Sebastopol Little League: Jobs

Friday, December 10
There is a Job for Everybody


Each and every parent must volunteer some time for our youth to have a quality baseball program. Just so nobody can say "I don’t know what to do", here are some volunteer positions to help with your child’s team. Most amount to only a few hours each season.

• Manager

Responsible for the team "on the field". The manager is responsible for making sure that players learn how to play the game properly. The manager makes all game time decisions.

• Coach

Assists the manager in running the team. Usually someone who is knowledgeable about baseball skills or just someone who wants to help. We offer coach training each year (see the Calendar).

• Team Parent

Responsible for the organization of the team "off the field". Duties include scheduling parents for concession stand duty, opening day duty, and after game snack duty. Also informing everyone about picture schedules on opening day, and delivering the team plaque to the sponsor. Last, but not least, planning the after season party, and arranging gifts for the coaches and manager. Some teams have more than one person as team parent.

• Field Prep

Responsible for dragging, watering, and lining the infield, as well as fixing the pitcher’s mound (setting up the pitching machine) prior to each game. The home and visiting teams share these jobs.

• Scorekeeper

Keeps the scorebook for the team. No experience is needed as we have a scorekeeper’s training clinic (see the Calendar). Almost everyone that has been a scorekeeper has said that it has improved their appreciation and understanding of the game.

• Umpires

Are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game. The teams provide the umpires for the games. Generally, it is the managers and coaches that umpire, but it doesn’t have to be. Some leagues hire umpires, but experience has taught us that paid umpires usually aren’t any better than volunteers. If you have ever thought an umpire made a bad call, then it’s time for you to volunteer and make the right call. You can get all the training you need at the rules clinic and umpire field clinic (see calendar). Standing behind the plate is the second best seat in the house. Only the catcher has a better view.

 • Concession Stand Volunteers

Are responsible for working at the concession stand when their team is assigned concession stand duty regardless of the division their child is in.