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Only just realised what is below - take the time to read it - they were giddy times but we should be aiming to get back up to the top of Yorkshire cricket - anything is possible as we proved in 2000 and 2001.....

Ash's Season Review
I have recently completed my 10th year of cricket at the greatest club in the world (time flies...).During that time it has been my pleasure to see the club move forward with long rapid strides. There are, doubtless, many events and achievements in the clubs 125 years which have seen Scholes CC become what it is now. Namely, the decision to enter the Huddersfield District League but can anyone remember such a more amazing, action-packed, ground breaking, enjoyable decade as the one just passed. Not only did the club gain promotion to Section A and, with a hardworking side, stay up by the skin of it's teeth, it pushed on to finish in a respectable league position, then finished 2 points shy of winning it and finally in the year 2000 after years of careful planning fulfill the ultimate goal of erecting the massive prize on the wall of the clubhouse. A great achievement.
Within the same decade the 1st XI appeared in three Sykes Cup Finals, winning it once in arguably the toughest of the three finals, Elland on their own patch. The club played in the Yorkshire Champions Trophy as well, being defeated by Pickering.
The 2nd team have become the team to beat in the League and the Paddock Shield winning at least one trophy every year.
We have had the honour of having the best batter the league has ever seen in our ranks in Wasim Jaffer, A great all-rounder in Chetan Sharma, quality bowlers in Rashid Patel, Simon Parkinson, Andrew Hutchison and Ervin Clarke, prolific run makers in Dave Weston, Steve Booth, Paul Wharton, Melly Booth, Nicky and Daryl Brook, the significant talent of Anthony Coldwell and the emergence of Steve Whitwam, Kristian Whittaker and James Noble. One thing that will always override all this ability is a spirit which runs right through the club. This spirit is the most important player and from my limited time at the club it has been the one thing in evidence week in and week out. This spirit has won games that have been lost. This spirit has won the Sykes Cup and the Paddock Shield. This spirit has won the League. It is this spirit which must continue if we are to move forward with the same purpose we have shown over the last few years.

It has been great for me to play a role over this period. The greatest moment personally was when I was asked to become 1st XI Captain, this was huge for me, to be captain of the best club in the world is a massive honour which shouldn't be underestimated and I was prepared to give it everything I had got.
I'll try and put down in words as many of the memories I can recall and the emotions I experienced during the 2001 season as well as reminding you all of some of the fantastic individual and team performances along the way.

My first major decision was who was going to be Vice-Captain. I needed someone who loved the club, someone strong in character and someone who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. There were a few candidates but I had to go with my gut instinct. Easiest decision of the season. Coddy.

We had a team meeting in the Red Lion in March and it was made perfectly clear that too many changes would be counter-productive. After all we had won the league the previous year. Why pull the sails down now and risk the new ones not being hoisted correctly.
However there are always areas that can be improved. We all felt the most important of these was a positive attitude at all times, for example we would always be ready to take the field of play one hour before the first ball even if the ground was waterlogged. This we agreed sent a message to the opposition. We agreed never to blame the pitch if you received an unplayable delivery, it's more important to be philosophical when you feel angry, and more difficult but we did it.
We agreed to be positive and patient when batting, put the bad ball away and respect the good ones. When bowling deny the batsmen the bad ball and again be patient. Whilst fielding catch everything and if you drop one pray another one comes your way,in the field back up everything. We agreed to encourage our bowlers and not waste our breath engaging in conversation with the batsmen.
Confidence was never a problem, as I'll go on to tell you we have some supremely confident people in our club.
Another area was one we had no experience of, The Champions Factor. How to cope with being the team to beat. We agreed that what had happened the previous year was now in the history books and if we started dwelling on it we would soon get caught out. There was to be no mention of the 2000 championship on match days, something we felt very important to enable minds to be focused on the best cliche of all, " take every game as it comes" or in cricketing terms "take every ball as it comes".

