Sierra Vista Women's Soccer League: Welcome

Monday, September 2
Fall 2014 Season Registration is Now!

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Fall 2014 DATES!

October 12-December 5  (10-week season) No Games Oct. 17th, 31st, and Nov. 28th

Please contact a Team Rep directly to be rostered.

- Victorious Secret [ Laura Stoltzman,]

 - Red Venom [Deirdre Maldonado,, (361) 537-0810]

- Ball Busters [Kissie Montalvo,, (520) 508-5626]

-Cleats on Balls [Sunny Forma,, (520) 439-0912]

-Hot Shots [Sunny Allred,, (520) 678-4343]

-Dolls N' Balls [Brittany Stokes,, (254) 339-9921] 

Your total player fee is based on the size of the roster, the bigger the team, the cheaper the cost. A minimum $21 fee is assessed for your A.S.S.A. annual player fee.


How Do I Find Information on This Site? 

- News items will be posted under "My Site News" (which can include registration information).

- How do I download a player form? Registration info will be posted under "Registration Information".

- How do I find my team's web page? Click "Teams" and make sure you are looking under the correct season (in the upper right corner). You must be logged in to view the rosters. All old team info is archived here also.

- How do I know what events are coming up? Click the "Calendar".

- How do I contact a board member? Click the "Board" link on the menu.

- Where do I find a copy of the league rules? Click "Handouts".

Wednesday, June 13
Sierra Vista Women's Soccer League

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