Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association: Inclimate Weather Policies

STS & STPAA Inclimate Weather Policy
Saint Theresa School policy states that if school is cancelled on Monday through Thursday due to weather related events, all extra-curricular activities, including Athletic Association events, are automatically cancelled.

However, weather related STS school cancellations on Friday do not automatically cancel Athletic Association events, as Friday's are considered part of the weekend, and the decision to hold/cancel the games on weekends belongs to the leagues. The leagues allow for the individual schools/parishes to make their own decisions on weekends.

Boys League Weather Policy
The policy of the League is to play games ONLY if it is possible for individual teams/families to get to the sites safely, given the differing conditions in each area. If by mutual agreement, coaches decide NOT to play due to the conditions, they must communicate that to each other and then to the Athletic Association. THE CANCELLED GAMES MUST BE REPLAYED. OFFICIALS MUST BE CONTACTED IN A TIMELY FASHION IF A CANCELLATION OCCURS. IF OFFICIALS CANNOT BE CONTACTED AND DO SHOW FOR A GAME, THE OFFICIALS SHOULD BE PAID FOR ALL THEIR SCHEDULED ASSIGNMENTS AT THAT SITE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE GAMES WERE PLAYED OR NOT. PAYMENT SHOULD BE MADE FROM THE INDIVIDUAL PARISH PROGRAM, AND THE LEAGUE WILL REIMBURSE THE PARISH/PROGRAM IF NECESSARY.

The non-PIAA Referee Assignor should be contacted regarding all game cancellations, as well as the Athletic Association President and Master Scheduler.

Girls League Weather Policy
Cancellation Policy - Weekend game cancellations will be decided upon by the league commissioner. He will do so either the day before or the day of the scheduled games depending on actual and projected weather reports and conditions. If the weather reports suggest bad weather but it still hasn't arrived, then he will make the decision by 6-7 AM on Saturday morning for the morning games and by 10-11AM on Saturday for the afternoon games. Decisions for Sunday games will be made by 10-11AM that morning for games scheduled that afternoon. Game locations and conditions in those areas will be closely considered when deciding to cancel. The commissioner will forward his decision to the Secretary of the league who will notify all coordinators ASAP. The coordinators are expected to contact all coaches scheduled for games during the cancellation period so the coaches can contact the players parents immediately. The league Secretary will immediately contact the referee commissioner to cancel referee needs for those games as well. The decision to cancel games scheduled for evening hours during the week will be cancelled by mutual agreement of the two coaches. The home team coach must notify the league Secretary of the cancellation immediately so scheduled referees can be cancelled. Re-scheduling of any cancelled games will be up to the two coaches involved but immediate re-schedule is encouraged.