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xx Basketball - play-off sch complete on basketball home
xx Basketball - play-off sch complete on basketball home  
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Get Directions to xx Basketball  - play-off sch complete on basketball home Syracuse Local Weather
xx Basketball - play-off sch complete on basketball home
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-3244
Rec Services
240 Archbold
Syracuse, New York

Wednesday, April 9
Play-off schedule now complete!

The play-off schedule is now complete!  Remember - top two teams in each league advance.  Ties that eliminate at least one team from the play-offs (ie 3-way tie for 1st, any ties for 2nd) are broken with however many tie-breaker games are necessary to get the job done (ie, who beat whom in regular season, point differential, etc.  do...not...matter).  If you forfeit your last game you DO NOT ADVANCE regardless of your regular season record.  

Sunday, 3/30

6:00 Game Tie-breaker 1 - Redick In a Box 42 v. Detroit Basketball 61 (winner advances to play-offs, loser plays another TB game)

7:00 Game b2 - Max v. Yonah

8:00 Game b5 - Chinese Take Out v. Trap Squad WBF

9:00 Game b1 - DSP 23 v. Ibaka Flaka Flame 49

Monday, 3/31

6:15 - Game Tie-Breaker 2 - Redick in a Box 32 v. Supa Hot Fire 35 (winner advances to play-offs)

7:15 - Game b10 - Lost Boys 43 v. Mookie Monsters 32 

8:15 - Game b3 -Cookies & Kareem 44 v. Hold the OJ Mayo 35 

9:15 - Game b6 - Slocum 48 v. Wu Tang Clan 38 

10:15 - Game b7 - Phi Psi 20 1 v. Penetrators 46

Tue, 4/1

6:15 - Game b4 - Detroit Baksetball 43 v. Ibaka Flaka Flame 36

7:15 - Game b8 - Bulls 40 v. Super Hot Fire 47 

8:15- Game b9 - Turkeys 64 v. Yohan 59


10:15 Game TB 3 - Gunners v. Money Team (WBF)

Wed, 4/2

6:15- Game b11 - Cookies and Kareem 52 v. Detroit Basketball 37

7:15- game b12 - Trap Squad 45 v. Slocum 43

8:15- game b13 - Phi Psi 1 36 v. Supa Hot Fire 25 

Thu, 4/3

6:15 - game a1 - Sammy A 59 v. Justice League 53

7:15- game a2 - Eskimo Bro 44 v. Money Team 33

8:15- Game b14 - Turkeys 43 v. Lost Boys 46

 Sun, 4/6

6:00 - game b15 - Cookies and Kareem 42 v. Trap Squad 48 

7:00 - game b16 - Phi Psi 1 36 v. Lost Boys 48

8:00 - game a3 - Sammy A 45 v. Beyond the Mafia 69 

9:00 - game a4 - Eskimo Bro 68 v. B-Lumpkins 56 

Tue, 4/8

6:15 - game c1 - Scott's Tots 41 CHAMPS v. Benjals 35

7:15 - game cr1 - Champaign Campaign 38 v. Weapons of Mass Seduction 44 CHAMPS

8:15 - game b17 - Trap Squad 43 CHAMPS v. Lost Boys 31

Wed, 4/9

6:15- game w1 - Women's Soccer 40 v. Femme Fetale 43 CHAMPS

7:15 - game a5 - Beyond the Mafia CHAMPS 55 v. Eskimo Bro 42


REMINDER! - ALL TEAMS, ALL PLAYERS MUST BE IN UNIFORM FOR REMAINDER OF SEASON.   NO UNIFORM, NO PLAY!  Teams not in uniform will forfeit.  Teams that have said they are getting their own shirts, but have yet to have their color choice cleared by the office are responsible for making sure their shirt choice does not conflict with others in their league.  If two teams show up with the same color shirts, the team that has taken care of business wins by forfeit.   If you make your own, NO TAPED NUMBERS ALLOWED!


 Please bring an awake and alert scorekeeper to every game.  This year's effort along that line has been generally abysmal to this point.  Refs may forfeit a team that does not have a scorekeeper.  

ROSTER ADD DEADLINE! - Friday, February 14 is the last day to add players to your basketball roster.  After that date, all rosters are frozen for the remainder of the season.  Now that the season has started, please be sure any player(s) you add to your team have not already signed in on a score sheet for another team some time earlier this season (ie since November, 2013).  The only time it is legal to play for two teams is if one of the two is a Co-Rec team.  

