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Syracuse University Intramurals
Syracuse University Intramurals  
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Syracuse University Intramurals
Nadine Essel
Fax: 315-443-3244
Recreation Services
241 Archbold Gym
Syracuse University, New York

Monday, August 31
Registration Information

SU Intramurals is now located on  Please go to that site to register your team, and for other intramural information.  


SUIntramural Recreational Leagues - open to all current Syracuse University and SUNY ESF students, faculty and staff members. Spouses and dependents are not eligible to participate.

A note on deadlines: They are deadlines. All teams who have sent in their registration form via email will be accommodated in the sport, regardless of numbers. However, any team whose registration comes in after a posted deadline runs the risk of being turned away. Only when the addition of those late teams does not reduce the quality of the experience for those who registerd in time will late teams be allowed to enter. With the rapid growth in intramurals over the past couple of years, resources are stretched to the max in most sports, both in terms of space for the games and funding for the staff to conduct them. GET YOUR TEAM REGISTERED ON TIME, or you may very likely miss out on a great opportunity!

E-Mail to the SUIntramurals@hotmail account: While that account accepts e-mail around the clock, 7 days a week, holidays or not, and it is perfectly fine to send e-mails to that account to ask questions as well as register for sports and up-date rosters, the account is not monitored 24/7. We TRY to check it mid-morning and mid-afternoon Monday-Friday. Even that is not guaranteed, depending on what else is going on. Last-minute or odd-time e-mails expecting immediate responses (ie. an email with a time stamp just a few minutes before a game requesting a reschedule), especially in the evening or over a weekend will result in disappointment on the part of the initial sender. Many times the question being asked already has an answer elsewhere on the site ("We forgot where our game is", for example), or was dissiminated at the Managers' Meeting for that sport, or both. Those questions you still cannot answer through that information will be answered when the account is checked, but possibly not as quickly as you may have hoped if you wait until the last minute to ask.

Please include sport, team name, and any pertinent information in all emails to the account. With well over 100 teams participating in 7 or 8 sports at any one time, and 7 different staff members monitoring that account, we need some basic information to work with so that we may serve you better.

Please note, we only accept team registrations for team sports (softball, soccer, etc.). Individuals who do not have teams should scroll down to the bottom of this page for suggestions on how to find a team. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN "Individual Entry Form" for a team sport entry. All that does is get your name posed with those individuals looking for a team (which we are more than happy to do, but you are still not on a team. Again, see below.).   

Ad this site to your "favorites" and check back often! New information is being added all the time.
Don't miss out on the fun!

Syracuse University Intramurals Leagues
0. Intramural Officials Ref schedule posted thru end of yr     02 Basketball - All Div Play-off schedules on b'ball home    
03 Co-Rec Basketball (Reg. Deadline 1/15/15)     04 Indoor Soccer Play-off schedule on Soccer Home    
05 Dodgeball play-off schedule on Dodgeball home pg     06 Co-Rec Volleyball (4's) Play-off schedule on 4's VB home    
a     a    
x Broomball (Season concluded for 09-10)     x 3-on-3 Basketball    
x Basketball Skills Night (Reg. Deadline 2/3/11)     x Co Rec. Summer Softball '15 (Reg Deadline May 27)    
x Floor Hockey (Concluded for '10-11)     x From The Ground Up Basketball Tournament    
x Kickball     x Summer Kickballl Registration Deadline 05/18/2012    
x Summer Sand Volleyball Registration Deadline 6/2/09     x Wiffleball    
xx Fall Softball Concluded for 2014/15     xx Flag Football Concluded for 2014/15    
xx Outdoor Soccer Concluded for 2014-15     xx Racquetball Doubles Reg. Deadline 1/23/2014    
xx Racquetball Singles Reg Deadline 1/23/14     xx Team Handball Play-off schedule on Handball Home page    
xx Tennis Doubles     xx Tennis Singles    
xx Volleyball Play-off schedule on Volleyball homepage    

Thursday, August 31
You want to play a team sport, but don't have a team?
Here are a few tips: First try to get a team together - talk to your friends, post a sign in your residence hall, ...

How the Forfeit Fees work!
Intramural Participation is FREE IF you or your team play all the games in the sport ...

Syracuse University Intramurals
Syracuse University Intramurals
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