Shoreline Youth Football Conference: About SYFC

Monday, August 20
About SYFC


Shoreline Youth Football Conference Major Goal: To provide the largest number of pre-high school aged youth with a positive experience in the game of football.

1. The participants must have FUN.
2. The participants should learn the values of Team Sports and discipline.
3. The participants should learn the Fundamentals of the game of football.

The Conference is comprised of Amity, Branford, Clinton, Guilford, East Haven, Cheshire, North Branford, Old Saybrook/Westbrook, Tri-Town (Chester, Deep River, Essex, Haddam, and Killingworth), North Haven, Milford, and Madison. Each town has a member representative and the conference elects an executive board on a yearly basis to oversee that conference rules are strictly adhered to, i.e. minimum playing time for all athletes.

2009 will mark the 27th Season for the Shoreline Football Conference! The age range for players are ages 9-14. Players are considered of football age if their 9th birthday falls on or before October 31st of the football season. Players cannot turn 15 prior to, or on, October 31st to be eligible to play. No players beyond 8th grade are eligible. Weight restrictions are 65lbs minimum; and 200lbs maximum. Players are placed on teams according to age - Youth Division (9 & 10 year-olds), Junior (11 & 12 year-olds) and Senior (13 & 14 year-olds).