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Scituate Little League Holds Annual Meeting

Scituate Little League held its annual meeting on September 28th.  The annual meeting is held to elect the board members for the 2016 season and assign coordinators.

President Dan Fennelly presented the annual report for the 2015 season, which highlighted the many successes of the season.  


Mr. Fennelly recognized many of the volunteers who made the year a success.


All volunteers of the league were encouraged to vote for 15 new board members.  Quite a few members voted by absentee ballot. 


The 2016 Board of Directors for the league include officers Dan Fennelly, President, John Garrett, Vice President, Audrey Melanson, Treasurer, and Mike Tempesta, Secretary. Other board members include Kelly Arevian, Mike Barthel, Craig Chisholm, Mike Darmetko, Jay DiGravio, Ed Fiddler, Marty Geoghegan, John Kroeger, Greg Lisi, Bob Parker and Tony Vegnani


The League also appointed as Auxiliary Board Members (non-voting) Peter Belval, Ken Bates, Darryn Campbell, Gary Durante, Dennis Esker, Jeff Holley, Peter Kowenhoven, John O'Brien, Roger Grenier and JL Murphy.  

2015 Board of Directors Annual Meeting and 2016 Election

Scituate Little League will be holding its Annual Meeting on Monday September 28th, 7:30 PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

The meeting will include the annual report on the 2015 season as well as the election for the Board of Directors for the 2016 fiscal year. Coordinator assignments will also be made at this meeting.

Scituate Little League also accepts volunteers for Auxiliary Board Members who may not be able to commit to being a full board member but would like to participate as a non-voting board volunteer.

All members of Scituate Little League are encouraged to attend. If you are interested in participating on the board for the 2016 fiscal year, please notify Mike Tempesta (contact on SLL website ) to have your name included on the ballot. Please notify Mike by September 21th for ballot inclusion. If you cannot attend and would like to vote on the 2016 election, please contact Mike for an absentee ballot – the ballot must be received by Sept 27th.


2016 Annual Meeting/Election coming up

The League is accepting applications to the 2016 Board of Directors.

If anyone wants to join the board, or be involved in the administration of the league, please notify our Secretary, Mike Tempesta. His contact information is on our website under the “Board” tab.

The League will be having a monthly board meeting on Tuesday Sept 8th – 7:30 PM at the Knights of Columbus building. At that meeting the initial ballot for our Annual Meeting (at the end of September) will be created.

We will also be discussing some very important issues for the coming year, including fundraising, summer ball, and upcoming projects for the league. Your attendance is welcome and encouraged.


Scituate Little League Raffle Winners

Scituate Little League’s annual raffle to raise money for field improvements was concluded last month.

A random drawing was held on August 31st.

The raffle winners were:

  • First Place Winner - $5000 – Gail McNeice of Scituate
  • Second Place Winner - $2,000 – Lisa Mullen of Scituate
  • Third Place Winner - $500 – Tim Leary of Scituate

The league also awarded cash prizes to the players who sold the most tickets. Those players were:

  • John Murphy – First Place - $100
  • Grayden Harris – Second Place - $50
  • Michael James – Third Place - $25

The league would like to thank all the players and parents who were extremely generous in participating in the raffle.


By-Laws Amended

Scituate Little League has recently amended its by-laws to be in compliance with the objectives of Little League International and be in compliance with the purpose and use of monies raised by the league.

For many years Scituate Little League has provided donations to worthy organizations, bereaved families as well as scholarships to High School Seniors (we have donated over $50K in the last 20 years). It is also the nature of the league and our charter to promote youth baseball in our community and support the community with philanthropy.

The purpose of this by-law is to specify the conditions under which we many make these donations. We are specifying that no registration fees or operational income will be used for this purpose, and only monies raised through fundraising will be.

The by-laws were voted on and approved unanimously by the board as such:

“Scituate Little League, in support of the objectives of the league and to provide philanthropic support for its members and community will, as appropriate and from time to time, will have the ability to make donations to member’s families who have suffered bereavement in their immediate family. In addition, as appropriate and voted by the Board of Directors, Scituate Little League may donate funds to worthy causes in the community as part of our objectives to better the community. Also, Scituate Little League as part of its role in the community promoting baseball and the molding of future citizens will have the ability to provide High School seniors in the community monies in the form of scholarships based on their participation in the league or dedication to the ideals of the league. All donations are to be determined on a case by case basis, be appropriate in nature, and voted for by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. The monies for said donations will be from Scituate Little League’s fundraising activities and separate from registration fees.”

A full copy of our constitution and by-laws are posted under the forms/handouts tab to the left .


Scitaute Little League Fundraiser a Success

The Scituate Little League Fundraiser held at the River Club last Friday was a rousing success.

Parents, coaches and families participated in the Little League Fundraiser to raise money for Field Improvements. The money raised will go to funding various projects on the 11 baseball fields in town. Previous projects have included new lights at the High School Varsity field, new scoreboards for the Greenbush and HS field, Safety Fencing at the Cudworth Fields and new foul poles at Greenbush and Roach.

The attendees were entertained by hilarious comedians John Turco and Paul Nardizzi. John is a Scituate resident and had the crowd “in stitches” at his riotous take on some local venues and things around town. Paul is a national headliner who kept everyone laughing for his entire set.

Senator Bob Hedlund led the Live Auction and was excellent in getting the crowd’s donations for the league. There were many items for auction that were donated by many local merchants.   See the list below of supporters of the event.  Items included everything from heating oil to gift certificates at many of the harbor merchants, to Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots game packages. Bidding was lively and most attendees took home some very nice donations. The league thanks all involved in their generosity.


Thank you to all the contributors to our Fundraiser :


·         Anderson Fuel

·         Atlantic Baseball Club

·         Barker Tavern

·         Be Well Studios

·         Coach Billy Collins

·         Senator Bob Hedlund

·         Circe's

·         Coach Craig Parkins

·         Cohasset Gulf

·         Cosmos Café

·         Defreitas Family Reel Buzz Fishing Charter

·         Dependable Cleaners

·         D'Lux Spa

·         Feehily Photography

·         Galley Restaurant and Bar

·         Harborside Toy Company

·         Hatherly Country Club

·         Hingham Lumber

·         In Control Driving

·         Coach JL Murphy

·         Comedian Extraordinairre John Turco



·         King Jewelers

·         Luxury Nails and Spa

·         Magill and Gardner Physical Therapy and Exercise

·         Mark Falvey Painting

·         McBriens Auto Diagnostic

·         Mullaney Fish

·         Owl's Crossing Preschool

·         Paridise at Home

·         Shawn Harris Enterprise

·         Shawn Sullivan

·         Silent Chef

·         Talbots

·         Tedeschi's North Scituate

·         TK O'Malley's

·         Webster OneSource and Ernie Foster

·         The Welch Company

·         Whole Foods Market Derby St.

·         Widows Walk Golf Course

·         Wilburs North



Special thanks to all Parents, Coaches, Team Parents and SLL Board Members


John Turco and Family

Suzanne Fennelly

The River Club and Staff

The Shawn Sullivan Family

Senator Bob Hedlund





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