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05 Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25
05 Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25  
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Get Directions to 05  Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25Syracuse University Local Weather
05 Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Recreation Services
241 Archbold gym
Syracuse University, New York

Wednesday, September 17
Scheduling info

The schedule is now posted through 9/25.  Please note, if your team has been assigned to one of the numbered leagues (A-1, B-3, etc), but you have not yet been scheduled for a game, it is because your league has only been scheduled for one round of games thusfar, and your team had the bye that round.  There are an odd number of teams in almost all the leagues, so each round one of the teams will not play.  


Reminder, fighting AFTER a game is no more acceptable than fighting DURING the game.  



NOTE:  the following was posted last year as a direct result of teams using the field hockey goals for soccer warm-ups.  The result of doing so is STILL in effect!) Effective immediately:  If any players are caught kicking soccer balls into field hockey goals at any time before, during, or after their intramural game, the entire team will be suspended from further competition this season beginning from that night.  Any game scheduled for that night will be an automatic default win for the opponents, whether or not the game has already been played.  No exceptions, no excuses.  Managers, it is your responsibiltiy to make sure ALL your team members comply.  TEAMS - thank you for  your cooperation on this.  Things have improved.  Please continue so we don't get kicked off the field!!! 


Don't forget:

   1.  First team listed wears DARK clothing, second team listed wears LIGHT clothing.  Nobody wears lime green (the refs do).

   2.  ALL players must have their own SU or ESF ID card at the game site to play.  No exceptions.

Use of Coyne Rules - Any team not following them risks loss of forfeit fee and/or being dropped from the league.  We are not going to sacrifice the entire league because a team does not follow the rules:

   1.  First two teams scheduled on a day/night help set up the goals, last two may not leave until they help put the goals away.  

  2.  Only CLEAN sneakers or the turf shoes with the over-all small nubs may be used.  No "blade" style turf shoes, or any others.  If the officials on duty do not pass the shoe, it WILL NOT BE USED. 

  3.  No food or beverage other than water on the field.  If you take a water bottle onto the field, take it off again when you leave.  The officials are there to referee, not clean up after you. No gum, chewing tobacco or smoking, either.

  4.  The use of field hockey equipment for any purpose is prohibited. 

Rain-outs.  If it is only raining (including DOWNPOURS), we play.  Only lightning gets games cancelled. 

The rules are posted under "handouts" to the left. Be sure everyone on your team understands the rules PRIOR to play.

ALL Games are played on the lighted astroturf field behind Manley Fieldhouse (Coyne Field - even if we forgot to click that button on the scheduling program.  It's the ONLY field we use for intramural soccer) on a shortened field with 7 players/side (including the goalie) on the field at a time. Here is a link to the current Manley Bus schedule: Manley Bus Times, thouh any bus headed to South Campus should also stop there - ask the bus driver if s/he's going near Coyne Field.

05 Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25
05 Outdoor Soccer Schedule posted through 9/25
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