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x Wiffleball
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
Rec Services
240 Archbold
Syracuse University, New York

Monday, April 12
Brand New Intramural Sport!

The 2010 Wiffleball tournament will be conducted on the evening of Sunday, April 18 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm and conclude on April 19. All games will be in Flanagan Gym.

Playing Schedule

Sunday, April 18

6:15 - Game 1 - Mexicutioners v. Dynasty (Mexicutioners WBF v. Dynasty)
7:00 - Game 2 - Orange Sox v. SU Hillel (Orange Sox WBF v. SU Hillel)
7:45 - Game 3 - Springfield Isotopes v. Sons of Pitches (Double Forfeit)
8:30 - Game 4 - Sigma Chi 1 v. Broomstick (Broomstick WBF v. Sigma Chi 1)

Monday, April 19
6:15 - Game 5 - Mexicutioners v. Orange Sox (Orange Sox wins 14-0)
7:00 - Game 6 - Orange Sox v. Broomstick (Orange Sox wins 5-0)

Congratulations to Orange Sox!

1.        Equipment
a.        All participants must wear athletic shoes. No boots, sandals, cleats etc. will be allowed.
b.        All equipment will be provided by Recreation Services and is the only legal equipment.
c.        Gloves are NOT allowed.

2.        Starting and Ending the Game
a.        Teams must be prepared to being play at the scheduled game time. One run will be scored every minute a team has fewer than 4 players. After five (5) minutes, the game is forfeited.
b.        A team shall consist of any number of players. Only six may play the field at one time while the batting order may consist of any number of players with the field players batting first. A team may begin and continue to play with a minimum of four (4) players.
c.        An official game shall consist of five (5) full innings or 45 minutes, whichever occurs first.
d.        If an inning has begun and the time limit expires, the inning shall be completed (unless the home team does not require their turn at bat).
e.        In the event of a tie score at the end of 5 innings or at the end of the last completed inning, each subsequent half-inning will begin with the batting team placing a runner on second base (the runner will always be the last batter to complete their turn from the previous inning) and two outs. Extra innings under these conditions, will be played until a winner is determined.

3.        Batting
a.        Choice of first (Visitor) or last (Home) at bat in an inning for the game shall be decided by a coin flip at the start of the game.
b.        Bunting or chopping the ball is illegal (dead ball, batter is out, runners may not advance)
c.        The batter will start with an 0-0 count
d.        The batter will be declared out if he/she hits a foul ball with a two-strike count.
e.        A batted ball which hits an overhead obstruction such as the ceiling or basketball goal will be treated as a FLY ball. If caught before touching the ground or another object such as the side or outfield wall, it shall be an out.
f.        A batted ball that strikes the ceiling shall be considered fair or foul according to where the ball FIRST HITS the ground (NOT WHERE IT ROLLS)
g.        A fair batted ball that strikes the ceiling shall be considered fair or foul according to where the ball FIRST HITS the ground (NOT WHERE IT ROLLS)
h.        “Out of Play” areas will be determined by the umpires prior to the start of the game.

4.        Pitching Regulations
a.        The pivot foot must remain in contact with the pitcher’s plate until the pitched ball leaves the hand.
b.        The pitched ball may be thrown in an overhead or underhand motion. There is no arc requirement.
c.        There must be a definite pause prior to beginning the pitching motion and delivery. Delivery must be made directly to home plate once the pitching motion begins. A stop or change of direction in the pitching motion will result in an illegal pitch.
d.        The pitcher may take only one step before releasing the ball and the pivot foot must remain in contact with the pitcher’s plate area for the duration of the pitch.
e.        There are no balks. Any deviation from pitching regulations shall result in an illegal pitch. A ball will automatically be called unless the batter swings. Should the batter swing, the illegal pitch call will be ignored and the result of the play will stand.
f.        Any pitched ball which strikes the batter shall be ruled upon based upon whether the batter swung (strike) or whether the pitch was within the strike zone (strike) or outside the area (ball). A batter will not be awarded 1st base if struck by pitch.
g.        A strike is any ball that passes into the pitching basket. A pitch that strikes the bars of the basket are called balls unless swung upon.
h.        The pitching distance from the pitcher’s plate to home plate shall be 35 feet.

5.        Baserunning
a.        There is no stealing of bases under any conditions.
b.        A runner may leave a base only after the ball has BEEN CONTACTED BY THE BATTER.
c.        If an overthrow goes out of play or is interfered with by a spectator, coach, opposing player, or equipment, the base runners are awarded two bases from the release of the throw or the interference contact based on the runner’s location.
d.        Malicious contact by a base-runner with a fielder will result in an out and an automatic rejection.
e.        The runner or batter-runner will be out if the ball makes it to the base prior to the runner.
f.        The runner or batter-runner may be put out by being struck with a thrown ball below the player’s chest. Any thrown ball from a fielder which strikes the runner above this area shall be treated as an overthrow unless the runner caused this contact by altering their movement as to encourage being struck (interference). The fielder shall be ejected for any malicious attempt to injure a runner with a thrown ball or for striking a runner above the chest a second time in the same game. A warning will be issued following the first occurrence in addition to overthrow penalties.
g.        Interference is the act of an offensive player or team member which impedes or confuses a defensive player attempting to execute a play. Contact is not required. When this occurs, the ball is ruled dead and runners return to the last base touched and someone will be called out.
h.        Sliding is illegal and is a form of interference when it is an intentional act designed to avoid being put out and the runner’s hands and knees touch the ground.

6.        Players/Substitutions
a.        Substitutions may be made at any time with prior notification.
b.        If the pitcher is removed from the pitching position, they may only return to this position one time. However, this player may remain in the game at another position.
c.        If a player leaves the game in favor of a substitute, that player may re-enter the game once, but only in the same batting position.
d.        If a substitute leaves the game, that player may not re-enter the game.
e.        Free substitution of fielders is permitted among all players in the batting order. The batting order shall not be changed at any time except for the addition of a player to the end of the order.

x Wiffleball
x Wiffleball
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