Saline Volleyball Club: Saline's new sand courts

Friday, August 22
Beach volleyball comes to Saline (article in the Saline Reporter)

Pictured are Sunshine Lambert, Recreation Supervisor at Saline Parks and Recreation and Mike Petraszko, a director for the Saline Volleyball Club, proudly standing in front of the two recently completed sand volleyball courts located at Tefft Park behind the Recreation Center. Sunshine and Mike teamed up in 2005 to work on turning the Saline Volleyball Club’s dream of beach volleyball for Saline into a reality.  A grant was awarded to Saline Parks & Recreation in 2006 from CARES for the materials and construction of the sand courts. Sunshine spent 2007 doing careful research and planning, and getting the required approvals. The court plans were engineered by the City of Saline and constructed by the Department of Public Works (DPW), headed up by Dan Bennett.  Completion was achieved under budget.            

“This has been a true community effort and I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project,” said Sunshine.  “The courts are now open for public use. I invite you to grab your friends and family, toss your shoes to the side and play a little sand volleyball!”

 With the summer drawing to an end, Sunshine will not be running any organized leagues this year. However, plans are in the works for leagues and tournaments next year. She would like to hear from volleyball enthusiasts who wish to become involved with helping to format leagues and who have ideas about how best to utilize the courts. The Saline Volleyball Club has volunteered to help maintain the courts and conduct the spring cleanup. Their web site is

Sand Courts