We were all set. How could we lose a single game with our team and our positive approach.
Things don't always run as smoothly as that..............
Game One V Kirkburton

I checked my bag seventeen times. New ball, second ball, lucky coin, second lucky coin, box, flannels, boots, new ball, cap, shirt, bat, new ball. Got to go, can't be late, not today.
arrive at ground 11-45 am, 1-30pm start, a little early, start panicking, where's the new ball, it was there in my bag and it's disappeared. I empty the entire contents from my bag onto dressing room floor, the final item to drop, new ball. Panic over. 11-46am Where is everyone? Did I ring them all? Do they know we are at home? Do they know it 's the cricket season? Where are they? Start panicking, where's that new ball gone? Coddy should be here? Did I tell him? What's the date? Is it next week? 11-47am Dave should be here? Where's Bob Dearnley? Where's Bob Joynson? Where's Bob Pell? Where am I? What's the date? I plan a resignation speech, can't cope, Where's Tom? New ball, box, gloves, Where's Steve? Is he registered? Scorer? Book? Who sorted that? 11-48am. Where's Hutch? He's always late, Do they think it's a 2 O'clock start.
11-49am I go home.
12-29pm I return looking very calm.
Everyone is here!
First lesson learnt. Never arrive too early

The actual game didn't exactly go to plan. From a position of apparent strength at 81-1 we collapsed to a lowly 129-9. Steve and Nick grinding some valuable runs out on the usual first day sticky dog. I dogged 20no out at the end but I have to admit I was not bubbling over with confidence at tea. Hutch got Richardson C&B in his first over and after 10 overs with Kirkburton on 18-4 I was a little happier. Parky and Coddy joined in and tight spells with wickets were just what was required as we restricted the Riley Laners to 107-9. 5 points in the bag and a great team performance with the highlight Simons 3-44(23).
I sat in the garden at midnight mentally exhausted thinking what on earth have I let myself in for.
Gold award - Simon Parkinson

Heavy Woollen V New Farnley

I was delighted to be in the much more relaxed atmosphere of the Heavy Woollen Cup the following day and after I'd talked the opposition captain into letting us bat it was great to sit back and watch Dave Weston, Chris Stockdale and Nick Bisby combine to score 213 runs between them in a total of 248-3. We knocked them over for 119 with a solid bowling display.
Gold award - Chris Stockdale

Game two V Kexborough

Kexborough wouldn't normally trouble us too much and I was more aware of guarding against complacency than anything else. They did have Ritchie Kapoor in their line-up which was a good thing to focus on when we were accumulating the runs. Batting first again we limped to 122 -5 with Steve putting together a superb innings of 72 until Tom(57no) and myself(27) put together a partnership of 60 to project us over the magic 200. Surely enough. Parky rid us of Kapoor in the third over and the rest shuttered for 76 to give the boys a welcome six points.
Gold award - Tom Weston

Sykes Cup
First Round V Shepley

Winning the toss and batting went a long way to winning this game as the Shepley dressing room sagged in the middle when they learnt they had to take the field first. Up to this point in the season we hadn't really put everything together in the batting department but an opening partnership of 87 between Wasim(103) and Steve(35) and another one of 85 as Dave(55) in 45 balls ensuring a total of 252-4 and a very happy skipper. Shepley set about their task in steady fashion but as 'good lad' Aussie Mitchell and Barnsleyer Skelly took their team to 165-2 I was suddenly looking around for options. Coddy was on the treatment table and Ian and Simon unavailable. Kristian took his chance of a lengthy spell beautifully and 2-77(20) don't tell the true story of how well he bowled, Hutch remained his consistent self with 3-49(13) and 4 run outs from a clearly panicking lower order helped us progress into round two.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game Three V Hall Bower

The kick up the backside we needed came a little early in the season for my liking - and at Hall Bower of all places. If you are going to lose, however, make sure it's not against a serious contender. Hall Bower have our respect in the way they approach their task and they certainly outplayed us this day. Wasim gets nought and his mate Hudda gets hundred tells most of the story. In between Coddy drops his first ever ball in flight, Dave Weston and Ian Bray bat well but we don't look that penetrative with the ball and the outcome is a first league defeat. Not happy.
Gold Award - Dave Weston

