Sachem Little League: Field Assignments

How to obtain a field for practice.

Sachem Little League and RYO now have a dedicated telephone number and email address to book fields.

Managers are now required to email field requests for practice and any other issues regarding the use of fields to

Field assignments and availabilty are determined by our Field Coordinator.  The coordinator keeps a personal ledger with him to help keep track of the assignments.

When requesting a field, Sachem Little League encourages you to do the following;

  • View, or download the Field Availabilty PDF Handout (this requires acrobat reader)  
  • Select at least two preferred fields and your desired date and time.
  • Send email to Sachem Fields with your request.
  • Allow a reasonable amount of time for the coordinator to get back to you.
  • If you do not get a response in a reasonable amount of time, call 631-334-4174.

Please understand, Sachem Little League does not have hired staff in charge of field assignments.  Our coordinator is a long time volunteer that will do his best to book you a field expeditously.  You are encouraged to request fields a few days in advance. 

Also, Sachem Little League has aquired town permits for the use of these fields.  You will only be assigned a field in which you are permitted to use on that given day.  It is possible that you may run into a situation in which your assigned field is being used by individuals not affiliated with Sachem Little League.  This is beyond our control.  In the event this happens and the group of individuals refuse to peacefully leave the field,  you are STRONGLY encouraged to call our coordinator at 631-334-4174.  The coordinator will contact Sachem Security for you. Sachem Security will come down to assist you.

To keep costs down, you are strongly encouraged to use the email address for all field related requests.

However, in case of an emergency, Jim Butler, the VP of Fields, can still be reached at 631-334-4174. 

Blackberry Contact Info:

Phone: 631-334-4174

E-Mail: Sachem Fields

Click here to obtain a map of our School District.

 Please click on the handout link below to view the list of fields available to Sachem Little League.

Handout: Field Availability