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xx Dodgeball  Play-offs on Dodgeball home page
xx Dodgeball Play-offs on Dodgeball home page  
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Get Directions to xx Dodgeball   Play-offs on Dodgeball home pageSyracuse Local Weather
xx Dodgeball Play-offs on Dodgeball home page
Nadine Essel
Archbold Gym
Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York

Friday, March 28

Since there are basically three teams who have not excused themselves from being eligible for play-offs by forfeiting, all three teams will advance.  2nd & 3rd place will play eachother, and the winner play the regular season first place team for the championship.  

Thursday, 4/3 

7:00 Gane 1 - Purple Pterodactyl People 3 v. Cookie Monsters 5

7:30 Game 2 - Cookie Monsters 2 v. ITK 5


Registration Deadline is January 30.  To sign up your team, go back to the main SUIntramural homepage and follow "REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS".  The $20 forfeit fee is due in the Rec. Services Office by Monday, 2/3. The MANDATORY managers' meeting is Tuesday, 2/4 at 7:30 in the Rec. Services Office, 241 Archbold.  If the manager cannot make this meeting, please find a sub to represent the team.  Teams not represented by at least one person will not be placed on the schedule.  

Dodgeball Rules

1.      There are no referees in Dodgeball. Teams make their own calls. Any disagareements that cannot be settled any other way are settled by a coin toss (shooting fingers, etc.).
2.         Four players must be on the court to start a game (for Co-Rec, 2 women and 2 men on a side).
3.         Matches are 5 out of 9 games.
4.         Each game goes until one side is completely eliminated.
5.         Each side starts a game with 2 balls, all 4 players touching their respective back walls. When both teams are set, all players count to 5, then begin throwing.
6.         No headhunting!! If someone hits an opposing player with a ball in the neck or head, they are removed from that game. NOTE: The ball must hit the head, not the head hit the ball. Intentionally taking a "header" as in soccer results in the person who is hit being out (think of this like block/charge in basketball). A player does not have to move their head OUT of the path of a ball, but they may not move their head INTO the path of a ball in an attempt to get the opponent out on a "headhunting" call.
7.         A player is “out” if a ball hits them on the fly anywhere but the head or neck. If the ball bounces off the ground or the wall and then hits someone, they are not “out”.
8.         A player is “out” if they throw a ball that is caught on the fly. If a team is down to their last player and that player catches a ball, one of the catching team's eliminated players may reenter the game (ie, this play results in a shift of balance of TWO players - the thrower being out and the catching team picking up a player).
9.         As a player is eliminated, they must sit against their own end wall out of the way of the remaining players
10.         No player may cross the mid-line to retrieve a ball or throw a ball at an opposing player.
11.         When both teams are down to their last player in a game, both players have 15 seconds to throw the next ball. If a ball is not thrown within the 15 seconds by a player, they are out, and the match is won by the other team. This rule is only in effect when BOTH teams are down to one player.

xx Dodgeball  Play-offs on Dodgeball home page
xx Dodgeball Play-offs on Dodgeball home page
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