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xx  Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage
xx Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage  
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Get Directions to xx Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepageSyracuse Local Weather
xx Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Rec Services
240 Archbold
Syracuse, New York

Friday, November 21
Play-off schedule

The play-off schedule is posted below:

Thursday, December 4

6:15 PM Game B1 - Bad News Beers v. About to Finish

              Game B2 - Annihilators v. ELI B

7:15 PM Game B3 - Athletic & Coordinated v. Winner game B!

              Game B4 - KCS v. Winner game B2

8:15 PM  Game B5 - Winner game B3 v. Winner game B4 (B championship)

               Game A1 - Big Digs v. Rejects

9:15 PM   Game A2 - Justice League v. Delta Tau Delta

               Game A3 - Ball Squad v. Winner game A1

10:15 PM  GameA4 - Winner game a2 v. Winner game A3 (A championship)






1. Everyone must have their own valid SU/ESFID card to both enter the building and sign in at the volleyball court. 

2. Forfeit time is FIVE minutes after scheduled game time.  This will be strictly enforced! Please be on time.

3. Wear clean sneakers on the gym floor.  Especially when the ground is wet, carry your playing shoes to the gym!


All participants must surrender their own SUID card during the game. Game time is match time, though teams may take up to an additional 5 minutes to get 6 players at the game. However, doing this will cause your game to be "rushed along" by the refs. They have been instructed to NOT wait more than 10 minutes, and to not wait once a 6th person is there (even if your best player is still on the way). Additional players may sub in once they have turned in their ID card to the down ref and been added to the score sheet. Refs will only do this when it does not interrupt the flow of the game, however.

Teams should be present and ready to play at game time. The game will be called a forfeit if the team is not ready to play within 5 minutes of that. Due to the tight schedule, we need to keep to that.


xx  Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage
xx Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage
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