Heavy Woollen V East Bierley

The only downside of playing Bierley was that Murphy Walwyn - Mr East Bierley - and a brilliant cricketer with a massive shlong had decided to leave the Bradford League giants in the winter. Nevertheless, they came, as always, with a swagger which shouldn't be condemned and completed a, in the end, comfortable win. Wasim didn't drop many this year but the chance he spilled to relieve Jaffer Nazir was crucial. Hutch had bowled a dazzling spell of swing bowling which had the Bierley chairman desperately reaching for his cheque book. He, later, saw our nicotine freak strapping his ankles in a couple of icebergs whilst lighting a woodbine and sneaked his contract into the shredder. Ervin bowled well too, as did Ian Bray, who loves bowling and lights up the ground with his wide smile after virtually every ball he bowls.
We lost.
Gold award - Andrew Hutchison

Game four V Elland

I missed this game swapping second slip for Ward 14.
Dave took temporary charge and a great performance lifted my spirits high. He lost the toss, obviously, and Elland stuck us in.....whattt! Nice one Stuart. We struck 229 with Wasim(72) top scoring and Nick Bisby(58) featuring in a match winning stand of 148 for the 3rd wicket. Tom and Kristian got good late runs and at tea the Elland skipper opted for the heavy roller with dramatic effects. Hutch, magnificent, 5-32, Parky,playing second fiddle, 2-34, Pod 3-5, nice.
Dave was a happy man when I saw him chatting to the Elland boys about the afternoons stroll in the park.
Gold award - Andrew Hutchison

Yorkshire Champions Trophy
V Easingwold

Long way to this lovely town in North Yorkshire and our supporters did us proud, well outnumbering the slightly strange locals. Melly answered an eleventh hour call to take his rightful place in the starting line up. A really solid batting display saw us rattle up 200 on a large park. Ian Bray(40) topscoring.
We bowled well too. Steve Whitwam, Wasim, Coddy, Kris and Ian Bray cleaned them up after a bit of a fight 9 runs short. Melly's swoop and pick-up in one motion to end the game was worth the entrance fee and his overall enthusiasm is still heart-warming.
Gold award - Ian Bray

Game five V Linthwaite

Uneventful away win. Everyone played well.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game six V Lascelles Hall

We batted first and were grateful to Tom(31) and Wasim(81no) when putting together an otherwise scratchy 168. Jack bowled well 4-78. The Hall came close before the rains came but I felt their bold prediction that they had been robbed by the weather was optimistic. They still required 21 runs with 6 wickets left, a position of apparent comfort, but not against us.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game seven V Honley

Having said we were far from out of the game against Lascelles Hall I had also detected a bit too much tension in our play. We were everyones favourites to win the league and I thought we had tightened up a little so we decided to go out and play with a bit of freedom. Dave Westons century oozed class,Wasim and guest player Stockdale supported well as we put 233 on the board.
Honley briefly threatened with Danny Howard and Martin Green playing well but Hutch, Parky and later on Steve put the brakes on as Honley looked longingly at the black clouds.
Gold award - Dasve Weston

Sykes Cup
Second round V Holmfirth

Everything's going well. We are playing well. Just Holmfirth to beat and its Q-F time in the Sykes Cup. Cricket will bite you if you think like that and the thought of us losing to old adversaries, from whom we have accelerated away from in recent times, was unthinkable. I can tell you, at 140-1 after 32 overs I was running out of ideas. Everyone had thought the same as me, no problem, we can't lose. I turned to Wasim and Steve to take the pace off and they were superb. Kristian did nothing wrong either but I felt we needed a double change and walking in with a target of 232 to chase felt good after the start they had.
Wasim got a horrible case of pad rash as Steve(102no) and Dave(123no) put together a delightful partnership bristling with control and arrogance to see off the runs with 4 overs to spare. Holmfirth played well. I was learning new things every game.
Gold award - Steve Whitwam.

