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x Kickball
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
SU Recreation Services
241 Archbold
Syracuse, New York

Monday, April 12

The 2010 Intramural Kickball Tournament will be Saturday, April 17 at Hendricks Field near Sadler and Lawrinson Halls. Please note, due to heavy scheduling of facilities, there WILL BE NO RAIN MAKE-UP. If the tournament gets called due to inclement weather, it will be canceled and not made up.

Playing Schedule
Saturday, 4/17

12:00 noon - Game 1 - SU Hillel v. Sigma Chi 1
12:45       Game 2 - Sigma Chi 2 v. Big Bones
1:30         Game 3 - Purple Water Buffaloes v. Mexicutioners
2:15         Game 4 - Grass Kickers v. Winner Game 3
3:00         Game 5 - Winner Game 1 v. Winner Game 2
3:45         Game 6 - Winner Game 4 v. Winner Game 5

Times may be adjusted EARLIER in the event of a forfeit in prior rounds when both teams are ready to go. Start times may NOT be postponed at team request as this bumps the entire day later and other teams affected may not agree to the postponement.

Rules of the game:

1.        A team consists of at least 7 players. All players present may be in the kicking rotation. A maximum of 9 players may be on the field at a time. Substitutions are allowed (anyone who substitutes out of the game may re-enter after 6 outs).
2.        Positions to be played are pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and two fielders. The fielders may not come inside the base paths to play a kicked ball.

3.        “Batters” start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count. The kicker is allowed 2 foul balls after the 2nd strike. The third foul ball is counted as the third strike.

4.        The Pitcher must pitch from the rubber in the center of the infield. Must be underhand release; ball cannot bounce higher than kicker’s knee. If umpire judges that the ball has too much bounce when it comes across the front line, it is a ball. The kicker may still attempt to kick it.
5.        The Pitcher is allowed to spin ball, but the ball must cross within one yard of either side of home plate to be a strike.
6.        If the ball is outside the two yard distance, it is a ball (as in balls and strikes), but kicker may attempt to kick ball anyway. However, the kicker is not allowed to make contact with the ball in front of home plate. It will be called a strike, and if the kicker has two strikes, the kicker will be called out.   

7.        Any pitched ball that would be called a ball is still live and could be called a strike if the kicker misses or fouls it off.
8.        If a kicked ball touches the kicker at any time, the kicker is out.
9.        Game is 6 innings long, and if a team is ahead by 12 or more at the end of 4 innings (3½ if home team is ahead), game will be called. The 12 run rule does NOT apply to the championship game.
10.        In the field, a defensive player may throw the ball at a base runner; if the ball hits the runner from the shoulders down, the base runner is out, but ball is still live. If the ball hits the runner above shoulders, the runner is safe, and play is dead. Additional base runners move up a base. If a runner is hit with the ball below or on the shoulders, and bounces up to hit the runner in the neck or head, the runner is still out.
11.        Softball’s infield fly rule applies.
12.        Runner’s advance one base when ball is thrown out of play.

x Kickball
x Kickball
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