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xx Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home page
xx Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home page  
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Get Directions to xx  Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home pageSyracuse University Local Weather
xx Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home page
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Recreation Services
241 Archbold Gym
Syracuse University, New York

Tuesday, April 1
Play-off schedule below

 Below is the 2014 Indoor Soccer play-off schedule.  Reminder - no play-off game may end it a tie, so the over-time procedure will be in effect for all play-off games.  Please refer to the rules posted under "handouts" to the left to refresh your memory on the rules.  

Mon, 3/31

6:15 PM - REGULAR SEASON GAME - Quack Attack v. Pecan Sandies.  If Quack Attack wins, they advance as 2nd place league B2.  If they lose, One Nation advances.  If they tie, there will be a tie-breaker game scheduled for 4/1, and the schedule below will be modified accordingly.  Quack Attack WBF

6:45 - Game b1 - Retesters 2 v. Air Empire 1

7:30 - Game b4 - Cool Story Bro 1 v. Fully Torqued 0

8:15 - Game b5 - Justice League 0 v. Fly Empire 2

Tues, 4/1

6:15 - Game b2 - Quack Attack 1 v. #Winning 0

7:00 - Game b6 - Quack Attack 1 v. Newhouse Seaguls 2

7:45 - Game b3 - Diego's Back 5 v. Retesters 4

8:30 - Game a2 - Wingo & Co. 1 v. Supa Hot Fire 2

9:15 - Game a1 - Renegades 3 v. Madrid 2

Tues, 4/8

6:30 - Game b7 - Diego's Back 0 v. Cool Story Bro 1

7:15 - Game b8 - Fly Empire 3 * v. Newhouse Seaguls 1

          * Zheng Dong ineligible to play in this game due to ejection from previous game.

Mon, 4/14


7:15 - Game a3 - Renegades 0 v. Supa Hot Fire 1 - A Championship

7:45 (immediately after previous game ends) - Game B9- Cool Story Bro 0 v. Fly Empire 1 - B Championship



 Remember, all players MUST have their own current, valid SUID card to participate.  Players are also responsible for making sure they are playing in clean, dry sneakers.   Teams may not enter the gym until the game prior to theirs has concluded. The hallway door will be locked during the game. Please wait QUIETLY in the hallway until it is time to enter the gym. Complaints from those in offices/classrooms of excessive noise in the hallway could result in the team being dropped from the league.

The first team listed wears DARK SHIRTS. The second team listed wears LIGHT SHIRTS. This includes the goalies. Please, no lime green shirts. That is what the refs wear. You will be passing the ball to the refs if you have the same color shirts!!!

Managers, please remind players to:
1. Bring their ID cards to EVERY game.
2. Leave their jewelry home.
3. Carry their playing sneakers to the gym. Wear boots or old sneakers out in the snow and slop.
4. Play in a sportsmanlike manner to avoid ejection and possible further Judicial action.

Have fun!!!

xx Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home page
xx Indoor Soccer play-off schedule on indoor soc home page
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