Game eight V Slaithwaite

I was feeling pretty happy with things by now. Gone was the jibbering mess on the first day and pure enjoyment was taking over. We had a great weekend to look forward to. This game against a weak Slaithwaite team and a Q-F against Elland in the Sykes Cup. We won the toss on a belter and despite losing Steve in the first over managed to scrape together 343-5, one short of the league record. Dave(72), missing out on a third successive ton in a selfless attempt to squeeze yet another run out of the flagging Slawiters and Wasim with a majestic 161 plundered away with proficient ease. Then, on debut, James Noble strode to the crease supremely confident after taking the second team by storm and proceeded to clatter 72 runs in 47 balls, a star was born.
We didn't bowl great and need to be more ruthless when we have a side clearly demoralised. Ian Bray kept us going in the field reminding us of the importance of the extra point. Slaithwaite got 242-5 as we found it difficult to make in-roads.
Gold award - James Noble....sorry Was.

Sykes Cup Q-F
V Elland

Another toss won on a cracking deck, the top three again got big runs Steve(31), Wasim(112no) and Dave, in the form of his life, 69. Nick Bisby continued his consistent form with a breathtaking 48 from 31 balls and we scored 109 runs in the last 10 overs. Stuart Fletchers last over went for 21 and we all had a lovely tea.
Hutch got Greaves, now where have I heard that before. Coddy got Webster. Mark Baldwin at 4.
Mmmm great game this. James Thornton, respected throughout our dressing room, amazingly came in at a lowly six looking to make a game of it. He was taking too many chances at a shot a ball and reached about 20 when he sent a steepler to long off. As I started to smile the ball popped out of Dave Westons fingers and slowly descended to the turf as gasps were heard all around. The game was still ours but we had to dig a lot deeper for victory as Dave will agree. Hutch and Kris bowled well up front and Coddy was doing his normal strangling job until his last 2 overs went for 30 and the clean hitting left hander moved to a superb century. Steve Whitwam held his nerve however with a marvellous spell of attrition bowling. He only got 1 wicket for 52 runs but spread over a 12 over spell in a pressure cooker atmosphere it was, probably, his best of the season. Elland fell 41 short in the end but we all know it was closer than that as the last 10 balls yielded no runs when the chase was finally conceded.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game nine V Delph and Dobcross

Our friends from Lancashire, we must confess, gave us a right stuffing here. Our attitude, commitment, approach were all first class but they had a very good day. Shadford and Joubert both batted with a determination that only Scholes could have extracted from them. Tom and myself both dropped Shadford at crucial times which could have swung the game but in the end the outcome didn't lie. Coddy bowled with massive heart as did Parky but it was, quite literally, one of those days. We left downtrodden but we needed to remember that we had been beaten because Delph outplayed us and not because we were awful. I almost felt that this was a turning point and we'd react from this defeat in a positive manner.
Gold award - Anthony Coldwell

Game ten V Shepley

When you've just been heavily beaten what could be better than the thought of playing our local friends and rivals from Shepley. Rob Denton, Shepley's captain had said earlier in the season that he couldn't remember when his team had last won a toss at Scholes and as he approached this time he clearly would have been happy to lose it today. The pitch looked full of life, green and brown and wet and as the coin fell I was the happier when the decision was not mine. We were batting and as we approached 200, Steve(98) was fantastic and Wasim (87) sublime, with nine wickets and 5 overs remaining we were all set for the 10+ per over onslaught . It didn't come and we limped to 232-8. Not bad though on a deteriorating pitch.
Hutch got the prize scalp of Phil Heaton as the wicket began to talk. Parky bowled with great control accumulating three wickets at about 2 per over and Coddy, Kris and Steve wrapped things up with 2 each to give us a valuable six points. Shepley left defeated yet again. We were left 8 points clear at the top. I had to calm myself down with a small bottle of lager.
Gold award - Steve Whitwam

