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Help Wanted

1) Must wear heavy, cumbersome protective gear while working in the direct sunlight with temperatures in excess of 90 degrees.

2) You will have cylindrical metal and wooden objects swung within inches of your head while circular objects are thrown directly at you.

3) You will be required to stand perfectly still as this happens and not even blink. Especially not blink.

4) You will be struck, when you least expect it, by the circular objects and suffer multiple contusions during your term of employment.

5) You may be required to negotiate peace between two agitated parties.

6) Every decision you make will be evaluated and second-guessed by everyone. You will be required to make these decisions in a split second and have them analyzed for days by people who saw it better from a bad angle and further away than you were from the scene.

7) You may be required to do double-shifts on Saturdays.

8) You will be given water while you work (prisoners even get “bread with their water”).

Salary: A soda and hot dog, if you do a really good job you may even get fries too.

Benefits: Just when you start to question “WHY” do I do this, you realize there is a reward program that is unavailable to anyone else. You get the best seat in the house at every Little League game you work, with a view of all the action right up front. You get to share the experience of a child’s first hit, the first time they score a run, their first home run and know that you are a vital part of making it all possible. The greatest dividend is the smile and thanks you will receive from the children who may not always show it, but respect and admire you for being there for them.

If this sounds like a job for you, then contact Robert Maxlow at robmax1966@yahoo.com 727-479-9342 and become one of the BLUE.