Serra Mesa Little League: Registration FAQs

Registration FAQ

General Registration Information

Q. Who can register for Serra Mesa Little League?
A. Boys and Girls - Ages 5 through 16.

Q. How do I register?
A. In-Person Registration is currently being scheduled and will be posted on the web site as soon as we have firm dates. Please contact the Player Agent or League President under the "Board" link. Three proofs of residency, health insurance information and birth certificate are required.

Q. What's included in your registration fees?
A. Included in your registration fees are:
 Team Equipment
 Individual and Team Photo Program
 $25 Snack Bar Fee (refunded when a parent performs a shift at our snack bar)

Q. What are accepted proof of residence documents?
A. Proof of residence can be any of the following:
1. Driver's license
2. Voting Registration
3. School Records
4. Welfare Records
5. Federal, State, Local records
6. Support payment records
7. Homeowner or tenant property insurance
8. Utility Bills (not phone)

Q. What Happens After Registration?
A. Players are assigned a try out date at registration. Teams are drafted a week later. Players are then contacted by coaches and given practice schedule. Game schedule comes several weeks later around Opening Day.

Q. Who do I contact for more information?
For Spring 2007 Ball - Please contact Garry Haun at 858-571-6208 or

Handout: Registration Forms/Info

Serra Mesa Little League Boundaries

The boundaries for Serra Mesa Little League are from Route 52 in the North to I-8 in the south and I-15 in the East to Route 163/I-805 in the west.

Players are eligible for Serra Mesa Little League if their families live within the area high-lighted on this map.

Our league area includes the area south of SR 52 and north of Interstate 8. The western boundaries are SR 163 between SR 52 and Aero Drive and Interstate 805 from Aero Drive to Interstate 8 with the boundary extending at Mission Center Rd to Friars Rd then on to SR 163 down to Interstate 8.

Families living just to the west of this area would be a part of the Kearny Mesa Little League,  the area to the south is the  North Park or Mid City Little Leagues area, and the area to the east is Allied Gardens, Murphy Canyon, or Tierrasanta Little Leagues.

Any player who moves out of a league's boundary area can still play for that league as long as their play is continuous (they can't play a season with one league, then the next in a different one, then go back to the first one). Our Player Agents are happy to field any eligiblity questions.

2006 Boundary
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