Reminder - not all teams play each time a schedule is posted - odd number of teams in your league, availability of court time, etc.  play into creating the schedule.  It all comes out even in the end.  

Don't forget, bring your ID card (everyone must surrender their own SUID card during the game, no exceptions), bring CLEAN SNEAKERS to play in, your numbered uniform shirts (teams who have not yet gotten them, see notes below), and the team needs to bring along somebody to be scorekeeper (subs can do this, but if you don't have a sub, you'll need to draft a non-player).  Good luck out there!  Rules Clarifications and reminders:

FREE THROW LINEUP - the non-shooting team starts with their player ABOVE the blocks.

SUBSTITUTION - No On-the-fly substitution.  Subs must first check in at the score table, wait for a dead ball and a signal from the ref.  Not doing so can result in a technical foul.   

REMINDER: CARRY YOUR BASKETBALL SNEAKERS TO THE GYM! The ONLY way to keep the floors clean is to play in clean sneakers!  Refs will not be letting people with wet shoes onto the court. If you do not have anything but your playing sneakers to wear on the gym (Winter in Syracuse has now arrived!.  Get boots!), at least stop in the locker room before going to the gym and DRY THEM OFF! Wearing dirty sneakers on the court is not only discourteous, it creates unsafe playing conditions. If you see someone with dirty/wet shoes (on your team or someone else's), please remind them to at the very least dry them off. (Don't phys. ed. teachers teach this in Middle School any more?). 

One team per player!  The only exception to this rule is if a person plays on a co-rec team AND one other team.  So, if you want to play more basketball, start now putting together a co-rec team.  The deadline to register is January 25. 

Things to keep in mind:
1. Check the site OFTEN. Schedules are subject to change and can be added to at any time. The goal is to get at least 7 teams in every league. Adjustments may need to be made to league assignments if this does not occur.

2. NO ONE may play for more than one team unless one of those teams is a co-rec team (this includes women playing on a university division team, or someone who may live in a residence hall and also be in a fraternity as two examples. Have to decide which team to play for - and stick with it through the entire season).

3. All players must have their own valid SU or ESF ID card to gain access to Flanagan, and then must present that card to the officials at game time. It will be returned to you after the game.

4. NO JEWELRY. It is STRONGLY recommended that you remove any BEFORE heading to the gym.

5. CLEAN SOLED SNEAKERS make for less slippery floors. All players should carry their playing sneakers to the gym rather than wear them.

6. All players will wear matching shirts, numbered at least on the back. There will be only one team with a particular shirt color allowed in each league. If your team already has shirts, indicate the color along with the team name on the registration form. Team-selected colors will be allowed on a first registered/first served basis. Recreation Services will also have numbered shirts for teams to purchase in advance of the season at our cost of $5.00 per shirt. Referees will NOT have shirts available for purchase at game time.

7. All the courts are in the Flanagan Gymnasium. Court #1 is to the left as you go into the gym, court #2 is in the middle, and court #3, if we use it, is the one on the other side of the curtain.

8. An ejection is an automatic additional one game suspension AT MINIMUM, and could result in either further suspensions or a complaint being filed with Judicial Affairs, depending on the nature of the infraction. If at any time an ejection puts a team below the 5 player minimum, the game will be defaulted to the opponents. Ejections involving fighting, a second ejection by the same player (these carry over from sport to sport), multiple ejections by the same team (these carry over from sport to sport), or continual verbal abuse after an ejection, or any other instance where the unsportsmanlike conduct is deemed excessive, will result in additional penalties including such things as game default, additional game suspensions, league suspension, intramural suspension, and/or the filing of Judicial Affairs complaints.

9. Forfeit time is 5 MINUTES past scheduled game time. You MUST have a minimum of 5 players and a scorekeeper ready to play by that point or the game is a forfeit. If a team drops to 4 due to injury during a game, they may choose to concede (no forfeit penalty) or continue to play with 4. If a team drops below 5 players due to ejection, the game is forfeited.

10. Last, but far from least -
PLEASE INCLUDE SPORT AND TEAM NAME IN EVERY E-MAIL! The intramural account receives heavy traffic from countless teams in several sports at any given time. If you do not include that basic information, we usually have to e-mail you back to ask for it before we can help you. THANKS!!!

Oh, and HAVE FUN!!!

xx Basketball - play-off sch complete on basketball home
xx Basketball - play-off sch complete on basketball home
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