SUSC Velocity: Welcome

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VELOCITY is a combination of SPEED and DIRECTION! 

We are a travel soccer team based in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Our head coach is Joe Levan and our assistant coaches are Greg Flaherty and Chris McCardell. We were formed in 2006 as a U9 team and our team name was Gold.  In 2008, we renamed our team the Velocity.

2009/2010 Season Highlights:

This season we welcomed new players: Austin, Joshua, Michael and Steven!  We attended Team Camp at USTC during July and stayed cool during the water gun ambush!

The Velocity began the 2009/2010 season with tournament play at the West Chester Summer Classic and the Spirit Kick Off Classic.  The Velocity were competitive in both tournaments and put some points on the board!

 Delco league play started in September.  In October, we headed to Cape May for a Columbus Day tournament and had a great time!  In the tournament we finished third in bracket play but we will always remember our Ocean Swimming Boys, our Skeeball Money Machine Man and the team work it took to get everyone a Green Irish Hat!

In addition, we sponsored two buddies in the 2009 Buddy Walk.  Way to go Velocity!

In November, our Delco season ended.  We had a great competitive season and everyone should be extremely proud of their efforts!  We also had a great time celebrating the pending birth of Cole Michael Levan!

2008/2009 Season Highlights:

This season we welcomed new players: Brian, Clay, Eric, Nate, Derek, Anthony, Dylan and Zach!

We attended Team Camp at USTC during the last week in July.  We had a great time working on skill development and getting to know one another.

The Velocity began the 2008/2009 season with tournament play at the West Chester Summer Classic.  The Velocity took to the larger field and new 11v11 format and quickly began finding their form. 

At the Spirit Kick Off Classic, the Velocity improved their game by stringing passes, communicating with each other and  enjoying a hot tub cool down!

We were competitive in every Delco league game and finished the season as Finalists at the Ukrainian Nationals Invitational.