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06 Flag Football  Full play-off schedule on Flag fb home
06 Flag Football Full play-off schedule on Flag fb home  
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Get Directions to 06 Flag Football  Full play-off schedule on Flag fb homeSyracuse University Local Weather
06 Flag Football Full play-off schedule on Flag fb home
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Recreation Services
241 Archbold Gym
Syracuse University, New York

Friday, October 17
Play-off information

Play-off information is coming in as leagues finish up.  Below is what we know to this point.  It will be updated daily as leagues finish regular season. 

Friday, 10/17 - games on Women's bldg field

4:00 - game tb1 - Dave & the Temps (WBF) v. Dirty Mike & the Boys

4:00 - game tb2 - Fully Torqued 13 v. Hometown Heroes (winner plays another tb game) 12

4:45 - game b4 - Kickboxing Superteam 0 v. Pete's Playaz 27

4:45 - game b8 Diplomats 34 v. SU SPM #26

Saturday, 10/18 Games at Skytop Field

1:00 - Game tb 3 - Diryt Mike & the Boys 16 v. Boxmunchers 24

1:00 - Game tb 4 - Fully Torqued 54 v. JPO 6

2:00 - Game b2 - Dave & the Temps 24 v. Coleman Experience 19

2:00 - Game b3 - Can't Stop Won't Stop 20 v. Dingle B's 14

Sunday, 10/19 - Games at Skytop Field

1:00 - Game b7 - BBR 13 v. Fully Torqued 25

2:00 - Game b6 - Red White & Better than U 0 v. Boxmunchers 1 WBF

3:00 - Game tb5 - All Americans 1 WBF v. Day 8 (game definite - there IS a tie for 2nd) 0

Monday, 10/20 - Game at Hookway

4:45 - Game b1 - Bound 2 33 v. Show me the TD's 25

Tuesday, 10/21 - Game at WB Field

4:45 - Game b5 - Skyhall v. All Americans

Friday, 10/24 - Games on WB field

3:15 - Game a1 - GGG v. Delta Tau Delta

4:15 - game a2 - Phi Psi A v. League of Lads

Sat, 10/25 - Games at Skytop Field

1:00 - game a3 - Gamma v. Winner game a1

1:00- game b9 - Bound 2 v. Dave & The Temps

2:00 - game a4 - Sammy 3 v. Sammy 1

2:00 - game b10 - Can't Stop Won't Stop v. Pete's Playaz

3:00 - game a5 - Psi U v. Justice League

3:00 - game b11 - All Americans v. Boxmunchers

4:00 - game a6 - Showtime v. winner game a2

4:00 - game b12 - Fully Torqued v. Diplomats 

Sun 10/26 - Games at Skytop Field

1:00 - game b13 - winner game b9 v. winner game b10

2:00 - game b14 - winner game b11 v. winner game b12

3:00 - game a7 - winner game a3 v. winner game a4

4:00 - game a8 - winner game a5 v. winner game a6

Monday, 10/27 - Game tentatively scheduled for Hookway (may move to Skytop if we can get the field)

4:45 - game a9 - winner game a7 v. winner game a8 (a championship)

Tuesday 10/28 - Game tentatively scheduled for WB field (may move to Skytop if we can get the field)

4:45 - game b15 - winner game b13 v. winner game b14 (b championship)


Good luck to all!   




REMINDER - Any decisions on weather cancellations for flag football will be made AT THE FIELD AT GAME TIME!!! Only thunder/severe storms will cancel games.   



1. EVERYONE needs to bring their SUID to the game. NO ID, NO Play, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. First team listed wears dark shirts, second team wears white.
3. No POCKETS ON PANTS OR SHIRTS (as in kangaroo type sweatshirt pockets), hoods, metal cleats, jewelry, casts, padding, helmets, hats with bills (knit caps are OK).
4. All shirts and pant strings must be tucked in at all times.


EVERYONE brings their ID card to the game, and players must be signed in and ready to go no later than 10 minutes past start time (and if you use the 10 minutes to get onto the field, you forfeit warm-up and/or halftime time!).

General Info:

Reminder: Anyone ejected from a game for any reason is automatically ineligible to play in that team's next game. If it is discovered, even after the game, that a team played with someone who was ineligible, the game is automatically defaulted to the opponent and the ineligible player must still serve the suspension in the NEXT game.

PARKING AT HOOKWAY - is extremely limited, and should be in the lot off Colvin only. Whenever possible, teams should car pool or take the bus (link to schedule info posted below.). Under no circumstances should participants park on Dodge Dr. If you do, do not be surprised to find your car towed or ticketed after the game. If you do not know where Dodge Dr. is, all the better.   

Any team forfeiting their last game, even if it is their first forfeit, will NOT be eligible for play-offs regardless of playing record. In other words, if a team is 5-0 and forfeits their last game, they WILL NOT MAKE PLAY-OFFS even if they still qualify for one of the spots from that league.

NOTE: first team listed is DARK, second team is WHITE

Behavior Expectation Reminder:

1) ONLY the manager may speak to the officials with regard to calls, etc., and only in a respectful manner.
2) The Student Code of Conduct is in effect during Intramural games just as it is during any other time on campus. Any violatins of it WILL result in charges through the university judicial system.
3) Ejections result in at LEAST an additional one game suspension with possible other actions (including, but not limited to Rule 2 above), depending on nature and severity of cause for ejection.
4) The officials are your fellow students. Any abuse of them, either physical or verbal will result in Rule 2 being invoked.
5) "Fans" are the responsibility of the team. If they are unruly, disrespectful, etc., the manager will be told s/he has a specific very short amount of time to get them under control, or an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be called. If that does not calm things down, the game will be suspended and the offending team(s) charged with a loss. In addition, Rule 2 may be invoked.

Wednesday, September 22
Finding the Fields

Since there has been some concern about finding fields, here is some information that may help:

Women's Building Field: Corner of Comstock and Euclid, right next to the tennis courts. Field 1 is the one closest to the tennis courts.

Skytop Field: Behind Goldstein South Campus Student center. Drive or take the bus to Goldstein SCSC, go through the Goldstein parking lot, turn left just before you run into the tennis court fencing, and keep going. You'll run right into it - up a little hill.

Hookway Field: On the north side of E. Colvin just past Buckingham Ave. and across the street from South Campus Housing. If you are driving out, turn left from Comstock onto Colvin, pass TWO traffic lights (the one at Skytop Rd. and one at Lancaster Ave.), then look for athletic fields to your left. Park in the long, narrow parking lot in front of the fenced, lighted fields.   Get out of your car, walk to your LEFT as far as you can go. You will run into a big black gate. Walk around the black gate and down a grassy path. The fields are at the bottom of the path. Field 1 is closest to the path.

If you are taking a bus, take the Slocum Hts. buss, get off at the third stop. You will be on Small Rd. in front of some South Campus apartments. Face Colvin (the main street). Beyond Colvin you will see the field. Walk to the field.

Here is a link to the latest bus schedules that may help:

Bus Schedules

Wednesday, September 22
Frequently Asked Questions
You should have read the rules by now (if not, they are posted under "handouts" to the left), but here are some ...

06 Flag Football  Full play-off schedule on Flag fb home
06 Flag Football Full play-off schedule on Flag fb home

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