Game eleven V Kirkburton

It was felt that Kirkburton would be closest to us by this time and although they were in second place we had some breathing space. Wouldn't it be great to stretch the gap today. We lost the toss and found ourselves in the field on a warm day and bowling on a cracking deck. Hutch, again, bowled with control and penetration as first Robinson and then Richardson were bagged in the space of two balls, we were happy. Their middle order dragged them to 125 and, as they searched for quick runs, wickets tumbled. Steve got 3 victims in 13 balls and Ian Bray bowled a miserly spell deserving his wicket. They went into the final over with 9 down and we had "cobber" brimming over with confidence and poise as he fired three deliveries then floated the fourth into the blue sky. With too much time at his disposal the jack of Kirkburton contrived to let the ball go passed his outside edge and clatter satisfyingly into the middle pole. What an opportunity.
Steve followed that up with a delicious 89 not out ably supported by a starry-eyed Jaffer(43no) and plonked us a further notch towards the main prize.
Gold award - Steve Whitwam.....just!

Sykes Cup S-F
V Lascelles Hall

We are playing really good cricket now and as I sat with a cup of tea on the morning of this one I knew the only way we could lose was if we had a bad day coinciding with The Hall having a very good one. So that's what happened.
I played on this ground for fourteen years and I still have a place in my heart for the club but it's a small place nowadays. There was no room for reminiscing until we stood triumphant in the bar. It never happened. Dave went for two and, bizarrely, later was banned for 2 games for dissent, a decision which was later quite rightly overturned. One thing we had no problem with this season was our general approach to the game, showing umpires and opposition the same respect as we expect to be shown. Cricket is too mighty a game to be spoilt by a lack of respect through poor sportsmanship and over-zealous umpiring.
Wasim played on 4 balls later to the home sides second Aussie, Cox. He bowled well but we gifted him a lot. Steve was flying towards another big score when over-confidence took his wicket.
Nick, again, showed why he is the best batsman/wicketkeeper in the league with a composed 50.
As Coddy joined me at 118-6 I felt we could do something special. I, also, felt we needed 220 and the irresponsible shot I played attempting to start the onslaught too early was my personal lowpoint. The VC(44) played with his usual swagger and despatched the seven-wicketed Cox for 4 sixes in 5 deliveries to lift us to 181 all out. Tea suddenly tasted better. James Sykes had other ideas and he batted with skill to reach 80 and take the Hall to the brink. Jack(48no) finished the job with a patient, professional knock and our dream of the double was shattered. Positive words of "Lets win the League, then" were good to hear but the disappointment didn't really disappear.
Gold award - Anthony Coldwell

Game twelve V Kexborough

What a Farce! 99 overs and we dominated the game. 10 seconds after 8pm the game is abandoned. 2 points each. Umpire Lockwood, one of the best, apologises but "rules are rules".
Emotions run high but don't spill over. News that Elland and Delph, by now our closest rivals had both lost lighten the mood. We have a drink and go back to West Yorkshire. We go 9 points clear. Ian Bray sparkled with a world-class 90.
Gold award - Ian Bray

Yorkshire Champions Trophy
V Sheffield Collegiate

Great game. They batted and we knew if we could keep them to less than a run a ball we had a chance. 10 overs maximum for each bowler makes for a better game. They got 258-4 and never really got out of 2nd gear. It was a good track. Wasim bowled 10 overs for 25 runs and they never played a cross bat shot.
Steve and Wasim got us off to a flier. Steve(33) went in the 15th over with the score on 67.
Dave(34) kept the momentum going as did Nick and Tom but Ian Brays brisk 47 took us close.
19 off three overs. Coddy and Skip at the crease. We did it comfortably with 1 ball to spare. Well, Coddy did it really but, what the hell, we had won a beaut of a game against the national champs and later to be crowned Yorkshire League Champions. Bring on the Congs! Ooops.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game Thirteen V Hall Bower

