Sebastopol Little League: Intro

Saturday, December 10


This handbook is intended to provide you with information on how our league is run and how you can help. There is far more to running a league than can be conveyed in these few pages, but we hope that this handbook answers your basic questions and gives you the information you need to find the answers that aren’t here.


Sebastopol Little League is a youth baseball organization affiliated with Little League Baseball, Inc. headquartered in Williamsport, PA. Information on the Little League baseball program can be seen at the Little League website:

We are part of District 35 in the Western Region. Regional headquarters is in San Bernardino, CA. Our Little League ID number is #04053511.


Sebastopol Little League was organized in 1957. The first game was between the Dodgers and Giants. They played Polley Field. The home team pitcher was Pete Pellini, . The visiting team pitcher was Skip Marshman.

Among the more famous graduates of our league are:

Jason Lane:  After honing his skills learned on the SLL diamonds, Jason went to El Molino High, SRJC and earned All-America honors at USC.  He made his Major league debut in 2002. This year, he started in right field for the Astros in the 2005 World Series against the Chicago White Sox. Jason homered to center field in the 4th inning of the record setting 14-inning Game 3 which the White Sox eventually won, 7-5.

John Wetteland: Had a 12 year Major League career, from 1989 through 2000, playing for the Dodgers, Expos, Yankees and Rangers. His career highlight was in 1996 where he earned four saves to lead the Yankees to the World Series Championship and was named the World Series Most Valuable Player!  John was a 3-time Major League All-Star and his career totals include an earned run average of  2.93 and 330 saves.  Not bad for a kid who started out playing at Park Side and Polley Fields.