Sachem Little League: Challenger

Thursday, April 25

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  Sachem Challenger Program

Looking for a Challenge ?

Looking for CO-ED Athletes - All Skill Levels Welcome

    Ages 5 - Adult for   skill training, softball games, tournaments and

Fun & Excitement    

Practice every Sunday 2:00PM to 4:00PM   April - July   &  September - October at the Holbrook Country Club Ballparks.  For more Information and Registration contact

 Roger Smith (347) 446-6168   Email:

Last year we could hardly get out players off the field. We had travel games with other leagues, participated in tournaments and competed in the Long Island Regional Special Olympics. Now you can understand why I am excited and looking forward to a great season.

The Sachem Little League and the Challenger Program are sanctioned by the Little League of America. The challenger Program is chartered by the United States Congress as an Educational Program and is open to anyone who has a physical or developmental disability.

There are 4 divisions in Challenger baseball

 Division  Age
 Minors  6-9
 Majors  10-13
 Juniors  13-18
 Senior  18 & Over

Each division is established based upon sufficient enrollment in those respective age brackets. Every player will receive a team shirt and hat. Equipment (except for baseball gloves) is provided by the League, best of all there is no cost to play. There is no residency requirement. If you can get there, you can play !!!

Please complete and return the registration form (See Handout below) to ensure a uniform being ready for you on opening day.

Hey adults, brothers, sisters and friends. You don't have to be caught watching in the stands. We need Managers, Coaches, Team Mothers and Buddies to make this a success.

We also need sponsors. Anyone wishing to sponsor or would like to make a donation, please have a check made out to Sachem Little League/Challenger Division. All funds donated are tax deductible and stay within the Challenger Division.

Handout: Challenger Registration Form

Challenger Win over Massapequa
Sunday, April 28
Sachem vs Massapequa - Sachem wins !! 7 - 6

Tuesday, January 8
Challenger Team Wins 2012 Presidents Trophy

The Challenger team defeated the team from the Sachem Little league Board to retain their tight hold on the Presidents trophy. Great defense, pitching, fielding and timely key hits were the key to this victory. The 2012 Sachem Challenger team once again proved they are in a class all by themselves!

Great job in 2012 sachem Challenger Program!!!

Annual LI Ducks Challenger Baseball BBQ

When:     Saturday September 20th 2014  @ 7:05PM - Ducks Vs Blue Crabs  -    Fireworks Night 

Where:    Bethpage Ballpark, Central Islip

Tickets:   Adults $30,  Athletes / Coaches / Children under 12  $24       Contact

Roger Smith (347) 446-6168     Email:  

This includes tickets to the game plus an all-you-can eat buffet with hanburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, roasted corn, tossed salad, Pepsi beverages, cookies, potato chips, snacks, watermelon, potato and macaroni salad.

Unlike past BBQ's, this is "In-Game BBQ" beginning at then end of the first inning and running for 90 minutes.

Yes, we will have our athletes line up on the field before the game.