They batted first. John France batted well for his 83. Parky snaffled 4-44, Coddy 3-37 and Kris 2-44. Knocked 'em off with one down. Steve's excellent 66 and Wasim with 109no mean we cruise to victory with 16 overs left.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game fourteen V Broad Oak

Right now Steve Whitwam and Wasim Jaffer look invincible, Dave Weston is having his best season for Scholes, Ian Bray has struck gold and Nick gets runs everytime he wanders to the middle. Tom, myself and Coddy are missing out but that's OK. Coddy is firing with the ball. I love winning the catching prize and by now I am really loving being captain, Tom is selflessly going about his job ever ready to play another matchwinning knock. To have players like this in a team mean the difference between winning rather than losing the 3 or 4 games that can hang in the balance every season.
Broad Oak are not looking good and we get 307.
It's Kris's day with the ball as he bowls with pace and fire. He plunders 5-25. His PB for Scholes and we happily march away with another six points. Kirkburton get six too, they are putting a run together.
Gold award - Kristian Whittaker

Yorkshire Champions Trophy
V Pudsey Congs

This would be a test. We, for the first time, needed to play at about 150% capacity.
Pudsey Congs pay a squad to represent them, not a Pro and a couple of players. I believed we could win and at tea knew we had a great chance. I felt 2 early wickets would decide it but we got our first wicket with the score on 215 after 35 overs. James Middlebrook went from batting like Viv Weston to Viv Richards in the space of 20 minutes and the run was over. The Olympic water cone distinguished.
Earlier Steve played, in my opinion, his best innings for Scholes. He "took them on" and caressed 57, not his top score but an innings of high class. Wasim(62) and Dave(79) were equally effective and some fireworks from Coddy and Bizza meant we posted 288.
We passed half the test but they looked the best club side I'd ever seen and it was certainly no disgrace despite the margin of defeat.
Gold award - Steve Whitwam

Game fifteen V Honley

Honley without Matthew Wood had slipped back into mid table obscurity and it was a fixture with all the hallmarks of win written all over it.
Honley elected to bat and built a handy 174. Our bowlers kept everything in check. Parky was a model of consistency as his 19 overs cost 40 runs for 3 scalps.
The weather was coming, or was it? Should we chase the game? No, absolutely not. The wicket was keeping a little low but that was no excuse to be in a position of 109-9 when rain saved us.
News filtered through that only one game had finished and it was Kirkburton who had been deprived of a six pointer. Had Hutch or Parky fallen we would be 4 points clear at the top. We were 10 points clear, however, and the words of Paul Wharton were ringing in my ears. "You'll be a lucky captain, just like me!"
Gold award - Simon Parkinson

Game sixteen V Linthwaite

We brushed these aside again. Highlights were Wasims 164no, he hit 14 sixes(8 in a row off Beavis, whose figures of 17 overs for 132 gave Coddy a bit of ammo at teatime). Steve crashed 73. We skittled them for 101, Coddy being the pick with 3-20.
We are still 10 points clear. Kirkburton are pushing us all the way.
Gold award - Wasim Jaffer

