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0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr
0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr  
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Get Directions to 0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yrSyracuse Local Weather
0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
Rec Services
241 Archbold
Syracuse, New York

Thursday, January 16

The Intramural program at SU does not happen without good refs!  We always need MORE good refs!  To become an official, all that is needed are 1) a basic understanding of the rules of the sport, 2) attendance at the pre-season clinic for that sport, 3) passing a written test after the clinic, and 4) the willingness and dedication to put forth your best effort to develop your skills and apply them in the game.  Read on for more information, including a list of this year's clinic dates. 

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Do I need to be an expert/certified to be an intramural official?  NO.  You need to have a basic understanding of the game, but we will teach you the fundamentals of officiating (that's what the clinic is for!!)

2.  Do I get paid?  YES! $$8.75/hour to start.

3.  Do I need Work-Study?  NO.  We like you to have it (saves on the budget), but it is not required for this job.

4.  Can I play and ref?  YES!  We work your reffing schedule around your playing schedule.

5.  Will this conflict with SU home games?  NO.  We do not schedule intramurals on nights that SU plays at home, Super Bowl Sunday, Exam week, Holiday weekends, etc.  You can also tell us other bad times that conflict with YOUR schedule that may not be university wide (like classes, fraternity functions, other jobs, etc.).   

The Intramural Program at SU does not happen without the hard work and dedication of the students who work as referees and supervisors.  We are ALWAYS looking for more refs in all the team sports.  Potential referees need only to know the basics of the game.  We will train you how to be an official.  No experience or certification is necessary (though always welcome!).  Below is the list of sport clinics for Fall 2014.  To be eligible to work a sport, you only need to attend the clinic for that sport and pass a written quiz on the material. 

Clinic dates for Spring, 2015 (all are at 6:00 pm in the Rec Office, 241 Archbold Gym):

Basketball - January 21

Indoor Soccer - January 27 or 28 (need to attend only one)

Volleyball 4's - February 17 or 19 


Also, if you have never worked on campus before, you need to complete the federal I-9 employment eligibility form at Student Employment in Steele Hall PRIOR TO WORKING.  To save time and allow us to be able to pay you in a timely manner, please do this prior to the clinic!

Friday, April 17
Ref schedule for week of 4/20

IM Officials’ Schedule Week of 4/20-27/15 Last Schedule of the year! Day/ Date Sport/ Location Time Official Official Supervisor Monday, 4/ 20 Soccer 7:00-8:45 Jeremy Losek Josh Tusang Kipling Joseph 8:30-10:15 Matt Roncevich Bella Carter Tory Miles Tues 4/21 Soccer 7:00-8:45 Matt Roncevich Bella Carter Luis Negron 8:30-10:15 Mike Fulk Jake Bartalo Kipling Joseph Thurs 4/23 Volleyball 4’s 6:00-8:30 Ilona Toth Josh Tusang Jason Kleinberger 8:15-11:00 Jake Bartalo Josh Tusang Luis Negron Monday 4/27 Soccer 7;00-8:45 Josh Tusang Mike Fulk * Kipling Joseph * * Both Mike Fulk and Kipling Joseph have the potential to be playing on 4/27, so we may need to sub out those shifts depending on how earlier rounds go.

0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr
0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr
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