  For a Sunday game, you may need to arrange your own Umpire by working with JP.  Makeup games on a Friday will usually be the first Friday available, so later Fridays remain open, should a need arise. The ugly side of a Friday game is that a team may end up playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Talk about needing to develop pitchers!  A three-game set can bring out the best or worst in Managers.  Your players take their cues from you. 

Juniors and Seniors - Make games up if possible via the District scheduler.

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