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2011 Santiago Cross Country
Santiago Cross Country 2011
Home of the Running Sharks

Santiago High School Cross Country strives to do its best to use running as a vehicle to enhance all areas of our lives. We demand excellence of ourselves and our teammates. We put teamwork, character, and committment at the top of a short list of non-negotiables. As such we put the needs of our team first, and our needs second. We are always looking for new and better ways to accomplish our goals of being the best (1) person, (2) student, and (3) athlete that we can be. We love what we do and conduct ourselves with pride. Everyone on the team is an active contributor to our success. No one is more, or less important than any one else. We are known as the sharks; an animal that is so committed that when it attacks another animal it looses teeth and just keeps on chewing because it has one goal in mind and will do what ever it can to help accomplish that goal. We live and breathe SHARK PRIDE.

Wednesday, December 21
winter break 2011 independent running workout schedule

OPTIONAL independent distance and middle distance running workout schedules and weight lifting routines are posted under "handouts", and under Track and Field handouts.  I just thought that some direction was better than none at all.  Please use common sense and start off light, and ease into it.  Always lift with a partner.  These workouts will probably make you sore, but I though that it would be wise to adjust to working out and get over being sore while you were on break and could sleep in as opposed to fighting the stresses that school work, studying, and projects give while fighting the stresses of training and soreness.  Best of luck.

Sunday, November 27
Bring Old Running Shoes to Banquet

This year we are getting involved with a program called, "Soles 4 Souls."  All you have to do is bring in a pair of old shoes.  In fact bring in ALL your old shoes in ANY condition and they will be dontated to people who can't afford shoes in third world countries.  Their moto is, "Change the world one pair at a time."  It sounds like a great way to free up closet space, and help someone in need at the same time.  As further motivation we will be giving out a raffle ticket for every pair of old shoes donated, and we'll raffle off a gift card at the end of the evening.  There will be a box set up to collect these shoes at the banquet.

Saturday, October 15
Race Results 2011

What an impressive showing from both the Girls' and Boys' Santiago High School Cross Country Teams this season!  Detailed results for each race runner including mile pace, and race times can be found under "Handouts" under "Race Results 2011 season." 

The girls are the Big VIII Champions, and CIF Finalists!  The boys qualified for CIF Prelims for the 9th year in a row!  What an exciting and impressive year for the Sharks!