Game seventeen
V Elland

This has become something of a graveyard for us in recent history. We had to go into this game with an open mind however. It had rained all week and the pitch had a tinge of green on it but it looked a good batting track. I decided I wanted to lose the toss and give the decision away . It was my most important game in charge and although it was great having won the toss count by almost 2:1 it brought it's own pressure. Besides I felt we were playing well enough to not be concerned if we were batting first or chasing. Elland won the toss and stuck us in.
Anywhere approaching 200 would be handy against a team who had been heavily reliant on Greaves and Webster in the preceding weeks.
Steve steered a lifter to first slip and Wasim(37) was caught at point with the score on 55.Dave and Nick once again were in the runs with time well spent at the crease. We needed a good tempo to the innings. We didn't need 250 and trying to chase a target like that would have had disastrous consequences. Ian Bray got a sharp 17 and Tom Weston(21) fresh from his summer holiday played a blinder with a candidate for shot of the season, leaning on a Lambert delivery and merely pushing it about 70 yards into the adjoining rec.
180. Par. We had to bowl well of course and we had to be more positive than our normally confident band of supporters. Perhaps it was the Elland factor that had temporarily affected their thinking but as we squirted salad cream onto our pizza we were already preparing for the task ahead.
Hutch got Greaves and after a short burst Coddy got Webster. Sound familiar. Mark Baldwin at 4. Mmmm nice. No heroics from James Thornton this time as he departed following a splendid catch from the sun-kissed Tom in the gully. Coddy was quite exhilirating, he loves a challenge and without Parky there he was able to hold centre stage as the revolving door never stood still.
We needed a big performance and he gave it to us with a blast of old fashioned pace and movement. It was Coddy's best display of the season and it is up there with the greatest of his career. Steve deserves a mention because although he only got one wicket he took the game away from them in tandem with the large one. Cobbers first 11 overs going for 11 runs. Coddy ended with 5-41 from 17. They had a go but at 141 - 8 they closed the door and we sailed away with 5 points. Was I dreaming. A win at Elland. I thought I was in slumber as England tucked the 5th goal away against Germany. I had a couple of beers with the boys and was up very early buying a paper for evidence of the previous days events.
Gold award - Anthony Coldwell

Game Eighteen V Delph & Dobcross

It had happened, we did beat Elland, Owen did get three, Coddy did get five and we needed to win this game today to be CHAMPIONS. All the hard work, nets, fielding practice, all the other games now meaningless except this one. I had boldly predicted at the seasons advent that 13 league wins should be enough. We had won 12. I found myself thinking this lot don't need motivating for this one. Delph had stuffed us earlier in the season and I had in front of me 10 men who wanted to win this game more than words can describe. I trusted the lot of them and they repayed me with a stunning win to give Scholes the ultimate prize for the second year.
After another toss defeat we were invited to bat. Steve and Wasim new the importance of patience on a green pitch, they put together a solid partnership of 89 in 27 overs when Steve departed for 37. Wasim(74) and Ian Bray(32) took us forward. James Noble hit a valuable 21no and I was delighted to hit the last ball for 6 to give us an added boost going into tea.
This time I agreed with our knowledgable support. We would need to bowl very well and get Shadford and Joubert earlyish. Hutch hatched a plan. Let's chuck one per over up to Shadford who is a good front foot player but keep the rest back of a length. He fell at the first as Hutch floated a tempter at him and he chipped a gobber up to a delighted skipper at mid-off. He got another wicket in his next over then Joubert and Jones put on 78 and at drinks a few doubts fluttered around. Steve bowled the first ball after tea, Joubert danced, didn't get there, hit it to Pod....... it's there. That was it surely. 75 runs came then in 15 overs as Grant Jones and this kid countered. Needing 49 from 10 overs and 7 wickets available they were clearly favourites. As we say in the field all the time " We've been here before". Hutch returned, not renowned a few years ago for his death bowling, and bowled his heart out. Two wickets in his first over saw off Jones(66) and the popular Jump(0). Coddy joined in, bowling the kid(50), who did play well.
As the tension mounted the wickets tumbled. With five wickets left they had only needed 25 in 5 overs. They swung and missed and we hit. With two balls to go I heard Coddy say to himself " If I don't bowl a no-ball now thats the Championship" Only Coddy!
It was appropriate that Coddy should finish the game but it was Andy's game, his comeback spell read 6 overs, 1 double wicket maiden, 4-11. Outstanding.
We were Champions.
Not without the spirit which rises to the surface when we need it most.
Gold award - Andrew Hutchison

Game 19 V Lascelles Hall

Six points!


I'd like to finish by saying a massive thanks to our supporters, groundstaff, tea people, barbecue, bar staff, the chairman and his committee, my wife Vicky who was a great support all the way through and especially May and June time and the players who made my first year as Scholes 1st XI captain a special one.