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xx Tennis Singles
xx Tennis Singles  
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xx Tennis Singles
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Recreation Services
241 Archbold Gym
Syracuse University, New York

Thursday, September 4
Tournament Information

Apologies for the lateness in this schedule going up.  There have been some issues with timing and the resurfacing of the Skytop Tennis Courts.  The good news in that is, you will be playing on a brand new surface! 

Due to the number of entries, all divisions have been combined into one open tournament.  

The official schedule is posted below.   If your scheduled match time does not work for you, it is YOUR responsibility to make other mutually agreed upon arrangements with your opponent.  Contact info for all players is posted under "Teams" to the left.  When you click on a player's name, another screen will open with the email and phone number that person submitted on their registration form.  Note:  Any rescheduled matches MUST BE COMPLETED in time for the winner to play in the next scheduled round in the tournament.  

 Take a copy of the schedule with you to the courts (or be ready to call it up on your cell phone), find your opponent and play your match.  The winner must email the results to to receive credit for the win and be advanced on the web site to the next round.  

 Matches are 2 out of 3 sets.  

You are the judge of your own court.  Be honest with your calls.  Descrepencies should be setteld by a spin of the racket.  

All players purchase one new can of balls for the tournament.  Bring that can to your first match.  ONLY OPEN ONE CAN for that match.  The loser keeps the used can and the winner takes the unopened can to the next round.  Note:  There are no tennis balls at Skytop Cts.  You must obtain the balls prior to going to the courts.  

 Schedule - All games at the Skytop Tennis Courts

Monday, 9/8  5:00 PM (rain date Tuesday, 9/9 - note:  Only 4 cts are available at 5:00.  The first four pairs ready to play will use those cts.  The late pairs must wait until the varsity team is done at 5:30).  

 Game 1 - Glascock v. Nguyen W Win by Forfeit

Game 2 - Rabac v. Forlin

Game 3 - Pair v. W Berral 6-0 6-1

Game 4 - Pendergast v. Giang 6-1 6-0

Game 5 - cuff v. Ryback

Game 6 - Lusak v. W Bai 6-1 6-2

Wednesday 9/10 5:00 PM (Rain date FRIDAY, 9/12)

Game 7 - Afriyie v. Nguyen 6-3 4-6 6-4

Game 8 - Forlin v. Berral 6-0 6-0

Game 9 - Giang v. Winner game 5

Game 10 - Bai v. Hwang

Monday, 9/15, 5:00 PM (Rain date Tuesday, 9/16)

Game 11 - Afriyie v. Berral 6-0 6-0

Game 12 - Winner game 9 v. Winner game 10

Wednesday, 9/17 (rain date Thurs, 9/18)

Game 13 - Berral v. Giang 6-0 6-2

 Good luck to all and do not forget to submit your scores to





Monday, September 9
Tournament Rules

1. All matches will be scheduled for the Skytop Tennis courts on South Campus (right next door to the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion). You may, at the agreememt of your opponent, and after contacting the office, reschedule to other courts if you wish. We will, however, make no arrangements to reserve those courts, and you MUST play each match in time for the winner to advance to their next-round game. The tournament will not be held up for individuals who reschedule matches.

2. All matches are 2 out of 3 sets. The first player to win 6 games wins the set. The 7 pt tie-breaker rule is in effect for the 3rd set.   

3. You are the judge of your own court. Honesty in your calls is expected.

4. Players should gather at the Tennis Pavilion (small white wooden structure near the courts) by the scheduled match time with your suid card to find your opponent. After the match, the winner must e-mail the results to with the words Tennis Scores in the subject line. The posted schedule will be up-dated with the winner's name and match score when results are posted.

5. Each player should bring one NEW can of tennis balls to each match. Open ONLY ONE can for the match. The loser keeps the used can. The winner takes the unused can to the next round.

6. Players may, at the agreement of their opponent, reschedule a match. If no agreement can be reached to get a match played in time for the NEXT ROUND to be played on schedule, the original match time stands. Players wishing a reschedule should first contact the opponent (all players e-mail and phone information is listed under "Teams" to the left), then if they agree, BOTH players must e-mail their agreement to with the words "Tennis Reschedule" in the subject line. Again, reschedules MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED START TIME OF THE NEXT ROUND!!! Hint: it is often easier to move up a game than to postpone it. If you can't make a 5:00 Monday game, try rescheduling to some time over the weekend. If you push the game until Tuesday, and it rains on Tuesday, you would then have to determine a winner by start time on Wednesday or neither player advances. The tournament will not be held up for player-initiated reschedules.).

7. In the event of rain, the official reschedule time is the same time the next scheduled play day (ie, Monday's games postpone to Wednesday, Wednesday bumps to Friday, etc....). Succeeding rounds will then be postponed one day.

xx Tennis Singles
xx Tennis Singles
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