Santa Susana Baseball: Snack Bar

Your snack bar shift is a fun opportunity for you to work alongside your teammate’s families! 
Our Snack Bar is run entirely by volunteers. We offer a variety of food and drink items including hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, mac & cheese, drinks, pretzels, candy and the ever-popular Icees.  The Snack Bar schedule is coordinated by the Snack Bar Manager and your Team Parent.  Training and instructions are provided and most people find that they have fun and the time flies by!  
Every registered player is required to have their parents/guardian work a shift in the snack bar. There is a maximum of three shifts per family.  Snack Bar shifts require a Snack Bar deposit of $75.00 for the first player and $50 for each additional sibling to ensure each family's obligation is met. The deposit will be returned by the end of the season if the obligation is fulfilled.
If a parent chooses to buy-out their Snack Bar duty, they can do so for a $50.00 fee for the first player and $25 for each additional player. Each parent must work a total of three (3) hours per child. Shifts are broken out into three (3) hours each.
 If a parent fails to meet his or her obligation, the fee will be forfeited to the League. Merely showing up does not mean the obligation to work in the Snack Bar has been met. Sending someone to work in your place may result in the forfeiture of your deposit should your replacement fail to be at least 18 years of age, or fail to complete their shift requirements.
Eligible workers for the Snack Bar must be adults.  Every worker is required to dress comfortably and MUST WEAR CLOSE-TOED SHOES. No flip flops or sandals. This is a board of health rule. Every worker must be 18 years of age. Please do not send in workers under 18. It is also a board of health rule that a worker must be 16 years of age to work with hot food. And, volunteers must be over 18 to work the grill.
Trained and approved teens will be scheduled only by the Snack Bar Manager.  
Volunteers will be required to follow all food safety requirements, snack bar procedures and rules, and to sign-in at the beginning of your shift and sign-out at the end of your shift. If, for any reason, a parent has difficulty with a scheduled shift or is unable to make a shift (except, of course, due to extraordinary circumstances), it is the parents’ obligation to notify the both the Team Parent and the Snack Bar Manager. Failure to work your registered shift will result in the forfeit of your Snack Bar deposit.