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6. - Posted April 7, 2010 8:47AM

Just wanted to share a real neat soft toss machine that we purchased. (Ultimate Hitting Machine) My kids hit off it about 5 times a week for at least 1/2 hour a day. It has really improved their batting average. They absolutely love it, but I think I love it more than they do, because I don't have to soft toss to them as much any more. I can just sit back and observe.

5. - Posted February 20, 2010 2:14PM
Solar Score

Solar Powered Radio Controlled Scoreboard

4. - Posted March 28, 2006 8:24PM
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3. - Posted June 29, 2005 8:52PM
Springdale LL, Stamford, Ct.

I had the opportunity to visit your park for the 10 year old All Star game on June 28. You have a very nice field and did a great job in hosting this tournament. My grandson Ryan played with the Menlo/Atherton team.
Congrats to you and your committee. I can appreciate all the work and time that goes into this.

2. - Posted March 8, 2005 7:42PM

1. - Posted February 27, 2005 8:30AM